U3 a genealogy july 17th 2012


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U3 a genealogy july 17th 2012

  1. 1. U3A Genealogy July 17th 2012 14 attendees
  2. 2. Census New relatives BMD Information Information Information Genes Reunited Known Relatives Information Ask them Your Information Find itOther Sources Yourself Parish Of Registers Information Information
  3. 3. About 1840 LDS Microfiche Ancestry.co.uk CENSUSES LDS 1881 Findmypast.com PARISH FreeBMD RECORDS Ancestry CIVIL BMD Findmypast.com RECORDS UKBMDLDS Family Search Local BMD sites GENES REUNITED GENUKI , FHS, GOONS, ETC GOOGLE, ROOTSWEB and OTHER LISTS
  4. 4. Welcome• Welcome• Blog update, have a look at:• http://rodneysgenealogyblog.blogspot.co.uk/• Stuff from me• Stuff from you!
  5. 5. FindmyPast adds.......• 180,000 Suffolk and Kent Parish Records• 3.5m Plymouth and Devon Parish Records The records span a massive five centuries, from 1538 to 1911• 2m Welsh Parish Records, bringing the total set to 6m
  6. 6. The Genealogist adds.....• The 1860s decade of The Illustrated London News. This gives coverage from 1842 to 1869• Over half a million parish record transcripts for Yorkshire and Staffordshire. These include Baptisms, Burials, Marriages and Marriage Banns.
  7. 7. The Peoples Collection Wales• A government-sponsored website• It contains thousands of photographs from museums, archives, or uploaded by individual users• http://peoplescollectionwales.co.uk/
  8. 8. Scottish Post Office Directories• Over 700 digitised directories covering most of Scotland and dating from 1773 to 1911 are available here for you to use.• With their alphabetical list of a locations inhabitants and information on their profession and address, the directories enable you easily to find out where people lived at a certain time and how they earned their living.
  9. 9. In each Directory you can........• Browse and search by place, year and residents name• View page by page• View a PDF of the complete book• Search the full PDF text• Download files for free within copyright regulations (non-commercial use only).
  10. 10. You can view them at.........• http://digital.nls.uk/directories/index.html
  11. 11. Northern Ireland BMD registers to go online...... General Register Office for Northern Ireland (GRONI) is going to be putting its registers of births, marriages, and deaths online. If all goes according to plan then at some point during 2013 it will be possible to access births from 1864-1913, marriages from 1845-1938, and deaths from 1864-1963 - all from the comfort on your own home.
  12. 12. ?• Mother Donna Keenan, 28, started having contractions in Northumberland and gave birth to son Dylan in the living room of his grandparents’ house.• She was then taken to hospital in Scotland and gave birth to daughter Hannah.
  13. 13. Newspapers / Digitised Newspapers• http://issuu.com/historysubjectcentre/docs/newsp• http://issuu.com/historysubjectcentre/docs/d igitisednewspapers• http://media.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php/d
  14. 14. The WorkhouseHi Rodney, I’m happy to review Workhouses – looks interesting. I am not aware of any of my family finishing up there, although my mother was known to remark that my brother and I would cause her to do just that.Regards,Tony Sadler• Watch this space for later in the summer
  15. 15. Religious Record Guides• http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/rese• http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/rese• http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI
  16. 16. Genealogy SoftwareIs anyone willing to undertake a review ofthe genealogy software covered in thiswebsite and summarise findings to the Groupat a future meeting?
  17. 17. Your genealogy software.• Who can bring their software along for the August meeting?• I use Legacy.• What do you use?
  18. 18. Daphne’s dilemma• I have been looking at Elizabeth Vincent• Details are as follows• Born in Netherhampton in 1836• Found in 1841 and 1851 census (all OK so far)• I checked on another tree because I couldnt find her in 1861.• There was another tree in ancestory which she was on, this tree stated that she married Henry Hibberd in 1860.• On this tree she subsequently had three children Henry 1861 Sarah 1863 and Ernest 1865.•• I checked and could find no evidence or any Marriage for her•
  19. 19. Daphne’s dilemma• I later found her in 1861 living with her brother George.• This makes me think there must have been two Elizabeth Vincents.• My question is, if there is no record of any marriage on record could there be records somwhere else?• Can I check to find if there were two Elizabeths.• This makes me also realise that it is no good just taking someone elses tree to be correct everything needs to be double checked.• Incidentally, I found Ernest Vincent living with his uncle in 1891.
  20. 20. Keith’s dilemma• I have a cousin living in Australia who has recently been contacted by somebody over their who believes that they are related. Knowing of my interest in the subject my cousin mentioned it to me last week. All we know is that the family in Australia are Norton-Bakers and that the relationship is most likely on the Akers/Sadler side of my family (so might also be of interest to Tony!).• My Dads youngs brothers middle name was Brisbane and the family lore was that he got that in honour of friends living there, but I now wonder if it was actually family.• I have never explored the possibility of overseas relatives and Im not sure where to start
  21. 21. Lost Cousins question......On 13th May 1880, at All Saints Church in theparish of St Mary, Haggerston, Gifford Few -a builder aged 24 - married Emily Taylor aged23.The grooms father was shown as WilliamFew, gentleman, the brides as GeorgeTaylor, a builder.
  22. 22. Lost Cousins question......• Your challenge is to find the happy couple on the 1881 Census, which was taken less than a year later, and convince me that youve found the right census entry.• How would you find the answer?
  23. 23. FreeBMD marriage
  24. 24. 1881 Census
  25. 25. 1871 Census