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  • 1. RESOURCES FOR CAREER INFORMATION REFERENCE GUIDE April, 2007 This reference guide, developed by the Iowa Labor Market Information (LMI) Project, will help you to use Labor Market Information in career planning and education. You’ll find resources for such information as the skills and education needed for specific jobs, training opportunities, career planning, financial aid, curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and many more. The reference guide is arranged alphabetically by topic, enabling you to find various sources for the items you may need. A sampling of resources has been included. Information from America’s Career InfoNet, http://www.acinet.org, and Iowa Workforce Development, http://iwin.iowaworkforce.org, are featured, but many other resources are also listed. Inclusion in this resource guide does not mean that the web site or resource is endorsed by the Iowa LMI Project. You likely have many resources not included in this particular guide and will no doubt discover additional ones as you explore web sites and publications. This guide was last updated on 6/24/2007 however sites do change with little warning. Please be aware of that and notify Charlotte Rashid of any changes or problems. Her phone number is (563) 243-9060. Her e-mail address is Charlotte.Rashid@iwd.iowa.gov. If you would like to customize this guide to include your own local resources, contact Charlotte and she will send you the Word document. TOPICS RESOURCES ADDRESS/PUBLICATION Adult Training Employment & Training http://www.doleta.gov/programs/adtrain.cfm Programs Administration Annual Earnings by Career Voyages http://www.careervoyages,gov/students-doeseducationpay.cfm Educational Level Occupational Outlook Quarterly http://stats.bls.gov/opub/ooq/2004/fall/oochart.pdf Apprenticeships Office of Apprenticeship Training, http://www.doleta.gov/atels_bat/ Employer & Labor Services National Joint Apprenticeship & Trng. http://www.njatc.org Comm. Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, select Apprenticeships) 1
  • 2. Assessments America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Skills Profiler, Testing & Assessment, or Career Resource Library, under Career Planning, select Career Assessment) Assessment Guides http://www.onetcenter.org/guides.html Career Key http://www.careerkey.org/ Career Management International http://cmi-lmi.com/kingdomality.html Career One Stop http://www.careeronestop.org (Select Testing & Assessment) Career Toolbox http://www.myfuture.com/t2_ctoolbox.html CHOICES Available at most local IWD offices. http://www.iowacollegeaid.org (Select Learn about Choices) Holland Career Game http://career.missouri.edu/students/explore/thecareerinterestsgame.php Human Metrics http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp Indiana Learn More Resource Center http://www.learnmoreindiana.org/careers/inventories Keirsey Personality/Temperament http://www.keirsey.com Sorter (Available in several languages) Listening Quiz http://www.wittcom.com/listening_quiz.htm Online Tools for Career Planning & http://www.socojoblink.org (Under Job Seekers, select Career Dev. Planning Tools, then Online Self Test) Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, select Assessment Resources) Work Keys http://www.act.org/workkeys World of Work Map http://www.act.org/wwm Career Exploration ACTE Online http://www.acteonline.org/career/skills/index.cfm (See also resources under Assessments) Good info by state or America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org local area for different careers Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov (Select Career Information for Kids) Biotechnology Careers http://www.massbio.org/directory /careers/index.html
  • 3. Cal State University http://www.csuchico.edu/csuperb/Careers.html Career Development Resources http://www.cdr.state.tx.us (Texas) Career Guidance & Decision Making http://www.ferris.edu/careerinstitute/ncds.htm Looks at high- Career Voyages http://www.careervoyages.gov growth industries of the future Careers in Healthcare http://www.njha.com/healthrecruitment CHOICES Available at most local IWD offices. http://www.iowacollegeaid.org (Select Learn about Choices) Engineer Girl http://www.engineergirl.org Environmental Careers http://ateel.ateec.org (Select Careers) Game Career Guide http://www.GameCareerGuide.com Geospatial Awareness http://www.geospatial21.org Girls Creating Games http://www.programservices.etr.org/gcgweb/mymain1.swf Iowa Workforce Development http://www.iowaworkforce.org (Select Students) Iowa Workforce Network http://iwin.iwd.state.ia.us (Select Careers and then Enter an Occupation under Occupational Information Center) IPTV – School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org I Seek http://www.iseek.org (Select Explore Careers) Job Shadows http://www.jobshadow.org Mapping Your Future http://www.mapping-your-future.org/planning Next Step http://www.nextstepmagazine.com Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/ O*Net http://www.online.onetcenter.org Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Go to the A to Z Index, select Career Exploration) Student.Gov http://www.students.gov (Select Explore Careers) Tech Career Compass http://tcc.comptia.org Wetfeet http://www.wetfeet.com Women’s Adventure in science http://www.iwaswondering.org/index2.html World of Work Map http://www.act.org/wwm Career Pathways IPTV – School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org 3
