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Foul Language - A guide to a Proper Cursing
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Foul Language - A guide to a Proper Cursing


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Lecture on Bad Words mentored and given by Rodrigo P. Honorato aka Dawg.

Lecture on Bad Words mentored and given by Rodrigo P. Honorato aka Dawg.

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  • 1. ICCP 2012Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato a.k.a DawgFOUL LANGUAGE - A GUIDE TOA PROPER CURSING
  • 2. The F-word a.k.a FUCK – Itcomes from “Frichen” Fuck (Transitive and intransitive verb, Interjection, noun) Fuckin’ (, Adjective, Adverb of intensity) Fucker (The doer) Motherfuckin’ (Adverb of intensity) Motherfucker = Mo’ fo’ = muhfucka (cussing) “Freaking” and “frigging” are other ways to say “fucking” without being that rude. Better avoid them anyways.
  • 3. Other terminologies for“cusses”?- Bad words- Swear words- Bad language- Curse words- Blue language- Foul language- Expletives (mainly those words one yells out when one is mad or angry.)
  • 4. The Usage of the F-word “FUCK” – Interjection for madness or bad surprise- Hey Mota, remember that money you owe me?- Oh fuck! I forgot about it!- Hey Alu, Hugao has gotten into a car wreck, man!- So…- With your car, man!- Oh fuck, man! Are you fucking serious?
  • 5. The Usage of the F-word- That stupid motherfucker didn’t bring the fucking shoes back. Where the fuck is he now?- Fuck if I know, sir! Fuck that fucking fucker! I don’t give a fuck about those fucking shoes anyways!- It’s absofuckinglutely true. Those fucking shoes ain’t worth a motherfucking dime.- Ain’t this infuckingcredible?
  • 6. The Usage of the F-word - But let it go, man! Don’t fuck with that fucking fucker about the shoes.- But the shoes aren’t even mine! I guess I am fucked up! Yeah, gotta get the fuck out of here. You can’t help, fuck off!- Fuck you , and have a fucking nice day!
  • 7. Interjections Oh Damn! Goddamn it! Oh shit! = Holy shit! Oh crap! = Holy crap! Oh fuck! Hell no! = Shit no! = Fuck no! Hell yeah! – Shit yeah! = Fuck yeah! What the fuck! (WTF) What the hell!
  • 8. Parts of the bodyMen : penis, cock, dick, man’s junk, wiener, Amtrak Train , schlong, stud, package, sack, nuts, balls, two balls and baseball bat, hot dog, lollypop, magic stick, wang, ding-a-ling, PeterWomen: vagina, pussy(cat), cunt, muff, juice box, pink, beaver, crack, clitoris, clit, cameltoe, carpe t, fish taco, breasts, tits, hooters, knockers, boobs, bazong as, balloons…Both: buttocks, anus, butt, ass, badonkadonk, asshole, rea r, backside, bottom, donk, bum, tooshy, nipples, hea
  • 9. Slurs (Racial & Social) Nigger = Nigga (Mota, Jaka, Hugao, Dawg) Cracker = Honky = Vanilla Ice (Bill) Match-stick, Red, Rojo, Carrot Top (Brian) Wigger = Wigga (Eminem) Oreo (Barack Obama) (Jaka) WOP (Without paper) (Italians) FOB (Fresh off the boat) (Hispanic countries) Wetbacks, Spic (Mexicans) Diaper-head = Towel-head (Turban) Twinkie/chink/Jap (Asian, Chinese and Japanese people) Kites (Jews) Sand Nigger(Middle-Eastern) Gook, Charlie (Vietnamese) Guido (Jackasses that look Italian) Haji (Arabs) – Cartoon Jonny Quest
  • 10. Sexes Oral Sex: blow job, get/ give head, get a/ give a dome, get domed up. She gave me a blow job! = She gave me some head! = She gave a dome. I got domed up last night! Anal Sex: Peanut Butter, Wrong Way. Do you like peanut butter?
  • 11. Verbs related to sex To fuck – I had to fuck her! To suck – She sucked my dick! To blow – What about my blow job? To lick – That pussy had to be licked! To give – I gave it to her!/ She gave it to me! To pound – I pounded that ass last night! To hit it – Did you hit it already? To bang – I want to bang her! To come or To cum = I can’t hold anymore! I’ll come! To squirt – She squirted on the bedspread! To queef – Did she queef?
  • 12. Insults For girls: Bitch, Hoe, Whore, Slut, Cunt, Flat- ass, skank, chicken head, bimbo… For boys: Bitch, Pussy, Punk, Asshole, Cocksucker, Bastard , Motherfucker, Son of a Bitch, Chode…(Mandingo) For homosexuals: Faggot, Faggy, Queer, Fairy, Fruitcake, Dyke, Bul l Dyke, Friend of Dorothy, Carpet Muncher , Ball gazer, Rainbow, Sissy…
  • 13. Twitter:“The Limits of my language mean thelimits of my world.” * Ludwig Wittgestein