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  • 400M BB subs in the world FTTx in the world: about 14% FTTH/B HP: Close to 100M, 70% in APAC VDSL2 HP: Close to 75M Europe and North America each accounts for 15 percent of the homes passed, and both have plenty of catching up to do in the next five years. China had about 6 to 8M fiber connections by end 2008
  • Divider Section Break Pages Title block set 28/32pt Trebuchet white, flush left with text box positioned at, Horizontal 1.87” and Vertical 2.87” This slide is to be used to create Section Divider slides Please copy, paste and modify this slide to reflect your specific needs. It is not generated from a Master slide template
  • Factors: Competition CAPEX/OPEX Existing infra Regulation Incentives Demand Green/brown field The actual strategy depends on Competition Demand Existing OSP: loop lengths Regulation
  • Add notes on what each line is. Red=todaywith no compensation, Green = ,Blue =theorectical max
  • "Monetizing the Network - first green DSL on the market ": use Thomas' chart for cover the eco-efficient point ETSI via code of conduct is moving forward on thse much faster – NA will be able to do it, but later as CPE adopts standards
  • On this slide, multiple content providers are on the same access network. For example, home 1 buys voice, video and Internet from the purple company. RF video can’t be setup for open access, so it is purchased from the yellow company - if needed.


  • 1. Key Requisite for Delivering Broadband in India Sanjay Gupta – Alcatel Lucent India 24/07/2009
  • 2. India Wire line Landscape
      • 1.14 billion people,
      • 37.96M Wireline Connections
      • 391.76 M Mobile Connections
      • 13.54 M Internet Connections
      • 6.22 M BB connections (>256kbps )
      • 117.82 M Mobile Internet Connections
      • 13.09M Homes serviced via Satellite Direct To Home (DTH)
        • (Source: As of Quarter ending March 09, based on TRAI report from 13 th July 2009)
    The Fixed (Wireline) subscriber base registered an marginal increase during the quarter ending March 2009.
  • 3.
    • High Speed Internet
      • Fast speed to get content
      • Interactive games
      • Music , Video
    • e-Governance -
      • Tax returns
      • Railway Reservation / Passport
      • National Id Card
    • e-Education / learning
    • School assignment
    • Professional course
    • E exam
    • e- Medicine
    • Multimedia services
    Broadband Services Vs User experience Taking More time Need More bandwidth Takes More time Service interruption Need more bandwidth Service Interruption is not acceptable Quality of services and High Bandwidth
  • 4. A demanding market reality for service providers… | High Leverage Network General Customer Presentation, V1 July 2009 Cost Challenge Traffic Revenues Time Mainly voice Multimedia/multiservice
    • Video & content consumption is booming…
    • Affordable broadband, proliferation of smart devices, multiplicity of multimedia/video applications
    • … but users expect more…
    • Simple, personalized access and interaction, across any device, any network, anytime, anywhere
    • … and access to 3 rd party apps & content
    • Paid for by advertisers, free to end-users – telcos extracting limited value
    It becomes critical to accelerate the transition to all-IP multiservice broadband networks
  • 5. Some provider concerns What is the future for fixed access? How can I address SMEs? What is the killer service for fiber? How can I influence public authorities to suppport a fiber rollout? We are loosing customers !!! What is the most economical point for fiber? Will DOCSIS 3.0 be the final death knell? Will IPTV ever be profitable? 3G+ (HSPA), 4G, Wimax Installation cost, service quality, content New entrant, What do I have to do to launch fixed broadband ?
  • 6. … makes network transformation a necessity over time
    • Multiple “silo” networks
      • Fixed, Internet, Mobile
    • Optimized for voice
    • “ Dumb pipe”
    • “ Walled Garden”
    • Scaling of bandwidth, users and devices is complex & expensive
    • Hierarchical, rigid, complex
    • High carbon foot print
    | High Leverage Network General Customer Presentation, V1 July 2009 From Reducing complexity, cost and time to service - Increasing revenue
    • Converged network
      • Collapse common network assets where relevant
    • Supports multiple services
      • Voice, video, high speed Internet
    • Intelligence distributed across the network to support advanced applications
    • Own and 3rd party applications & content
    • Scalable – continuous and cost-effective scaling of bandwidth, users and devices
    • Flatter, simpler to operate network
    • Eco-sustainable
  • 7.
