Lean A3 Report for Planning Downtime Elimination


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A3 Report (Lean Manufacturing template for PDCA), Applied to a project to reduce line down  due to lack of returnable boxes.
Relatório em formato A3 (Template para o PDCA usado no Lean Manufacturing), aplicado a um projeto de redução de paradas de linha devido falta de embalagens vai-e-vem.

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Lean A3 Report for Planning Downtime Elimination

  1. 1. 1A. Opportunity: Elimination of Planning Downtime A3 Report Team Member Names: Site/Plant: Manaus Date:22/08/2012 Group/Workcell/Site: STB Leader: Thiego Silva Annual Savings (US$): 1B. CLARIFY THE PROBLEM: Rodrigo Marques Downtime IM / FA Root Causes Problem Identification: High Where: IM/FA Wk 25 ~ Wk 28 How much: -100% of planning Downtime is related to Lack of available package in the process. What: When: 2. BREAKDOWN THE PROBLEM: Mentor: Thiego Silva 5 & 6. DEVELOP & IMPLEMENT COUNTERMEASURES: Key Metric to Impact: High Downtime: IM / FA Nattyer Nunes Selected Countermeasure Who Finish IC Team WK 1229 WK 1229 Thiego Silva WK 1229 WK 1229 Providing area for packaging in shelves 15% There is no standardization at location of packages by size and model. Separation and standardization of packages location according to the type Visual identification of each location for packages Rodrigo Marques Data collection – After improvement Waste(s) Identified Target 7. EVALUATE RESULTS: Transportation: WK 1229 WK 1229 Nattyer Nunes Planning Downtime Eliminated WK 1229 Before WK 1229 A fter Inventory: Savings Motion: Waiting: MVA – Material Value Added per unit US$ 6 / unit MVA / Hour (MVA x Rate) X US$ 1422 / h - 15% of Average Downtime IM/FA is related to Planning. Overproduction: Defects Plannig Downtime 5 Hours / Week - Average Downtime is 5 hours per week. Skills Unused Total Saving/WK US$ 7110/ Week Total Saving/Month US$ 28440 / Month Over processing 3. SET A TARGET (The challenge): 8. STANDARDIZE: Eliminate Planning Downtime from 5 Hours per Week to 0 Hours per Week by July 2012. 4. ANALYZE THE ROOT CAUSE: Environment - Lack of organization of the location of packages - The location of packages is not standardized Planning Downtime: Lack of available package - Operator loses time when looking for packages - Employees not trained about how organize the place of package Method Means of Standardization: Standard Work -Why planning Downtime? Due lack of available package in the process -Why? Because the packages were not available when the process was requested. -Why? Because operator loses time looking for packages -Why? Due lack of organization of the packages -Why? There is no standardization at location of packages by size and model. Visual Aids Global Document /Procedures Training Other X Process Audits: LPA TPM Checklist 5S Audit X Other Next challenge: - Eliminate buffer and other wastes that can be solved by Planning Team. Sharing with others: - Share this project with production leaders and stock area employees. Lessons Learned: Visual Management is an important tool. It makes problems visible. Form #: F-108 - Revision Date: 02/17/2012