Rodriguez Group News April 2012


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Rodriguez Group newsletter April 2012

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Rodriguez Group News April 2012

  1. 1. Photo credit: Glob’Eau Productions April 2012 Dear friends, Photo credit: Glob’Eau Productions Last February 16th, we had the pleasure of announcing a partnership with the Cerri shipyard, a member of the Baglietto group, a world exclusive agreement with a renowned boatbuilder that enables the Rodriguez Group to expand its range of sportfly models. The 86’ and 102’, scale models of which were on display at the last Miami Boat Show, will also be presented at our stand during the prestigious Hainan Rendez-Vous, taking place in China in early April. On the European side, the 2012 season is opening with the creation of new services to help us continue to meet our customers’ expectations even better. In early February, our chandlery ‘Le Yacht’ opened a second store especially for professionals, called ‘Le Yacht L’Annexe’. Today, they are proud to announce the launch of their first product, “Clean Yacht”, a hull and deck cleaner developed in partnership with recognized chemists. In this sixth issue of our monthly newsletter, you will also discover a profile on Christine Lavie, who heads the SNP Boat Service ‘Charter’ department, offering a service that enables you to enjoy an exceptional holiday aboard some of our vessels. We hope you enjoy reading all the news in more detail below. Best wishes, Eric de Saintdo Chairman of the Executive Board
  2. 2. Photo Credit: Cantierri Cerri A WORLD EXCLUSIVE: AN EXCEPTIONAL PARTNERSHIP WITH CERRI, MEMBER OF THE BAGLIETTO GROUP.Last February 16th, the Rodriguez Group made its partnership official, a world exclusive,with the Cerri shipyard, a member of the Baglietto group.Rodriguez and Cerri are two major players in the yachting world whose success,particularly in sportfly range has made a deep impact.Both share the same values, the same passion, and in 2012 their union will bear fruit inthe form of two models ready for purchase: the 86’ and the 102’, distributed exclusivelyby Rodriguez Group.In this close collaboration, the Rodriguez Group and Cerri have chosen to ally theirexpertise and know-how at every stage in the design and building of the yachts; in2013 they will be developing together a 90’ and a 110’, with an eye to producing a130’ in 2014.To find out all the details about the partnership, see our press release.
  3. 3. Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri ThE CERRI 86’
  4. 4. ThE CERRI 86’Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri
  5. 5. Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri Photo credit: Cantierri Cerri ThE CERRI 102’
  6. 6. Photo credit: Glob’Eau Productions THE MIAMI BOAT SHOW IN PICTURES.This 24th show was an opportunity for all of us in the Rodriguez Group to talkabout our group’s values and synergies, as well as its philosophy, which placescustomer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.During the five-day event, the Rodriguez Group displayed the yachts it currentlyhas available, most notably the Italyachts 43M Makira and the 40 Alloy, as well asthe brand new Wider 150’, exhibited in partnership with Camper & Nicholsons.Relive all the show news, thanks to the photo gallery and video available for viewingby clicking here.
  7. 7. The 43M MAKIRAPhoto credit: 3C Lab Photo credit: CSO Yachts
  8. 8. THE 40 ALLOYPhoto credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts Photo credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts
  9. 9. THe new wider 150’Photo credit: Wider Shipyard Photo credit: Wider Shipyard
  10. 10. Photo credit: Voltige 3D WHEN CHINA CELEBRATES LUXURY: ‘THE HAINAN RENDEZ-VOUS’.The 3rd Hainan Rendez-Vous will be held in the city of Sanya, in southern China from5th to 8th April 2012.For four days, this tiny paradise of white sand will become “the place to be”.Bringing all the luxury sectors together in one place, this show gathers the finestbrands from around the world. Very select, the event has become an absolutemust offering the Rodriguez Group an excellent opportunity to go and meet Asianclientele and particularly Chinese customers, who constitute a real up-and-comingmarket for the boating industry.Exhibiting at the show for the second consecutive year, the Rodriguez Group invitesyou to visit its stand and discover the Italyachts 43M, as well as the Cerri 86’ and102’, and a number of other yachts.For its part, Camper & Nicholsons will be on hand presenting its services, from yachtsales to yacht charters, which you can discover at
