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  • - Automatic scripts and simultaneous testing – reducing overall testing time - Modularity and common platform enable a growth path with your/the projects needs Rental / Lease opportunity for short-stint projects - Training and education on site for your team Equipment training / Virtual Classroom / Suitcase Training TAC support in Germantown, MD - You can lease or buy – but also contract our services group. – Fiber Characterization work at various facilities throughout DoD – Fort Campbell for instance.
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  • Both are interoperable Modular, more streamlined touch-pad design Higher testing capability up to OC-48
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  • Sean: Emphasis on what happens over time with a little bit of contamination never being caught. Even though the contamination at the beginning was not in the core, it can easily migrate to the core.
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  • Nushi
  • Transcript

    • 1. JDSU – SBIOI 13 th Quarterly Symposium Sean Delaney – Territory Manager Mike Morrissey – USN / SPAWAR Acct Mgr Nushi Carrera – Global Services Specialist
    • 2. Agenda Overview
      • Who is JDSU?
      • What does JDSU do?
      • Why our clients rely on JDSU for success?
      • Some of many programs we’re supporting today
      • Common Equipment
      • Services Solutions
      • Cyber Security Applications
      • Immediate points of contact
    • 3. Who is JDSU? Annual Revenue Business Segments Locations Country Representation Index Membership $1.4B Leader in 4 key segments Over 80 Sales and R&D sites globally 164 Countries S&P 500 Formerly Known As
    • 4. JDSU - Enabling Broadband & Optical Innovation * Sources: Ovum-RHK, Prime Data, Frost & Sullivan, Infonetics Research, Optics Coating: A Strategic Business Report, January 2005, and internal analysis Applied Biosystems, HP, Governments, Nike, Pfizer, SICPA, Sony Biotech, Semicon., Defense, TV, Currency, Security, Decorative #1-3 ≈ $250M 5-10% $2.0B Commercial and Consumer AT&T, British Telecom, China Telecom, Comcast, Telmex, Verizon, US Govt Telecom, Datacom, LH, Metro, FTTx, DSL, Cable, VoIP, IP Video #1-3 ≈ $520M 6-12% $2.6B Communications T&M Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Huawei, Nortel, Siemens Sample Customers Telecom, Datacom, Undersea, LH, Metro, FTTx Markets #1 JDSU Market Position* ≈ $470M JDSU Revenue (Annual)* 5-15% Annual Growth Rate* $3.9B Total Market Size (Annual)* Optical Communications Market Segments
    • 5. Our clients rely on JDSU to…
      • Turn-up and test ahead of project schedule
      • Decrease overall cost-of-ownership of equipment
      • Increase effectiveness and productivity of an organization
      • Maintain competitive edge to be tied in with latest technologies
      • Conduct testing that is cost prohibitive due to equipment investment requirements
      Optical Fiber Cable GigE #3 GigE #1 GigE #2 GigE #4 GigE #3 GigE #1 GigE #2 GigE #4
    • 6. Projects/Programs currently supporting
      • ADNS
      • Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP)
      • Digital Tech Control (DTC)
        • USMC
      • Tech Control Facility (TCF)
        • USAF, USA
      • Joint Strike Fighter Program
        • Fiber Optic Testing
      • UAVs
      • Base Infrastructure Growth
        • USNWS Charleston
        • Charleston AFB
        • Shaw AFB
      • JIPM
      • Ship / Sub Radio-Rooms
      • IP Satellite Testing
      • TELEPORT / STEP Sites
      • Naval Multi-band Terminal (NMT)
      • NWDC
      • NavAir (CHROME) / NavSea
      • SCAMPI
      • NavNetWarCom
      • Intel Agencies
    • 7. Tools deployed throughout the world -FireBerd 6000A replaced by the FireBerd 8000 -Greater capability including Advanced Clocking Results and the Diphase module
    • 8. New Equipment and Applications
      • IP Satcom
      • IPv6
      • Metro Ethernet
        • 10/100/1000/10 Gig Ethernet
      • SONET Backbone
        • OC-768, OC-192, OC-48, etc.
      • Serial Data
      • Triple Play (Great VTC Application)
      • Fiber Tools
      • Fiber Inspection
    • 9. Illustration of Particle Migration
      • Each time connectors are mated, particles around the core become displaced, causing them to migrate and spread across the fiber surface.
      • Particles larger than 5 µ usually explode and multiply upon mating.
      • Large particles can create barriers (air gaps) that prevent physical contact.
      • Particles smaller than 5 µ tend to embed into the fiber surface creating pits and chips.
      Actual fiber end face images of particle migration Core Cladding 11.8 µ 15.1 µ 10.3 µ
    • 10. Global Service – Portfolio Overview Operational Model & Process Re-engineering, Network Planning & Optimization, Network Assessment, Testing & Qualification RoamerNet, Managed IREG testing, Managed Active Monitoring, Managed Revenue Assurance, Managed ONMS, Service Assurance Manage/Operate Start-Up support, Asset Management Technology, Product & Application Training, Certification Programs, Customer tailored Training, On-Site Workshops, Train the trainer Programs, Virtual Classroom MANAGED SERVICES EDUCATION SOLUTIONS CONSULTING SERVICES
    • 11. JDSU CommTest Overall Core Competencies Video technology and QoS/QoE analysis and evaluation: QAM, IPTV Core Competencies Managed Services: VPN, IPTV, VoIP, P2P Service delivery cost performance optimization Business operation Services IP and Ethernet services performance measurement: Packet Loss, Delay, Jitter Broadband access technology and operation; Fiber, Cu and Coax characterization and performance measurement. Fiber Optics, Optical Transport and SONET/SDH characterization and performance measurement Network and Services Performance Management: NOC and Network operation Network and Service monitoring service Network and Services Architecture, Engineering, Design and Optimization Optical Core and Metro, Ethernet, BB Access Network and Services Integration & Migration: Lab integration & field trial architecture design, implementation, installation & service activation
    • 12. Data Alchemist- Internet Content Transformation Engine
      • A proven software technology that can support Internet-based offensive and defensive Information Operations, intelligence gathering, law enforcement and Threat Operations.
      • Gives operators and analysts an end-to-end network capability to comprehensively target, detect and control online enemy activity, identify suspects, threats and gather intelligence.
      • Non-intrusive collection, triggering, data control, mission management and reporting support offensive and defensive operations.
    • 13. Sean Delaney: / 864.757.9598 Mike Morrissey: / 303.980.3051 Nushi Carrera: / 301.512.6909
      • Catch us for introductions
      • Literature in the back with more details on how we’re supporting our clients