Joan of Arc and Gabriela Silang


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“Gabriela Silang”
• She was forced by his father to marry a rich old man (Don Thomas Millian) who died shortly after the wedding leaving his wealth to his young widow.
• Diego Silang- A young dashing mail carrier between Vigan and Manila. The second husband of Gabriela although unblessed by child.
• Well known for her pious and charitable character.
• September 1762 the raging seven years war in Europe reached the Philippine shore.
• September 22, 1762 the British enter Manila Bay.
• September 24, 1762 the siege of Manila.
• October 5, 1762British captured Manila.
• December 14, 1762Independence of free Ilocos and the capital is Vigan.
• May 28, 1763 Miguel Vicos assassinated Diego Silang.
• Nicolas CariñoDiego Silang’s uncle
• They were driven out of Vigan by the superior forces of Spain, she retreated with the remnants of her lamented husband’s army to Pidigan which was later became the capital of free Ilocos.
• She received more freedom fighters and tried to recapture Vigan.
• Launched Guerillas attacks on the Spanish garrisons on the coastal towns.
• On last week of August 1763 Gabriela Silang together with her 200 men attack the 6000 army of Spain.
• On first week of September 1763 Mrs. Silang marched towards Vigan.
• She personally led the second attack after Nicolas Cariño died on the battle.
• They had captured by the Spanish and the brave men where hung one by one along the coastline and Gabriela Silang was brought to Vigan where she was hung publicly on September 20, 1763.

“Joan of Arc”
• In 1428 Joan listened to marriage plans being worked out by her parents.
• In December 1428 Joan went to Vancoulers to help his uncle’s wife and their new baby.
• Durrand Lassois- Joan’s uncle.
• She heard voices of Archangel MIchael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret. by their time only witches heard voices.
• She go to the King of France and help him reconquer his kingdom. By that time the English King was after the throne of France and the Duke of Burgundy was siding with him.
• May 8, 1429 The siege of Orleans.
• Robert de Baudricot granted her an escort to visit Chinon in male disguise.
• Charles VII was impressed with her.
• Yolande of Aragon Charles mother-in-law was financing a relief expedition that time.
• She then enjoyed a series of spectacular military successes, during which the King was able to enter Rheims and be crowned at her side.
• May 1430 She was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English while she was attempting to relieve Compiegne.
• A skirmish on May 23, 1430 led to her capture when her forces attempted to attack the Burgundians camp at Margny. When she orderd a retreat into the nearby fortifications of Compiegne after the advance of an additional force of 6,000 Burgundians she assumed the place of honor as the last to live in the field.
• Burgundians surrounded the rear guard and she was unhorsed by an archer and initially refused to surrender.

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Joan of Arc and Gabriela Silang

  1. 1. Joan of Arc Maid of Orleans Gabriela Silang Joan of Arc of Ilocos
  2. 2. Two leading Opponents: Britain France
  3. 3. King of France: Charles VI Duke of Orleans (Armagnacs) Duke of Burgundy  John the Fearless (Burgundians) *Assassination of the Duke of Orleans in 1407 on the orders of Duke of Burgundy. King of England: Henry V
  4. 4. 1419  Peace Treaty by Charles VII *Armagnacs partisans assassinated John the Fearless. New Duke of Burgundy: Philip the Good *blamed Charles for the murder *enter alliance with the English
  5. 5. English  Paris/Rouen *laid siege to Orleans Orleans: remaining loyal French city Burgundians: Reims
  6. 6. Basic Informations
  7. 7. Full Name: Maria Josefa Gabriela Cariño Silang Birthdate: March 19, 1731 Birth Place: Barrio of Canlogan, Santa, Ilocos Sur Parents: Her father was an Ilocano peasant from Santa and her mother was an Itneg household maid from Pidigan Abra.
  8. 8. Full Name: Jeanne d’Arc Birthdate: January 6, 1412 Birth Place: Domremy Parish, Lorraine Province, France Parents: Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romee
  9. 9. Gabriela Silang
  10. 10. Pious and Charitable character
  11. 11. Don Thomas Millan Diego Silang
  12. 12. Jeanne d’Arc
  13. 13. Heard voices from Saints *Only witches hear voices
  14. 14. 1428 December 1428  Durrand Lassois *Go back to Vancoulers to help his wife with their new baby.
  15. 15. Gabriela Silang
  16. 16. September 1762: Seven years war reached the Philippine Shore. September 22: Reached Manila Bay. September 24: Siege of Manila. October 5: Captured Manila
  17. 17. December 14, 1762: Independence of Free Ilocos May 28, 1763: Assassination of Diego Silang September 20, 1763: Execution of Gabriela Silang
  18. 18. Joan of Arc
  19. 19. a female servant a girl or young unmarried woman a virgin
  20. 20. Robert de Baudricourt Yolande of Aragon: Charles VII Mother in law May 8, 1429: Siege of Orleans May 1430: She was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English.
  21. 21. Pierre Cauchon May 30, 1431
  22. 22. Similarities • Family • Attitude (Unstoppable) • They want Freedom • Death • Monuments Differences • Personal Status • Trials
  23. 23. References: • Famous Filipino Women – Balmaceda • Flowers for a Heroine – Man. Bull. April 27, 1998 • Gabriela Silang – Neni Sta. Romana Cruz • Gabriela Silang: Ang Joan of Arc ng Pilipinas – Lilia Borlongan Alvarez • The Greatest Ilocanos – Leopoldo V. Yabes • Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War – Deborah A. Fraoli • 277th Birth Anniversary of Doña Gabriela Silang – Man. Bull. March 19, 2008 • Great Filipinos in History • Philippine History and Government – Gregorio F. Zaide • A History of the World - Perry