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  1. 1. Triple Play Symposium: A Vision for the Triple/Quad Play Connected Home Tim Phillips, General Manager for Triple Play, Netcentrex Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  2. 2. Snap Poll: Who Has Triple/Quad Play? • Answer: • All of you do! • You all have a telephone, mobile handset, internet access, and a TV • You have voice, video, and data • So, for a basic definition, you all have triple/quad play • But Triple/Quad Play Should Be More Than This, Right? 2 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  3. 3. Basic Triple/Quad Play Is 1 + 1 + 1 • Basic triple play bundles: voice, video & data • Example 1: PSTN + DSL + Satellite TV all in one bill • Example 2: VoCable + Cable Modem Broadband + Cable TV all in one bill • The 1 + 1 + 1 approach • Focuses on triple/quad play bundle availability from one or more partnering providers • Limited integration of either subscriber or operator equipment • Limited service customization available • Limited roadmap for future services • Major subscriber benefit is getting one bill and perhaps minor discounts • Pre-emptive move for operators designed to reduce customer churn 3 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  4. 4. Advanced Triple/Quad Play Is Integrated, Intuitive, and Service-Enabling Integration of Operator and User Equipment Integrated User-Friendly Subscriber Interfaces Experience ARPU Boosting Applications & Service Creation Platform 4 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  5. 5. Advanced Triple Play Integrates Operator Equipment 5 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  6. 6. Advanced Triple/Quad Play Converges the Devices in the Connected Home Mobile VoIP PSTN 6 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  7. 7. Requirements for Live IPTV • Video stream agnostic • SDTV / HDTV • MPEG2 / MPEG4-AVC • Headend ecosystem • Open to all the main encoders and turnarounds vendors • Set-Top-Box flexibility • Open to all the main Set-Top-Box vendors • Middleware is browser based, optimized on Opera, Espial, etc. • Can be easily ported to any STBs with enough power to run browser 7 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  8. 8. Key Features of an IPTV Middleware Client • Ease of Use • Intuative user interface • Personalization • Language selection and skin selection • Font size and “accessibility mode” • Parental Control • Fine grained access control • Flexible permission system • Extendable Catalog System • VOD/radio/TV/music/games catalog • Simple navigation • Quality & admittances rating aware • Browse Based Activities • TV-friendly web browsing • RSS news reader • Bookmarks catalog • Gaming • Messaging • On-screen message notification • Unicast or multicast message delivery • Conditional/filtered message delivery 8 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  9. 9. Intuitive Electronic Program Guide • Easy-to-use & intuitive • Customizable & skinable • Connected to EPG XML data server • EPG import (tvData/Tribune) • VOD import/export (Cablelabs XML packages) • Client side rendering and cashing • Incremental loading • Reminder (TV alert, SMS alert) • PVR control 9 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  10. 10. Key Features of an IPTV Middleware Server • Open Standards / Open Interfaces • Runs on Linux • SOAP / Web Services based APIs • Uses Any J2EE compliant application server • Powerful & Secure • Scalable, clusterable • Large # of STBs per server blade • 2 Level, clusterable, server-side caching • Utilizes client tier caching • Failover from both server & client side • Powerful Management Interface • Web-based user interface • User dependant language selection • Customizable data presentation • Zone, account, profile & STB specific service definitions 10 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  11. 11. Live TV With Banner Support • Fast Zapping Channel bar  Convenience & enhanced user-experience Channel Name Temporal Bar TV Channel Program Name • TV Banner Program Description Next Show Information Zapping 11 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  12. 12. Support for VOD and DRM • Open to main VOD vendors • Support for main DRM/CA/CAM User-friendly VoD 12 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  13. 13. PVR and Time-Shifting Are Must-Haves • Trick Play: Play / Pause / Forward / Fast Forward / Rewind / Fast Rewind / Instant Replay • Pause Live TV 13 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  14. 14. Integrated Triple Play Telephony • Caller ID on TV • Call history voice & video • TV-based voice mail retrieval • Message waiting indication on TV • TV/PC-based click-to-talk from directory • TV-based video calling and conferencing • TV-based video mail • Video 3G interconnection 14 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  15. 15. Support for IP Phones, Video Phones, and Mobile Devices for Video, Dual-Mode, and Quad Play SOHO Video Calling & Conferencing WiFi Mobile/ Dual-Mode 15 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  16. 16. Quad Play Solutions Will Need to Support the Virtual Service Provider (VSP) Model • A single system hosting the Quad Play solution for different Virtual Service Providers (VSPs), each delivering their own service bundles to their subscribers Quad Play Platform Provider • Extends the concept of MVNO (mobile domain) and Virtual ASP (ISP and hosted enterprise Virtual Service VSP2 VSP3 domain) into the IPTV/Quad Play Provider 1 domain • Shared investment between several service providers and Service1a Service 1b Service 2 Service 3 across several territories/markets • Reduces service provider CAPEX and OPEX requirements • Removes barriers to entry for Quad Play services 16 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  17. 17. The Emerging Video Content Value Chain 17 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  18. 18. A Video Service Broker Will Be Required to Search/Navigate Multiple Forms of Media/Video Users Voice & Video Telephony Content Providers Service Provider Customer care Forecast Mobile Dating Mobile and Fixed Video IP Networks Astrology phone PC/ Community Webcam SERVICE PROVIDERS - How to provide content to all my users ? Subscribers - How to connect end-users and content - How to access real-time providers? CONTENT PROVIDERS content ? - How to enable partner revenue sharing and - How do I deliver content ? - What content is available? user billing? - How do I develop once - What does it cost? - How to simplify service access? for all network/terminals ? - How to help end-users find current services? - How do I get paid for my - How to select new services? content ? 18 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  19. 19. Multi-Device Video Service Broker Example Voice & Video Telephony Content Providers Service Provider Forecast Dial 4112 Mobile News WEATHER Dial 4112 Video phone Dating Community NEWS Dial 4112 PC/Webcam Customer Care Astrology TV 19 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
  20. 20. Finally, a Common IP Triple Play Network Should Become a Platform For Continual Service Creation eHealthcare Local Content Medical alert and eDoctor E-Commerce/ Community Security Entertainment Community Services Video Dating IP Network Video Meetings Games Community Info Family Monitoring 20 Netcentrex Converged IP Communications
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