  • 4. Career Planning U of Waterloo Career Services http://www.careerservices.uwaterloo.ca Career Videos America’s Career InfoNet http://acinet.org IPTV – School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org Classroom Speakers IPTV – School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org IWD Contact your local Iowa Workforce Development Office College Planning College Board http://www.collegeboard.com Direct links to Iowa College Planning http://www.collegeplanning.org colleges, debt mgt., admission standards, choosing a college… Getting Ready for College Early U.S. Dept. of Education, 1-800-USA-LEARN (publication or online) http://www.ed.gov/thinkcollege/early/tce_home.htm Iowa College Student Aid http://www.iowacollegeaid.org Commission Students.gov http://www.students.gov Think College http://www.ed.gov/thinkcollege/index.html College Search Career Mart http://www.careermart.com (Select College) College Planning http://www.collegeplanning.org Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Live, select Education) The Princeton Review http://www.review.com Community Service Students.Gov http://www.students.gov (Select topics under Community Service) (Also See Volunteering) Cost of Living Cost of Living Comparator http://www.homefair.com/calc/salcalc.html Can be personalized to own budget Curriculum Ideas & Advanced Technology Environmental http://www.ateec.org Lesson Plans Edu. Ctr. All Math http://www.allmath.com Alliant Energy’s Power House Kids http://www.powerhousekids.com American Tech Publishers http://www.go2atp.com Ask Eric http://www.eric.ed.gov Association for Career & Technical http://www.acteonline.org 4
  • 5. Ed. Building Career Awareness in the Charlotte Rashid, EICCD, LMI Project, 1-563-336-3471 Elementary Classroom (publication) E-mail at Charlotte.Rashid@iwd.iowa.gov Curriculum Ideas & Curriculum Resource Center http://www.2.dpi.state.wi.us/sig/practices/high_2.asp Lesson Plans (continued) Dept. of Labor Educational Resources http://www.dol.gov/dol/audience/aud-educators.htm Educators Reference Desk http://www.eduref.org Engineer Girls http://www.engineergirl.org Entrepreneurship Education http://www.entre-ed.org ESL Partyland http://www.eslpartyland.com Federal Resources for Educational http://www.ed.gov/free/index.html Excellence First Gov http://www.firstgov.gov (Under Information by Topic, select Jobs & Education) GeoSpy http://www.nationalgeographic.com/geospy Get Tech http://www.gettech.org Girls Go Tech http://www.girlsgotech.org Girls Incorporated http://www.girlsinc.org Illinois Department of Natural http://dnr.state.il.us/lands/education/index.htm Resources Illinois State Board of Education http://www.isbe.net/teachers.htm Illinois Home Page http://www.state.il.us (Select Learning under State Links) Institute for Entrepreneurship http://www.theEplace.org Iowa Home Page http://www.iowa.gov (Select Kids Page & then Education) IPTV – School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org Iowa State Extension Services http://www.extension.iastate.edu Junior Achievement http://www.ja.org KidzOnline http://www.KidzOnline.org Kidzworld http://www.kidzworld.com LD Online http://www.ldonline.org Listen Up! http://www.pbs.org/merrow/listenup National Dissemination Center & http://www.nccte.org 5
  • 6. National Research Center for Career & Technical Education Curriculum Ideas & National Science Digital Library http://nsdl.org Lesson Plans (continued) Nortel Networks Kidz Online http://www.nnkol.org Oklahoma Dept. of Career & Tech. http://www.okcareertech.org/cimc Ed. Oregon’s OLMIS http://www.qualityinfo.org/olmisj/OlmisZine PBS for Kids http://pbskids.org PBS Teacher Source http://www.pbs.org/teachersource Population Connection http://www.populationconnection.org Project Learning Tree http://www.plt.org Science & Math Activities http://www.getsmarter.org SEMI Project http://www.aea11.k12.ia.us/prodev/SEMI.html Teacher Vision http://www.teacherplanet.com Teacher Planet http://teacherplanet.com U.S. Dept. of Education http://www.ed.gov/index.jsp Lesson plans, games, Free resources http://www.bioworksu.com video-games, etc. Using Labor Market Information in Charlotte Rashid, EICCD, LMI Project, 1-563-336-3471 the Classroom (Resource Packets) E-mail at Charlotte.Rashid@iwd.iowa.gov Weekly Reader http://www.weeklyreader.com Work Ethics http://www.coe.uga.edu/workethic/mp.htm Yahooligans http://www.yahooligans.com Bio Works University http://www.bioworksu.com Directories of Web America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Career Resource Library, select Job and Sites About Jobs Resume Banks) Job Board Directory http://www.airsdirectory.com/directories/job_boards Job Hunt http://www.job-hunt.org Nerd World Media: Jobs and Related http://www.nerdworld.com/users/dstein/nw102.html Links Niche Boards http://www.NicheBoards.com The Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, Select Job Banks 6
