Print and beyond insights - Does it pay to be green ?


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How going green is an opportunity for Print Service Providers to gain a competitive advantage

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Print and beyond insights - Does it pay to be green ?

  1. 1. Print and beyond insightsDoes it pay to be Green ?Roger ChristiansenJan 2013
  2. 2. Agenda  Necessary evil or opportunity ?  Getting started  Turning Green into a competitive advantage  Customer examples  Ricoh Solutions  Summary04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 2
  3. 3. Necessary evil or opportunity ? Environment Costs • Corporate Mandates: Need a credible • Constant pressure on costs Sustainability Programme to bid for work • Economic conditions • More competition • Industry: continuous pressure to reduce • Price increases 3 greenhouse gases and water usage04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name]
  4. 4. Getting started  Carbon footprint reduction begins with calculating the emission factors associated with each process in production.  This can be a complex task which requires specialist expertise.  Ricoh, as one of the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World’ for eight years running, has a wealth of expertise in this area. 1. Analyse 2. Optimise 3. Neutralise Calculate baseline Create optimisation Balance CO2 footprint plan to reduce CO2 remaining, unavoid able CO2 CO2 CO2 CO204/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 4
  5. 5. Turning Green into a competitive advantage Green = Lean = Cost-savings  Carbon neutral operation is an effective way companies can truly monitor and control their emissions  Lean manufacturing good practice  Example: Ricoh’s factory in Telford has even turned their waste department from a cost- center to a profit center – by recycling their waste materials.04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 5
  6. 6. Turning Green into a competitive advantage Green Initiatives = competitive edge  Many organisations will claim to be green …  Certification helps you stand out from the crowd  Certifications such as ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC help to underpin the credibility of your Green initiatives, and confirm your long-term commitments.04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 6
  7. 7. Turning Green into a competitive advantage  Deploy your own Green technologies and expertise to help your clients  Printing on Demand is another approach to reduce waste and energy. With this approach full colour items are printed in colour onto white paper without the need for pre-printed stationery, effectively printing just-in-time.  As a result there is no need to hold onto large stocks of printed material, which can quickly become out of date and surplus to requirements.  Print Service Providers can literally save their clients millions by eliminating pre-printed forms and reducing waste04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 7
  8. 8. Customer examples• Nextprint• Multicopy• Ricoh at major events04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 8
  9. 9. Nextprint Netherlands Challenges  Focus on efficiency and productivity  Growing demand for short-run printing Solution  Ricoh Digital Colour production print  Carbon Balanced Printing Programme Results  Reducing energy consumption and using raw materials more efficiently has helped Nextprint save money  Calculates the CO2 emissions of individual print jobs, and provide evidence to clients that the CO2 emissions have been neutralised.  Nextprint differentiates itself from competition “We provide print on demand, encouraging clients to save money and reduce waste by printing only the materials that they require. Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Printing takes it a step further. We are able to demonstrate that the print we produce for clients is carbon neutral.” 904/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name]
  10. 10. Multicopy Netherlands Challenges  Extend their carbon neutral printing offer to digital print Solution  Carbon Balanced Printing Programme for both colour and mono digital production devices Results  optimised its print infrastructure, minimising carbon dioxide emissions  Differentiating itself from other, less environmentally concerned suppliers, Multicopy Leeuwarden is now able to offer its clients carbon balanced print services – from Offset to digital “Government authorities and large organisations take a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility, actively seeking services which minimise their environmental impact. Smaller businesses are not perhaps so advanced, but that will change. Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Printing Programme is helping us take a lead.” 1004/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name]
  11. 11. Ricoh at major events Challenges  In line with Ricoh’s commitment to Environment, we want to ensure we are Carbon Neutral at all major events  drupa 2012 –was a significant challenge ! How ?  use 100% recycled media with a low carbon footprint wherever possible  showcase other media including a non-tree based paper from Favini that has been qualified on our colour printers  All Ricoh’s printing activity would be analysed and the carbon emission calculated based on the number of sheets run through the printers  Track all electrical energy usage for non printing activity  Offset the carbon generated from unavoidable carbon emissions on the stand  Any paper waste generated at the show would be sent directly to a pulp and paper mill for immediate recycling after the eventRicoh at drupa• 2000m² stand Results• 14 print engines • When we calculated the total amount of C0₂generated from our own• 100m² LED wall printing activity and energy usage on the stand, we found that we were• 100 staff only 2.5% over our original estimate. • Lessons learnt used to reduce our impact (and our costs) at future events04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 11
  12. 12. Ricoh solutions for Environment  Ricoh Carbon Balanced Printing Programme  Sustainability Optimisation Programme04/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 12
  13. 13. Summary  Green is a great opportunity  Carbon balanced printing as a unique way to reduce environmental impact, attract new customers, and add more value to existing ones. Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 13
  14. 14. Thank you 14