U3 a genealogy aug 2012


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U3A Genealogy August 2012

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U3 a genealogy aug 2012

  1. 1. U3A Genealogy August 21st 2012
  2. 2. Census New relatives BMD Information Information Information Genes Reunited Known Relatives Information Ask them Your Information Find itOther Sources Yourself Parish Of Registers Information Information
  3. 3. About 1840 LDS Microfiche Ancestry.co.uk CENSUSES LDS 1881 Findmypast.com PARISH FreeBMD RECORDS Ancestry CIVIL BMD Findmypast.com RECORDS UKBMDLDS Family Search Local BMD sites GENES REUNITED GENUKI , FHS, GOONS, ETC GOOGLE, ROOTSWEB and OTHER LISTS
  4. 4. Welcome• Welcome• Blog update, have a look at:• http://rodneysgenealogyblog.blogspot.co.uk/• Stuff from me• Stuff from you!
  5. 5. Ancestry release Lancashire registers• Lancashire Births & Baptisms 1813-1911• Lancashire Marriages and Banns 1754-1936• Lancashire Deaths and Burials 1813-1986• Lancashire Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials 1538-• Lancashire Confirmations 1856-1922
  6. 6. Older & Wiser• You may be aware from this U3A website• http://www.u3a.org.uk/wiley-older-a-wiser.html• that there are a series of books under the Older & Wiser banner including one entitled “Family History for the Older and Wiser – Susan Fifer”• http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd- 047068612X.html gives you more detail.• The RLSP of this book is £12.99 in paperback form.• For U3A members this book is available with a 40% discount for 10 or more copies of a book, a net price of £7.80 a copy.• Of course, this needs 10 of us to sign up for a copy.• Are 9 of you interested in buying a copy at £7.80? (5 responses)
  7. 7. Malcolm says...• Malcolm Robinson• Information Librarian• Northamptonshire County Council Libraries and Information Service• Northampton Central Library• Abington Street• Northampton• NN1 2BA• Tel: 01604 361447• Fax: 01604 462055
  8. 8. Malcolm says...• As part of the online resources we subscribe to at Northamptonshire Libraries there are a few that may be useful to local historians.• As well as taking Ancestry and Find My Past (access in library only) we have newspaper resources you can access from home by using your library card.• We take the Historical Guardian and Observer (back to 1791) and The Times (back to 1785). These can be found on our elibrary (www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/elibrary) under the heading of Newspapers and Magazines.• We also take the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (under the heading of Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries).•
  9. 9. Genes Reunited Trees Lost Cousins says.....• A lot of members have written to express their dissatisfaction with Genes Reuniteds new online tree - a whole range of problems have been reported.• Whilst I dont have my own tree at Genes Reunited - readers will be aware of my thoughts about online trees - I do have access to some of my cousins trees. I have to say that in my tests I couldnt find any problems - but having recently replaced my computer Ive got a much faster PC than most people, and this may explain the difference.• Im also told that it might make a difference which browser you use - these days I normally use Chrome. If you only have one browser on your computer its about time you downloaded another one - theyre free!
  10. 10. Genes Reunited Trees• One thing that really surprised me as I worked through the correspondence was how many members rely on Genes Reuniteds online tree, rather than having a family tree program on their own computer.• I appreciate that its superficially attractive to use a free online tree, but no online tree can be as fast, powerful, or easy to use as one that runs on your own computer. Time and time again I get emails complaining that Genes Reuniteds tree doesnt do this, Ancestrys doesnt do that - and theyre all things that the simple program Ive been using for the past 10 years can handle without blinking..
  11. 11. Genes Reunited Trees• If you really must upload your tree to the Internet, despite all my warnings, at least make sure that you have a copy (in Gedcom format) on your own computer. Ideally buy a family tree program that does what you want and make it the primary repository of your tree, so that the most up to date and detailed version of your tree is the one on your own hard drive (but make sure you keep copies elsewhere too, for example on a USB drive or CD ROM). Whatever family tree program you decide to buy, make sure you try it first - all the best programs offer free trial versions