  11. 11. Photo credit: DR INTRODUCING ‘CLEAN YACHT’: THE FIRST PRODUCT LAUNCHED BY ‘LE YACHT’.When you want to provide your customers with excellent service, you have to offerthem the very best products.With this in mind, the Rodriguez Group ship chandlery, ‘Le Yacht’ decided to launch itsfirst product: ‘Clean Yacht’, a multi-purpose hull and deck cleaner.Ten months of research and testing were necessary to develop this high-performancecleaning product. Dozens of samples were put to the test before confirming the mosteffective yet most environmentally-friendly composition.Biodegradable, ‘Clean Yacht’ combines all the expertise of the ‘Le Yacht’ sales consultants,as well as the technical expertise and know-how of chemists recognized throughoutthe yachting world. Because: “Cleaning your boat has to be done in a way that isenvironmentally friendly to both Man and the Sea; we wanted a product that meetsall these requirements”, explains Benoît Filippi, the ‘Le Yacht’ chandlery manager whoheaded the project.‘Clean Yacht’ can be purchased in our shops ‘Le Yacht’ and ‘Le Yacht l’Annexe’ at PortCamille Rayon in Golfe Juan.
  12. 12. Photo credit: Ocean Sky BON VOYAGE! FOUR OF THE GROUP’S BOATS ARE LEAVING PORT.We take pleasure in announcing the sale of four boats. A new yacht: the Leopard34/15. And three second-hand vessels: the Leopard 27M “Seven Tatoo”, the RivaFurama “Agapi” and the Sarnico “Vagabond”.
  13. 13. THe Leopard 34/15Photo credit: 3C Lab Photo credit: 3C Lab
  14. 14. Photo credit: MR Photo credit: Ocean Sky THe LEOPARD 27M “SEVEN TATOO”
  15. 15. THE riva FURAMA “AGAPI”Photo credit: MR Photo credit: DR
  16. 16. Photo credit: MR Photo credit: Sarnico Yachts THE SARNICO “VAGABOND”
  17. 17. “FULL SERVICE FOR EACH OF OUR CUSTOMERS”, IS THE MOTTO OF CHRISTINE LAVIE, HEAD OF THE SNP BOAT SERVICE ‘CHARTER’ DEPARTMENT. Nearly twenty years ago, the Rodriguez GroupPhoto credit: Sébastien Queré created the ‘Charter’ department of its subsidiary SNP Boat Service, in hopes of expanding its mission: to provide the best service at each stage in the life of a vessel and to meet the demands of yacht owners looking to hire out their boats. Christine Lavie has managed the department since its inception. The quality of the service she provides and her skills in dealing with people have enabled the business to grow and make a name for itself over the years: “The yacht owners, our customers, were so satisfied that they recommended the service to friends so that they could discover, through chartering, the joys of luxury yachting.” For Christine, the key to her profession can be summed up in one word: trust. It helps provide customers with the excellent service they expect. She explains it very well: “They are relying on you for their holidays, it is crucial to know how to meet all their requests, whether it concerns the type of boat or related services”. Obviously, the relationship with the customer is also built over time: “The better you know your customers, the better you are at anticipating their needs”. Christine places great importance on relationships with others, at every level of the profession. When you talk to her about the crews assigned to each yacht, she says: “People who charter a yacht for one or more weeks are looking first and foremost to have an experience. The human aspect is essential; it has to measure up to the demands”. In order for the notion of customer service to have a real sense, Christine does everything she can and activates the synergies of the Rodriguez Group by relaying at times on the expertise of the subsidiary CNI: “We guarantee 100% support; no matter what the customer’s request may be, we seek their full satisfaction”. Find everything you need to know about chartering at