Small Scale Solar Energy


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Small Scale Solar Energy

  1. 1. Small Scale Solar Energy Nov 30, 2011
  2. 2. SkyFire Energy Inc• Alberta based energy company with 7 employees in Calgary and 3 in Toronto.• Greater proven energy reserves than all the fossil fuel companies in Alberta combined.
  3. 3. SkyFire Energy Inc• We have been installing for over 10 years in Western Canada• CanSIA certified solar thermal installers on staff• CanSIA/Seneca College Photovoltaic Technicians on staff• Hundreds of installs across Canada• Sizes of systems have been increasing
  4. 4. Alberta Solar Potential Ranking of Major Cities Worldwide in Terms of Yearly PV Potential City Yearly PV Potential (kWh/kW)Cairo, Egypt 1635Los Angeles, USA 1485Sydney, Australia 1343Calgary, Alberta 1292Edmonton, Alberta 1245Washington, DC., USA 1133Tokyo, Japan 885Berlin, Germany 848London, England 728 Source: Natural Resources Canada
  5. 5. Alberta Energy Reserves Billion Barrels of Oil Equivalent World annual total energy consumption 171.3 82 BBL 39.5512.7 Oil reserves 163.2 Gas Reserves Coal Reserves Solar Potential in 1 yr on Land
  6. 6. PV Growth in Alberta 1000 900 800Capacity kW, # of Sites 700 600 500 AB Sites 400 AB Capacity kW 300 200 100 0 Oct-09 Oct-10 Jan-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Jan-10 Apr-10 Jul-10 Jan-11 Apr-11 Jul-11 Source: Alberta Utilities Commission
  7. 7. PV Growth in Alberta and Ontario 70000 60000Capacity kW, # of Sites 50000 40000 AB Sites 30000 AB Capacity kW ON MicroFIT Sites 20000 ON MicroFIT Capacity 10000 0 Oct-09 Oct-10 Apr-09 Apr-10 Apr-11 Jan-11 Jan-09 Jul-09 Jan-10 Jul-10 Jul-11 Source: Alberta Utilities Commission, OPA
  8. 8. What is driving the growth?Alberta Micro Connect policy• All wire owners must allow grid tie PV systems• Retail rate compensation for export• Retail rate is going up • Moving 30 day average: $0.159 Sept 16, 2011 • CCS will double or triple the cost of electricity in Alberta at the $200-$300 per ton prediction• Albertan’s have money to invest• Medicine Hat • Hat Smart $1000 grant for PV systems• Edmonton • Looking at a FIT program• Enmax • Solar rental program for EasyMax customers
  9. 9. What is driving the growth?Retail prices of photovoltaic systems are dropping2001 600 watt array $12,000 $20/ watt2005 1952 watt array $20,000 $10/watt2011 2000 Watt array $10,500 $5/watt
  10. 10. What is holding Alberta Back?• No incentive programs• Lack of public awareness• Provincial government favors other solutions to carbon issues• Up front cost of PV and ST system• Low cost of energy: both gas and electricity
  11. 11. Grid ParityWe are near grid parity:4000 watts x $5.00 per watt $20,000-------------------------------------------- = ------------ = $0.129/kWhr4 kw x 1292 kWhr/kw/yr x 30 yrs 155,040 kWhrCurrent retail rates are $0.07- $0.12 plus T&D in AlbertaExpect a doubling or tripling of retail rates with CCS at $200-$300/tonne
  12. 12. Active Solar Energy• Electricity • Photovoltaic Modules (aka panels) • Water Heating • Solar Thermal Collectors
  13. 13. SOLAR PATHFINDER PLOTDetermines Solar Resource
  14. 14. Downtown Energy Center Solar Array South
  15. 15. Basic grid-tied system
  16. 16. • One inverter per module instead of one inverter per array of modules• Advantages – Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module maximizes output of system and limits effects of shading – Cost is less for smaller systems – Monitoring system – Allows for modular systems - Start small and add later! – 15 year warranty (Standard for string inverters is 10)• Disadvantages – Higher cost for larger systems – Demand is high – Newer product; not as proven
  17. 17. What is Happening in Alberta?Lacombe High School
  18. 18. Typical Residential Array• Residential grid –tied system, Calgary • 2000 watt system • 10 x Sanyo 200 watt modules • Fronius 2000 watt inverter
  19. 19. • Residential grid –tied system, Calgary • Net Zero house – 5.33kW grid – tied system • 26 x 205 watt modules • 26 x Enphase Micro-inverters - Minimize effects of shading
  20. 20. Skyfire Standoff Rental Standoff
  23. 23. CommercialPhotovoltaicInstallations
  24. 24. Commercial Grid –tied system Ironwood Building Systems•4.68 kW grid-tied system•24 x Sanyo HIT 195 Watt modules•SMA Sunny Boy 5000 Watt inverter
  25. 25. Grande Cache Correctional Facility•13.5 kW grid-tied system
  26. 26. City of Calgary Municipal Building• 1.02 kW Grid-tied system• 1800U Sunny Boy inverter• Kiosk• Internet monitoring device
  27. 27. MNC Geomatics Ltd.•5.2 kW grid-tied system•26 - Canadian Solar Inc. 200 Watt modules•SMA Sunny Boy 6000 Watt inverter
  28. 28. OCCE – Penticton, BC – 260kW•Largest System in Western Canada•Rack – 6 different types, angles used•1106 x Conergy 235 watt modules•2 x Satcon Solstice 100kW inverters, 12 x MPPT combiners
  29. 29. Other PV applications
  30. 30. Solar Thermal Systems• Solar hot water heating – Evacuated tube, unglazed flat-plate, glazed flat-plate, batch – Applications• Solar air heating – For ventilation – Recirculating space heating
  31. 31. ENERGY SAVINGS IN CANADA Solar Domestic Hot Water Enerworks Inc
  32. 32. Solar DHW vs. Space Heating201816141210 Heat DHW8 Solar6420 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec-2
  33. 33. EnerWorks Solar Water Heating Appliance
  34. 34. Solar Thermal- Calgary
  35. 35. Jayman Ascent Condo - Calgary 40 collector commercial EnerWorks system
  36. 36. Things to WatchIs Installer CanSIA Certified Training Experience Code of EthicsCertified Equipment All plumbing and electrical equipment must be listed by CSA, Ulc or acceptable bodyCopper Pipe and high temp. insulation (SDHW) Solar thermal temperatures can reach 400 F (204 C)Roof Penetrations Rubber flashing or metal gum cup Correct sealantsPanel Placement Limit shading (Including self shading)Design Involve solar contractor in early stages of project
  37. 37. KELLY HOUSE SOLAR SYSTEMS 30 Watt module 2 SunEarth EC-32 Solar Collectors for for glycol pumpLED porch light module Hot Water24 x 82 watt modulesGrid Tie System SkylightLED strip light42 wattmodulesFor lightingsystem
  38. 38. Questions? | 403-251-0668
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