QR codes before QRpedia   talk from Bristol WikiAcademy in march
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QR codes before QRpedia talk from Bristol WikiAcademy in march



Story to date in March before QRpedia was working. Before #GLAMderby. Progress to date of Derby Museums and Wikipedia working together. The first QR Code experiment

Story to date in March before QRpedia was working. Before #GLAMderby. Progress to date of Derby Museums and Wikipedia working together. The first QR Code experiment



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  • I'm told that GLAM is not a term in common use. It stands for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. The chart shows the state of British Museum articles in June 2010.There were 148 articles that ranged from “stubs” which may just say “The British Museum is in London” up to a “Good Article” which is an article that has grown to have good coverage of a subject and no major omissions. The highest quality article is called a Featured Article. More on them later.How to Get Help!The GLAM/Derby collaboration stems from common purpose to make information available for free.
  • n January 2010 Neil MacGregor revealed the results of four years of planning and his and the British Museum's collaboration with the BBC as he spoke for 15 minutes each weekday on the objects that define us as humans."[2] At about the time these were being broadcast in January 2010, the British Museum was being approached by Mike Peel and Liam Wyatt to investigate how Wikimedia UK could co-operate with the British Museum.Interesting there are images of Stanley and his child assistant Kalulu in the National Portrait Gallery but the copyright position is not made as clear. The Swimming Reindeer from Montastrucrock shelter came originally from France and the article written about specially by the GLAM/BM project achieved over 30,000 views on one day. The BBC use wikipedia to explain Jazz Bio sHis name is Barnet Burns and he is my only "notable" ancestorFour of these are Wikipedia taking info out of Museums ... One is information going in from Wikipedia...
  • Derby Museums agreed a partnership with Wikimedia UK in January.Since then they have changed their polict on Social media and on allowing photos and mobile phones in the museum
  • Derby Museum is not the British Museum. It needs information as well as being a source of it.
  • Why don’t museum cut and paste labels from Wikipedia?
  • Nick Moyes of Derby Museums said we could try QR codesWithin three days we had demonstrated them. Within four we had tested the idea worked!
  • We had to find out what they were, how to make them, how robust they were etc
  • How does the phone know whether to display a normal url or a WAP url?Answer- it just does
  • 20 pence and a Blue Peters kit of sticky plastic, scissors and blue tack
  • Pictures show codes in use in the Geology section of Derby Museum
  • What it says on the tin ...
  • Visual version of prev slide
  • What it says on the tin ...
  • Building an Empire of Featured ArticlesThe British Museum made an unusual step of offering five 100 pounds shopping tokens for the first five articles that achieved feature article status. Its a condition of Wikipedia that no one gets paid for editing Wikipedia so this was a major step for both Wikipedia and the British Museum. As someone who has observed ten well paid curators and ten Wikipedians editors joining in collaboration with Wikipedians worldwide to create Hoxne Hoard then I can tell you that 100 pounds is well below the UK minimum wage.... but it is slightly more that the wWikipedian in residence was paid.
  • What it says on the tin ...
  • What it says on the tin ...

QR codes before QRpedia talk from Bristol WikiAcademy in march Presentation Transcript

