Social media tri fold back


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Social media tri fold back

  1. 1. THE DIGITAL AGENCY IS ONE THAT CAN GRASP ALL THESE SEGMENTS AND HELP COMPANIES EXTEND THEIR BRAND AND MARKETING THROUGH LONG TERM STRATEGY, AND EXECUTION.FULL SERVICE DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY SOCIAL MEDIA SHORT WORDS ADVANTAGES USING SOCIAL MEDIA THE FACT OF There is something to be said about the innovation, marketing, & corporate reputation. It importance of branding as well as the attention gives us the ability to bypass gatekeepers and SOCIAL MEDIA your product can receive from Social Media, so facilitate engagement campaigns with consum- why wouldn’t you want to create a professional ers and communities. Consumer-behavior data TODAY brand for your product or service using Social Media? Its proven to have positive implications for consumer insights, product development, collected from social media helps ensure that our e orts do indeed resonate. Proof is in the pudding and we love to show o our data with 149M Active Facebook users In the US, , 70% log in once a easily understood analytics reports. day – Ogilvy & BuddyMedia SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 35’/h Social media accounts for ~ 25% of all time spent There are now over 200 active social networking sites. 46 percent of people online over 35 minutes per hour – Nielsen globally access a social network every day. Every minute, 66,667 tweets are Facebook accounts for all website visits in the US. All made on Twitter. - 95 million tweets are written each day. More than one 8.9% of Google’s properties including YouTube, Gmail, million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. There were nearly 2bn FORECAST Google accounts for 9.85% – Experian Hitwise people searches on Linkedin during 2010. The average profile age on LinkedIn The era of Social Commerce is 40 years, Twitter 35 years. Facebooks biggest age group 64% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook - begins. 71% of ExactTarget of followers is now in the 35-54 range. Social Media is here to stay! agencies plan on FACEBOOK investing in digital 1 BIO By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion surpasses brand experiences people, will have a Facebook account – TIME (12/7) FACEBOOK hits 600,000,000 & 77% plan on 500mm users. active users. investing in social FAST Facebook’s fastest growing demographic is 17-35 LINKEDIN hits iPhone iOS5 networks & apps. integrated with Privacy Standards year olds – TIME 60mm users and FACEBOOK has TWITTER hits TWITTER. will change, 500,000 augmented reality 43% 150mm users in 75mm users. of Facebook users who “unlike” a brand do so 170 countries, 381,576,305 Merchants on will emerge, because of too much push marketing – Exact Target using 35 di erent Check-ins on FOURSQUARE. content languages and FOURSQUARE. GOOGLE + aggregators rise , 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with social FACEBOOK 54.5 million launches w/ 10 user ratings overtakes media on a daily basis - TNS monthly unique million users in everywhere & MYSPACE as the visitors. two weeks. brands will accept leading social open feedback. networking site 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Social Media success stems from the exposure and engagement of online experiences connecting people to your business.