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  • Bell offers weekly 1 to 3-minute previews & highlights of upcoming episodes from MTV 10 spot grab.
  • Bold prediction – the term Podcast will go away – it is not anything special or unique to the iPod, and as competitors gain ground in the media player space, it will become as antiquated as “information super highway”
  • Some have predicted VOD sales in Canada to double each of the next few years, climbing from an estimated CDN$85 million in 2004 to $450 million in 2007. Content is king. Those providing VOD in Canada claim, main network, episodic programming – not movies – are driving demand.
  • Canada - Among Internet users in the 15-29 age group, one-in-six (16%) downloaded a TV show from the Internet.

training_techtrends.ppt training_techtrends.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Technology Trends 2008 What you want, when you want, where you want!
  • Technology Trends So I txtd my buddy last night about the latest White Stripes mobisode, and he picks it up on IPTV and skypes me back and says “I’m totally watching them HD right now, but it’s all pillar boxed! Checked the blogs on my RSS feeds, no luck” – so I tell him about a wiki with a webinar to fix it… So today I poked him and he IM’d back “tx – fixed”, with a url for the show vodcast.
  • txt = text messages, texts, SMS* Technology Trends *Short Message Service - Short text messages primarily on wireless devices
  • White Stripes = Band Technology Trends American minimalist garage rock duo, formed 1997 – biggest hit “Seven Army Nation”
  • Mobisode = Mobile + Episode Technology Trends A TV program or commercial that is created for the cell phone market
  • IPTV = Internet Protocol Television Technology Trends Switched video television distribution system, using internet protocol over land line. Interactivity on par with web.
  • Skype = Internet Telephony Network Technology Trends
    • Proprietary peer-to-peer Internet
    • telephony (VoIP) network.
    • Skype – computer to computer
    • Skype Out – computer to phone
    • Skype In – phone to computer
    • Also video, SMS, voicemail, etc.
  • HD = High Definition Television Technology Trends
    • More “cinematic” aspect ratio
    • 780 – 1080 lines of picture info, vs. 480
    • 5.1 channels of CD-quality audio providing Dolby Digital surround sound
    4 3 4:3 Aspect Ratio 9 16 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Pillar-boxed = Cropped Vertically Technology Trends Pillar-box 4:3 on 16:9 Window box 16:9 on 4:3 on 16:9 Letterbox 16:9 on 4:3
  • Blog = Weblog Technology Trends A website providing commentary or news on a particular subject. May combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.
  • RSS = Really Simple Syndication Technology Trends A web feed containing either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually.
  • Poke =“Hi” on Facebook Technology Trends A feature unique to the social networking site “Facebook”, which allows you to “poke” another Facebook subscriber to get their attention.
  • IM = Instant Messaging Technology Trends
    • Windows Live Messenger
    • (formerly MSN)
    • Google Talk
    • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Wiki = WikiWikiWeb Technology Trends A type of website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove and otherwise edit and change some available content
  • Webinar = Web Base Seminar Technology Trends Interactive seminar web cast over the internet
  • Vodcast = Video Podcast Technology Trends Audio (podcast) and video (vodcast) files primarily intended for download and playback on an iPod or Video iPod
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • Technologies:
    • VOD
    • DVR/PVR
    • Streaming
    • Downloading
    • Videosharing
    • IPTV
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • VOD
    • U.S. – fastest growing TV category; 22% compound annual growth, $3.9 B revenue predicted by 2010.
    • Canada – 22% increase 06/05; more revenue than PPV by 2009.
    Sources: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, CRTC
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • DVR/PVR
    • DVR growth “explosive” in US – up from 9 to 12% over 7 months in 2007
    • US penetration now 15%
    • Canadian penetration now 10%
    • Research shows DVRs increase overall television viewing
    • DVR ratings now a tool for show renewal
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • Streaming Video
    • Growth continues, but is slowing
    • 74.8% of all web users in US watched a video online during the month of September 2007; average streamer spent three hours
    • Google sites (including YouTube) accounted for 28.3%
    • Streaming content accessed through the Internet and mobile devices will generate $27 B in revenue by 2011.
    Sources: AP,,
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • Downloading
    • Downloading shows less popular than music videos, video games, movie trailers
    • 2% of Americans downloaded TV programs in 2005. More than doubled to 5% in 2006.
    • Canada – 5% in 2000, 8% in 2006
    Sources: AP,, CRTC
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • Video sharing
    • YouTube, Google Video, MySpace
    • YouTube founded in February 2005; acquired by Google for 1.65 B in stock in November 2006.