  • 7. Online) Discrimination Equal Employment Opportunity http://eeoc.gov Commission Fair Measures http://www.fairmeasures.com Iowa Civil Right Commission http://www.state.ia.us/government/crc/index.html U.S. Dept. of Labor http://www.dol.gov (Under the A to Z Index, select Discrimination) Workforce http://www.workforce.com Dress for Success Dress for Success http://www.dressforsuccess.com Dressing Well http://www.dressingwell.com Quintessential Careers http://www.quintcareers.com (Select Career Resources, then Search Career Articles and type in dressing for success) Economic Trends Iowa Trends http://www.iowaworkforce.org/trends Office of Social & Economic Trend http://www.seta.iastate.edu Analysis Sources of Socioeconomic Data For http://www.econdata.net Econ. Dev. Analysis Education and America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Career Resource Library, select Explore by Training Occupation or select Career Exploration, then Gain Skills to Get a Job or Get a Better Job) Career Mart http://www.careermart.com (Select College) Career One Stop http://www.careeronestop.org (Select Training & Education) Community Colleges http://www.eicc.edu (Substitute for “eicc” the correct abbreviation for the college you wish to visit) GED Website http://www.gedtest.org Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, select Education and Training Directories, or other education-related topics) Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Live, select Education) Education Needed America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information) for Specific Jobs O*Net http://www.online.onetcenter.org Occupational Outlook Handbook http://stats.bls.gov/oco Educational National Center for Educational http://nces.ed.gov Statistics Statistics Electronic Resumes EResumes & Resources http://www.eresumes.com 7
  • 8. Job Star California http://jobstar.org/tools/resume Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select Resumes & Cover Letters) Employer Research America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Employer Locator Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select Research & Target Employers) Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Career Center, select View Employers) Various Business Addresses http://www.fritolay.com (Try substituting the name of the business for “fritolay”) Entrepreneurship America’s Career Infonet http://www.acinet.org (Select Career Resource Library, then Employment Options) Business.Gov http://www.business.gov Business Owners’ Idea Café http://www.businessownersideacafe.com Career One Stop http://www.careeronestop.org (Select Business Center) Entrepreneur.com http://www.entrepreneur.com/homeoffice/0,6289,,00.html Entrepreneurship Ed http://www.entre-ed.org Institute for Entrepreneurship http://www.theEplace.org International Franchise Association http://www.franchise.org Iowa Business Network http://www.iabusnet.org Iowa Dept. of Economic Development http://www.iowa.gov/state/main/business-portal/index.html Iowa Entrepreneurship http://www.iowaentrepreneur.com Iowa Entrepreneurs Coalition http://www.iowaentrepreneurscoalition.org Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, then Entrepreneurship) Self Employment http://www.businesstown.com Small Business & Entrepreneurship http://www.sbsc.org Council Small Office Home Office Business http://www.gordonworks.com/bus Links Teen Business Link http://www.sba.gov/teens/moneymatters.html University of Iowa Entrepreneurial http://www.iowajpec.org Center UNI Regional Business Center http://www.unirbc.org Venturing http://www.eventuring.org Wall Street Journal Center for Entrep. http://www.startupjournal.com Working Solo http://workingsolo.com 8
  • 9. Fastest-Growing America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information, select Fastest Jobs Growing) Iowa Job Outlook (printed and http://www.iowaworkforce.org (Select Labor Market Information) electronic) Federal Poverty Dept. of Health & Human Services http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty Guidelines Financial Aid Career OneStop http://www.careeronestop.org (Select Financial Aid Center) College Planning http://www.collegeplanning.org (Select Financial Aid) Financial Aid http://www.finaid.org Financial Aid for Students with http://www.health.gwu.edu Disabilities Iowa College Student Aid http://www.iowacollegeaid.org Commission U.S. Department of Education http://www.ed.gov/index.jsp Fringe Benefits Evaluating Your Benefits Package http://www.collegegrad.com/book/21-5.shtml Government Government Benefits http://www.govbenefits.gov Benefits Government