  12. 12. A Request from the GenealogyGroup to all other U3A MembersGenealogy Group Leader Rodney Fox isplanning a Group exercise for the autumn. Heis seeking a U3A member who has NOT carriedout research of his/her family tree. He plans tohave members of the Group do it for you!
  13. 13. A Request from the GenealogyGroup to all other U3A MembersThe plan is to have members of the GenealogyGroup work together with the basicinformation available that you can provide; toresearch generations of ancestors using thetools we have available, establish names,places and dates to develop the family tree,and then put all the information into adatabase.
  14. 14. A Request from the GenealogyGroup to all other U3A MembersOf course, there is so much more to a person’s lifethan just a name and set of dates. Group memberswill attempt to find out much more about yourancestors. What sort of life did they have? Were theygood at school? What did they do for a living? Didthey improve themselves? Did they move house?Were they active in social, political or religiouscircles? Did they fight in the war? Did they emigrate?Did they die young? Did they leave a will? What wasthe cause of their death?
  15. 15. A Request from the Genealogy Group to all other U3A Members• We then plan to pull the whole family story together in a format that will become a family heirloom.• That’s our plan. Whether we can achieve all of the above remains to be seen. We are, after all, only amateurs.• So, will you be our volunteer? Contact Rodney at Rodney@usfoxes.com to express an interest.
  16. 16. How will this help us?• Increase our abilities to conduct genealogy research• Increase our experience of using the range of research tools and databases• Build up our skills at overcoming brick walls• Going beyond genealogy to family history• Learning to piece it all together
  17. 17. How will we do it?• How do we select ?• One? All?• How will we gather the initial information from the volunteers?
  18. 18. How will we do it?• Someone to “own” the project”• Someone for censuses• Someone for BMDs• Someone for parish registers.• Someone to look for tombstones, etc and burial records.• Someone for checking out existing family trees via Genes Reunited, Ancestry, perhaps Rootsweb Mailing Lists.
  19. 19. How will we do it?• Someone to gather and store information in their genealogy application, which should do all of the basics and produce an appropriate book at the end of the exercise.• Someone to explore religious background for various ancestors.• Someone to explore occupations for various ancestors.
  20. 20. How will we do it?• Someone to see if there are any wills for any ancestors.• Someone to check out emi/immigration for the various families• Someone to gather appropriate photos/images for use in a final document
  21. 21. Workhouses• Tony Sadler still working on the project of increasing our understanding of Workhouses, what they were, how they worked, etc• Plans to be in a position for us to include in our September agenda.
  22. 22. Daphne’s dilemma• I have been looking at Elizabeth Vincent• Details are as follows• Born in Netherhampton in 1836• Found in 1841 and 1851 census (all OK so far)• I checked on another tree because I couldnt find her in 1861.• There was another tree in ancestory which she was on, this tree stated that she married Henry Hibberd in 1860.• On this tree she subsequently had three children Henry 1861 Sarah 1863 and Ernest 1865.•• I checked and could find no evidence or any Marriage for her•
  23. 23. Daphne’s dilemma• I later found her in 1861 living with her brother George.• This makes me think there must have been two Elizabeth Vincents.• My question is, if there is no record of any marriage on record could there be records somwhere else?• Can I check to find if there were two Elizabeths.• This makes me also realise that it is no good just taking someone elses tree to be correct everything needs to be double checked.• Incidentally, I found Ernest Vincent living with his uncle in 1891.
  24. 24. Keith’s dilemma• I have a cousin living in Australia who has recently been contacted by somebody over their who believes that they are related. Knowing of my interest in the subject my cousin mentioned it to me last week. All we know is that the family in Australia are Norton-Bakers and that the relationship is most likely on the Akers/Sadler side of my family (so might also be of interest to Tony!).• My Dads youngs brothers middle name was Brisbane and the family lore was that he got that in honour of friends living there, but I now wonder if it was actually family.• I have never explored the possibility of overseas relatives and Im not sure where to start