  • 1. HelloAbstract History Insight QR Codes or why its illegal to not use WikipediaResearch Roger Bamkin Install (Victuallers)Findings LegalConclude
  • 2. HelloAbstract History Insight 100 Articles ... So what?Research FA 2 7 Roger Bamkin GA 2 6 Install Help ... (Victuallers) B 16 24 • Belief in Free information C 20 54Findings • Smithsonian/ LOC/TCMI/BBC Working with Authority Start 59 112 • What has GLAM/BM done? Stub 30 31 Legal • Featured and Good Articles • 100 Articles List 1 3Conclude So what? Total 148 255 • Can we change something? (june) (Nov)
  • 3. Hello Getting GLAMs to “come out” ... Abstract 1. Kalulu 1. Handaxe 1 2 2. Reindeer 2. Sleep Reindeer> History This is different! 3. BBC point 3. Clovis Insight 4. Indian artist 4. A.S. Lovers This isn’t information coming out 5. Barnet Burns 5. Barnet Burns Research This is Wikipedia going in! 3 4 5 Install Findings Legal Conclude
  • 4. Hello Derby Museum information coming out ...Abstract Whittaker 1. Whittaker 1 2 2. Matlockite History 3. Alkmunds bridge 4. White Watson Insight 5. Virgil’s tombResearch 3 4 5 InstallFindings LegalConclude Policy change : Wikipedia is not banned and photos are allowed
  • 5. Hello So can it change something?Abstract History Small Museums They have information to Insight come out But why can’t Wikipedia goResearch in? InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 6. Hello Why do museums write labels?Abstract History Because ... They like doing it, its “their Insight job” Its very tricky... We could use QR Codes butResearch they won’t lets us try InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 7. Hello One museum said...Abstract History InsightResearch InstallFindings We will ... Legal ... And you can do itConclude NOW!
  • 8. Hello QR Codes ... What are they? Can we make one?Abstract History InsightResearch InstallFindings We will ... Legal ... And you can do itConclude NOW!
  • 9. Hello Remember WapAbstract History InsightResearch InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 10. Hello What is the payback period when it cost 20p?Abstract 1. Printing 1 2 2. Cutting History 3. Position Insight 4. First use 5. DisplayResearch 3 4 5 InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 11. Hello Where it was demonstratedAbstract 1. White Watson 1 2 2. Fluorescence History 3. Allenton Hippo Insight 4. John Farey 5. DisplayResearch 3 4 5 InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 12. Hello StrengthsAbstract • Robust: The codes were tested by a third party and found to work well History • Novel: news was retweeted in French. • WAP? – no, it just works Insight • Readable - short url will improve readability of the QR codeResearch • Security – need to own the domain • Transparent – tell the user where it goes (or obvious) Install • Pleased - Museum are pleased with the trial and they have not any reported negative feedbackFindings (except one user who felt that Wikipedia was a "failed social experiment” Legal • It is intended to try an improved version of the trial.Conclude
  • 13. Hello StrengthsAbstract 1. Robust 1 2 2. Novel History 3. WAP Insight 4. Short url? 5. SecurityResearch 3 4 5 InstallFindings LegalConclude
  • 14. Hello Next steps (and threats)Abstract • Software has been constructed to allow QR codes to be created more easily. History • British Library are using them at the same size as a pound coin. Insight • Wikimedia UK has agreed to fund the purchase of a smart phone to demo the technology for 3 months.Research Derby Museum have bought IPods • The labels do get nicked/ moved Install • Vandalism is always an issue (with/without phone)Findings LegalConclude
  • 15. Hello OpportunitiesAbstract Time – you can update these as easy as You can update your own website You can change a wiki History Cost – You can create the label You can allow others to do so Insight You can use volunteers to add value Language – You can write labels in twoResearch languages You can supply articles in many languages Install You can provide simpler and more complex Accessibility – You can supply spokenFindings versions, sign language, large print, dyslexic friendly LegalConclude
  • 16. Hello ConclusionsAbstract 1. QR codes allow micro positioning – super geocode 2. Installation is cheap History 3. Change can create and allow other changes Insight 4. Linking to smart phones means users have choice 5. Linking to phones creates accessibilityResearch 6. Language support is possible Install 7. Different tours are possible 8. There is a legal requirement to supply accessibilityFindings 9. If Wikipedia is provably more comprehensive Legal and accessible then your own system then you will are legally obliged to use it.Conclude
  • 17. Hello AcknowledgementsAbstract • Nick Moyes: - Derby Museum curator who said “Yes” History • Jonathon Wallis : Who agreed Wikipedia partnership Insight • Jimmy Wales :support to the partnership ideaResearch • Terence Eden: Consultant and advice on QR Install • Fæ:– programming and applause • Andrew Turvey and Mike Peal – Wikimedia UKFindings • Matthew Cock and Witty Lama – Walked the walk Legal • James Bamkin – supplied QR codes overnightConclude