Links Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for http://bensguide.gpo.gov Kids First Gov http://firstgov.gov First Gov for Kids http://www.kids.gov High School 4 Year National Association of State http://www.careertech.org Plans Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium Oklahoma Career Tech http://okcareertech.org/guidance High Tech Jobs Career http://www.career.com High Tech Jobs Online http://www.dice.com Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Career Search, select Search the Job Bank) Tech Career Compass http://tcc.comptia.org Industry Trends Iowa Industry Trends http://iwin.iwd.state.ia.us (Select Industries) Iowa Industry Projections IWD, LMI, Dan Brown, 1-515-281-5093 Industry Wages Career Guide to Industries http://www.bls.gov/oco/cg/home.htm 9
  • 10. Occupational Employment Statistics http://www.iowaworkforce.org (Select Labor Market Information, select Wage Surveys) International Human Resources Development http://www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca Listings Canada International Labour Organization http://www.ilo.org/ Kiwi Careers (New Zealand) http://www.kiwicareers.govt.nz Mexico http://www.stps.gob.mx New Zealand Department of Labour http://www.dol.govt.nz Riley Guide (International Job http://www.rileyguide.com/internat.html Opportunities) Internships Employment Spot http://www.employmentspot.com Intern Jobs http://internjobs.com Internship Programs http://www.internshipprograms.com Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select the A to Z Index, then select Internships) Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Student Connection) Student Internships http://www.asme.org/students/internships.html Student Jobs http://www.studentjobs.gov Students.Gov http://www.students.gov (Select Internships) Interviewing Interview Stuff.com http://www.interviewstuff.com (Also see Resources under Job Banks) Monster Board http://www.monster.com (Select Career Advice, then Interview Center) Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, select Interviewing) Job Banks America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Career Resource Library, then Job & Resume Banks) Army Civilian Personnel On Line http://www.cpol.army.mil Career Builder http://www.careerbuilder.com Career Mart http://www.careermart.com Careers.Org http://www.careers.org Employment Spot http://www.employmentspot.com/ 10
  • 11. Federal Jobs http://www.usajobs.opm.gov Hot Jobs http://www.hotjobs.com Illinois’ Skills Match http://ides.cmcf.state.il.us Iowa Workforce Development Job http://www.iowajobs.org Bank JOBLINE 1-899-414-5748 Junior Jobs http://www.juniorjobs.com Monster Board http://www.monster.com Nation’s Jobs http://www.nationjob.com/ Smart Career Move http://www.smartcareermove.com (Select Search Jobs) Student Jobs http://www.studentjobs.gov Job Corps Job Corps http://www.jobcorps.doleta.gov Job Descriptions America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Job Description Writer) O*Net http://online.onetcenter.org Job Outlook America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information) Iowa Job Outlook http://iwin.iowaworkforce.org (Select Careers, then Iowa Occupational Projections) Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/ Occupational Outlook Quarterly http://www.bls.gov/opub/ooq/ooqhome.htm State Occupational Projections http://www.projectionscentral.com Job Requirements ACT, Inc. http://www.act.org/wwm America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information or select Licensed Occupations) Iowa Licensed Occupations http://iwin.iowaworkforce.org (Select Careers, then Iowa Licensed Occupations) O*NET http://online.onetcenter.org Job Search America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Career Resource Library, then Job Search) Career Know How http://www.careerknowhow.com Jobweb http://www.jobweb.com Richard Bolles’ Web Site http://www.jobhuntersbible.com Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com Job Shadowing Job Shadow.org http://www.jobshadow.org Knowledge, Skills, ACT, Inc. http://www.act.org/wwm 11
  • 12. and Abilities O*Net http://online.onetcenter.org Licensing America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Licensed Occupations) Requirements Iowa Licensed Occupations http://iwin.iowaworkforce.org (Select Careers, then Iowa Licensed Occupations) Mentoring I Could Be http://www.icouldbe.org Mentoring Center http://www.mentor.org Mentoring for Women in Engineering http://www..mentornet.net & Science National Mentoring Partnership http://www.mentoring.org Net Mentors http://www.netmentors.org Military Air Force 1-800-USA-USAF http://www.af.mil Army 1-800-USA-ARMY http://www.goarmy.com Coast Guard http://www.uscg.mil Marines 1-800-MARINES http://marines.com My Future http://www.myfuture.com National Guard http://www.ngb.army.mil Navy 1-800-USA-NAVY http://www.navy.com Students.Gov http://www.students.gov (Select Military Service) No Child Left No Child Left Behind http://www.nochildleftbehind.gov Behind Nontraditional Jobs Engineer Girl http://www.engineergirl.org Girls Creating Games http://programservices.etr.org/gcgweb/mymain1.swf Institute for Women in Trades, http://www.iwitts.com Technology & Science IA Commission on the Status of http://www.state.ia.us/dhr/sw/index.html Women IA Equity Resource Center http://www.iaerc.net U.S. DOL Women’s Bureau http://www.dol.gov/wb 12