    • Why?
    • Demand for advanced multimedia & data services expected to increase
    • Driven by services such as high definition TV (HDTV) & enhanced multimedia applications
    What? GPON for FTTH & FTT-Apartment
    • How?
    • Intensive trial of GPON solution 2007
    • Increase coverage from 1.4 to 2 million home passed within 3 years
    Launch FTTH Broadband Connectivity The FIRST operator in HK “ After an intensive trial (…), we are pleased with the maturity and performance of the technology” Paul Cheung, CEO of HKBN FTTH Service Extended to Massive & Affordable Scale
  • 8. Mature Moving Leapfrog 15M HH TAD FTTH FTTB FTTN VDSL2 TBD Source: Alcate-Lucent analysis of industry blend: iDATE, Ovum, Point Topic Key: Fiber Nations On the Move FTTx has passed the Point-of-No-Return 14% of broadband subscribers use FTTx technologies (2008)
  • 9. India Position in FTTx Regulation can either promote or inhibit progress. Countries are at various stages of economic development
  • 10. | Industry Analyst Network | June 2009 Fiber Nation Reaching Critical Mass
  • 11.
    • Uniform IP service delivery architecture
    • Uniform network management
    • Scalable FTT€ solution
    • Anticipate FTTH
    • Community Networks Solutions
    Fiber Nation Strategies Fiber to the most economical (FTT€) point comes in different flavors Alcatel-Lucent Best Practices CO VDSL2 & FTTH FTTH/B FTTH FTTN VDSL2 AT&T Greenfield FTTH
  • 12. 17a - 10 Xtalkers 17a - 1 Xtalkers 17a - full vectoring
      • 50Mbps per subscriber
      • VDSL2 bonding to increase rate/reach even more
        • Double the rate or extend the reach
        • Flexible line card-level bonding
      • High-capacity platform
        • 100Gbps switch
        • 33Gbps WAN capacity
        • 2.5Gbps per LT
        • Actual capacity – not creative math!
    Increased Bandwidth Monetizing the Network – Evolving DSL for higher capacity and longer reach Today: 50Mbps sustained/100Mbps peak, first VDSL2 bonding solution Next: Faster and longer reach DSL with VDSL2 vectoring 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 loop length [m] bit rate [Mb/s] Vectoring: calculating and canceling impact of binder lines on each other Mbps
  • 13. Eco-Efficient Monetizing the network – cut green house gas emissions & reduce operational costs | Industry Analyst Network | June 2009 Assumptions: 5 years cost of ownership 0.1 Euros/kWh Green access requires an end-to-end approach… .. translating into operational savings! Green and operational excellence go hand in hand  eco-efficiency -25%
    • NW Equipment:
    • Distributed DSLAM
    • Green DSL technology
    • Green GPON
    • Customer Premises:
    • Passively Cooled Remotes
    • Eco-efficient ONTs
    • Outside Plant:
    • Duct Sharing
    • Micro Trenching
    • Heat exchangers
  • 14. Open Access: Multiple Providers on a Single Access Platform Fiber supports flexible models and services from many providers IPTV provider # 1 IPTV provider # 2 Voice provider # 1 Voice provider # 2 Fiber infrastructure operator Equipment operator Home 1 Home 2 Home 3 CATV provider Internet provider # 3 Internet provider # 2 Internet provider #1 Voice provider # 3 IPTV provider # 3
  • 15.
    • Increased Bandwidth per subscriber - towards 100Mbps peak for each subscriber
    • Converged Access with a single architecture
    • Fixed/Mobile, Residential/Business
    • Eco-efficient access technologies - reduce power consumption up to 25%
    • Unique value creation by application-enabling features - the high-leveraged access network
    Defining the High Leverage Access Network and Application Enablers Alcatel-Lucent's Fixed Access Portfolio is evolving the High Leverage Network -25% Mbps
  • 16. | Industry Analyst Network | June 2009 www.alcatel-lucent.com