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The TiVo Experience
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The TiVo Experience


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  • 1. The TiVo Experience Now compatible with:
  • 2. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Easy to install and setup • TiVo customer support for setup and installation help • Online installation support at • Connects to same router as Sky Angel IPTV box • Connects wireless with wireless adaptor (extra cost) • Easy to understand onscreen selections of Sky Angel and Transvideo set-top box • Complete installation takes approx. 1 hour • Adding Sky Angel to existing TiVo box a snap
  • 3. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Key Features of TiVo • Control “live” TV by pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding and recording your favorite program. • Two week in advance transparent TV guide - Keep viewing and listening to your program while scrolling the guide. • Detailed program descriptions available w/o stopping your program. • Online scheduling of your favorite Sky Angel program at • Manage your DVR recordings online with additional TiVo subscription - Send recorded programs to mobile devices - Watch recorded programs on your computer
  • 4. Sky Angel/TiVo Training The following instructions will assume you have already connected Sky Angel to your Internet and have an already installed and subscribed to TiVo box. For TiVo installation help, please see If you already have a TiVo box and Sky Angel and know how to complete the TiVo “Guided Setup” – the following Quick Tips are required in order to set Sky Angel up on your TiVo box.
  • 5. Sky Angel/TiVo Training The following are critical choices that must be selected in order for Sky Angel to connect and work with your TiVo box. • On the TV Programming Source page choose *Satellite only or Satellite & cable (Without a cable box) then choose Sky Angel on the following screen. • On the Satellite Box Brand page, The Sky Angel IPTV box manufacturer is TRANSVIDEO • On the Satellite“Enter”Button page, make sure “No” (typical) is selected. *Since TiVo does not have an IPTV category, Sky Angel is listed under Satellite.
  • 6. Sky Angel/TiVo Training The first step is to make sure you have installed Your Sky Angel box and it is receiving programming. If this is complete, you need to install the Sky Angel box on top of the TiVo box or within the length the TiVo IR blaster cable.
  • 7. Sky Angel/TiVo Training The TiVo IR blaster is required in order to make the Sky Angel service work with the TiVo box. After the IR blaster is installed correctly, it should similar to this: TiVo IR Blaster
  • 8. Sky Angel/TiVo Training If you no longer have the TiVo IR blaster (Emitter) that came with their box originally, you will have to obtain one directly from TiVo at The cost is $6.99 plus shipping Replacement IR Control Cable for use with your TiVo Recorder and most cable set-top boxes or satellite & IPTV receivers.
  • 9. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Sky Angel box shown on top of TiVo box with IR blaster placed on top and bottom of Sky Angel box while the connection is made on the back of the TiVo box. Sky Angel IPTV box Back of TiVo box
  • 10. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Now that the IR blaster is connected, next connect the Sky Angel IPTV box to the TiVo box using the Yellow, Red and White cables – connecting the output from the Sky Angel box to the input of the TiVo box. In this training, the TiVo box is already connected to the TV. See next graphic for installation view
  • 11. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Connecting the Sky Angel IPTV box To your TiVo DVR • You must always use the yellow, red and white cables Sky Angel (#2) to connect the Sky Angel IPTV box Box to the TiVo box. •Remember, if the TiVo box is not already connected to the TV, consult the TiVo booklet for complete instructions.
  • 12. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Step 1. From TiVo Central, choose Read New Messages & Settings.
  • 13. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Step 2. From Messages & Settings, choose Restart or Reset System.
  • 14. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Step 3. From Restart or Reset System, choose Repeat Guided Setup.
  • 15. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Step 4. From Repeat Guided Setup, press Thumbs Down Three times, then press Enter to continue.
  • 16. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup You should now be on the Welcome! screen Press the Select button on the TiVo remote to begin.
  • 17. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Step 5. The Zip Code may already be entered, if not, enter 5-digit zip code now. Press Select when done
  • 18. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Step 6. Choose Satellite only or Satellite & cable (Without a cable box) as the TV Programming Source – Back If you have basic cable connected to your TiVo and now are connecting Sky Angel, you must choose Satellite & cable on this screen.
  • 19. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Step 7. Choose TiVo Service Connection – This will be either be high-speed Internet or phone line. It’s recommended to connect the TiVo box using a high-speed Internet connection to gain the full benefits of the TiVo features. If the TiVo box has already been connected to high-speed Internet in the past, these next several screens should already be completed, you simply need to confirm the information on the screen. If you are installing the TiVo for the first time you should consult the TiVo users guide or visit
  • 20. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Prior to getting to the Satellite Provider screen, the TiVo box will access your Internet access to get Setup Info – this may take between 10 -30 minutes depending on how fast your Internet connection is.
  • 21. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Step 8. Choose Sky Angel from the Satellite Provider page Back to slide 8
  • 22. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. On the Satellite “Enter” Button page, make sure “No” (typical) is selected. Back
  • 23. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. If you see this screen, your Satellite (Sky Angel) channels are now set up – proceed to the cable channel setup.
  • 24. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. Step 9 . Choose or confirm local cable company here This is a sample cable provider, customer provider most likely will differ.
  • 25. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Repeat Guided Setup Cont. The TiVo box will now confirm the cable channels are set up correctly.
  • 26. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Satellite Box Brand setup Next step is to choose the brand box used with the Sky Angel IPTV service - TRANSVIDEO Scroll down using the TiVo remote through six pages of box brands until TRANSVIDEO appears on the screen and select TRANSVIDEO. Back to slide 8
  • 27. Sky Angel/TiVo Training Important • Now that the Sky Angel box (TRANSVIDEO) was selected, the TiVo box needs to make sure the IR blaster is connected properly. • This is crucial as without the IR blaster, the TiVo box will not be able to control the Sky Angel box and nothing will work as it should. • The Sky Angel service needs to be on the EPG or an actual TV channel in order for TiVo to work correctly.
  • 28. Flexible, Low Priced Service Plans Pay as you go, at $12.95 per month, with a one year subscription! go -or- Get 2 months Free by prepaying $129 for one year of service! Get One Year Free by prepaying $299 for three years of service! Get Product Lifetime Service for $ 3 99 -and- MultiService Discounts Are Available Go to to order