    • YouTube hosts over six million videos, growing at about 20 percent every month.
    • 100 million clips are viewed daily on YouTube, with an additional 65,000 new videos uploaded per 24 hours.
    • The site has almost 20 million visitors each month
    Sources:, wikipedia
  • The End of TV? Technology Trends
    • Most on-line viewing of full length shows done within a day to catch up. Viewers then return to TV, and become more loyal.
    • PVR use tends to increase overall TV viewing
    • More than 90% of people watch TV at least once a day; more than 70% use the internet
    • 50% of all computers are now co-located with a TV
    • By 2010 the number of HD households will reach 174m or 22% of global TV households. 59% in the US, 66% in Japan and 30% in Western Europe .
    Sources: AP, screendigest, IBM,
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends IPTV – Internet Protocol Television Forecasted to reach 76.2 M by 2011 Sources: DSL Forum, Point Topic, MRG IPTV subscriber growth worldwide Region 2005 2006 2007 Europe 521,000 1,505,000 4,984,000 Asia Pacific 612,000 987,000 2,176,000 Americas 267,000 409,000 1,069,000 Total Worldwide 1,470,000 2,950,000 8,229,000
  • What you want, where you want Technology Trends
    • Mobile Technologies:
    • Cell phones
    • Media Players
    • PDAs
  • What you want, where you want Technology Trends
    • Cell phones
    • 84% Americans now have cell phones; to reach 100% by 2013
    • Cell-phone-only US households (14%) now outnumber land-line only (12.3%)
    • 67% Canadians have cell phones
    • Cell-phone-only Canadian households 5%
    • High cost of services most commonly cited for low wireless penetration in Canada
    Sources: StatsCan, SNL Kagan
  • What you want, where you want Technology Trends
    • Mobile Video
    • US revenues totaled $146 million in Q1 2007 - 200% growth over 2006
    • 50% willing to view ads on their phones to receive content
    • 55% recall seeing mobile ad in the past 30 days
    • 41% responded in some way
    Sources: StatsCan,, SNL Kagan
  • What you want, where you want Technology Trends
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • DVB-H
    • A new standard for delivering live television signals to a proprietary hand-held device
    • In development globally,
    • launched in a few locations
    • Look TV developing in Canada
    • Some market skepticism, as streaming video over phones and PDAs improves
    Sources: AP, screendigest, IBM
  • What you want, when you want Technology Trends
    • Slingbox
    • Slingbox extends your TV tuner
    • to the web, enabling you to
    • watch TV off your satellite or cable service from any computer anywhere in the world (depending on broadband connection).
    Sources: AP, screendigest, IBM
  • Business Trends
    • Revenue challenges
    • “ Big 3” US Broadcast ad growth dropped 2.7% from 1989-2003
    • More than 30% advertising growth attributable to internet
    • Internet ad revenue to reach $25 B by 2009, 9% of all US ad spending
    Technology Trends Source: Hollywood Reporter
  • Business Trends
    • Revenue solutions
    • Consolidate, integrate, converge
    • Move product to other venues within 24 hours – sometimes simultaneously or in advance.
    • Capitalize on the tracking and targeting advantages of on-line advertising
    • Utilize new techniques – embedded ads, paid search
    Technology Trends
  • Content Creation Trends
    • Production challenges
    • Audience fragmentation
    • Funding fragmentation
    • Multi-platform distribution
    Technology Trends
  • Content Creation Trends
    • Production solutions
    • Plan for multi-format
    • Script multiple outcomes
    • Composition suitable for cropping
    • in different ways
    • Post-production alternatives – more closeups, full screen gfx for smaller screens
    • Entrepreneurialism – direct to market, P2P
    Technology Trends
  • Career Trends
    • Career challenges
    • Consolidate workplace – redundancies eliminated in traditional roles
    • Content cross-platformed – new terms, processes, teams
    • Specialized roles changing
    Technology Trends
  • Career Trends
    • Career solutions
    • Broaden knowledge base; learn more about media industry as a whole
    • Build networks; embrace opportunities to collaborate and learn from team mates
    • Focus on new media solutions – digital media design, animation, post-production
    • Focus on new business models – advertising, distribution, DRM
    Technology Trends
  • Technology Trends Accessibility and Mobility Wide screen viewer for cell phone 2006 Automatic mobile telephone system 1956 Technology Trends
  • Want to learn more? Inc. offers customized training and consulting services, equipping mediaLEADERS with critical knowledge for the broadband era. 416.533.6788