  • 13. Women Tech World http://www.womentechworld.org Women’s Adventure in Science http://www.iwaswondering.org/index2html Work 4 Women http://www.work4women.org Occupational America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information) Projections Iowa Job Outlook http://www.iowaworkforce.org/lmi/occupations/index.html Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/ Occupational Outlook Quarterly http://www.bls.gov/opub/ooq/ooqhome.htm State Occupational Projections http://www.projectionscentral.com Resume Writing America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Resume Tutorial or Career Resource Library followed by Job Search and Resume Guides) Career Know How http://www.careerknowhow.com Eresumes & Resources http://www.eresumes.com Job Star California http://jobstar.org/tools/resume Resume Maker http://www.resumemaker.com/ssamples/samples.jsp Resume Tutor form the Univ. of http://www.1.umn.edu/ohr/ecep/resume/ Minn. Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select A-Z Index, select Resumes and other related topics) School to Work Iowa Dept. of Education http://www.state.ia.us/educate/ecese/stw/ IPTV-School to Careers http://careers.iptv.org/ Seasonal Jobs Cool Works http://www.coolworks.com Summer Jobs http://www.summerjobs.com Shift Work Circadian Employee http://www.circadian.com/employee Skills Needed for ACT, Inc. http://www.act.org/wwm Specific Jobs America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information) Precision Metalworking Association http://www.metalforming.com/edufound O*Net http://online.onetcenter.org Skill Window http://www.skillwindow.com (swuser is the username & password) Special Needs Ask Eric http://www.eric.ed.gov Disability Information http://www.disabilityinfo.gov DOL Disability On-Line http://www.doleta.gov/disability Family Village http://www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/sp/trans.html 13
  • 14. Guardianship in Iowa http://www.state.ia.us/ddcouncil/guardianship/page%20one.html Heath Resource Center http://www.heath.gwu.edu Iowa Employment and Disability http://www.iowaworkforce.org/access/index.html Job Accommodation Network http://www.jan.wvu.edu Job Corps Disability Website http://jcdisability.jobcorps.gov/index.htm Job Seeking Resources for People http://www.onestops.info/subcategory.php?subcat_id=4 with Disabilities LD Online http://www.Idonline.org NCWD Youth Web Site http://www.ncwd-youth.info National Center on Secondary http://www.ncset.org Education And Transition National Federation of the Blind http://www.nfb.org/jobline/enter.htm Jobline Searchable Online Accommodation http://www.jan.wvu.edu/soar Resource Transitions http://www.mytransitioniowa.org Workforce Education: Learning http://worklink.coe.utk.edu/ld_work_issues.htm Disabilities and Work Issues Youthhood http://www.youthhood.org Study Skills How to Study http://www.how-to-study.com Study Skills Self-help Information http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/stdyhlp.html Teen Safety OSHA Teen Safety Site http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/teenworkers/index.html Teen Workers Dept. of Labor, Wage & Hour http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/youthlabor/index.htm Division Iowa’s Child Labor Laws http://www.iowaworkforce.org/labor/childlabor.htm Volunteering Freedom Corps http://www.freedomcorps.gov Idealist http://www.idealist.org Points of Light Foundation http://www.pointsoflight.org Volunteer Iowa http://www.volunteeriowa.org Youth Services America http://www.ysa.org/nysd Wages America’s Career InfoNet http://www.acinet.org (Select Occupation Information, then Occupation Profile and State and National Wages) BLS Web Site with OES Wage Data http://www.bls.gov/oes CBSalary.com http://www.CBSalary.com 14
  • 15. Occupational Employment Statistics http://www.iowaworkforce.org (Select Labor Market Information, (printed and electronic) select Wage Surveys) Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco/ Riley Guide http://www.rileyguide.com (Select Salary Guides) Salary.com http://www.salary.com Why Stay in School Career Voyages http://www.careervoyages.org/students-doeseducationpay.cfm Women and Work The Forte Foundation http://www.fortefoundation.org Work-based Iowa Dept. of Education http://www.state.ia.us/educate/ecese/stw/documents.html Learning Guide Work Ethics The Work Ethic Site http://www.coe.uga.edu/workethic Work Permits IWD Home Page http://www.iowaworkforce.org/labor/childlabor.htm Youth Programs Promising and Effective Practices for http://www.nyec.org/pepnet Youth Your Local (Local newspaper want ads, Chamber Resources addresses, community sites that feature job listings, etc.) 15