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  • 1. IPTV Summit revisited: Business, Technology, and Scale Jonathan Tyman 10/10/2007 San Diego
  • 2. The right players participated!
    • Industry perspective: Wes Simpson, Media Links
    • Transport Economics: Mike Wellings, UWash & RC
    • Campus perspective: Walt Magnussen, TAMU
    • David Devereau-Weber, UWisc
    • RON perspective: Laurie Kirchmeier, MERIT
    • Corporate perspectives:
    • Brian Benz, Campus Televideo
    • Howard Weinzimmer, Video Furnace
    • Rich Griffin, OSTN
    • Internet2 perspective: Christian Todorov (on Circuits)
    • Your perspective: All
  • 3. IPTV Summit: visions and reflections
    • What is the ideal end-game and how do “we” get there?
      • Most content can be VoD to pc’s, HD televisions, handheld devices -- “locally” cached.
      • “ Live” HD & SD content multicast over static circuit. Contribution video as well.
      • What is the ideal scale for delivery of VoD and of “live” channels?
        • Global, National, Regional, City, Campus
  • 4. Observations
    • Satellites are very expensive!
      • Scale very well for one to many delivery
      • Allow for rare two-way events from any uplink…also very expensive!
    • Static Circuit could connect RONS with robust IPTV-specific GigE connection
      • Two-way connection
        • contribution as well as distribution
      • Some cost, but far less than satellite.
      • Facilitates single or distributed “head-end”
  • 5. IPTV Summit: Maximally Compressed
    • IPTV is inevitable on campus.
      • Soon for some (9/2008!), later for others.
      • Hybrid solution for 5 - 10 years.
        • Analog, digital cable, IPTV.
    • IPTV is not internet video.
      • Think Cable TV vs YouTube
      • QOE, security required by content owners!
      • Delivery to PC’s & TV required by students.
  • 6. IPTV Summit: Maximally Compressed
    • Business Considerations
      • Short-term ROI required.
      • Must segue from present without disruption.
      • Work with corporate partner CTV
        • content aggregation contracts
        • campus service contracts
      • Turn up head-ends at Indiana U, MERIT…
      • Share content over Internet2, static circuit?
  • 7. IPTV Summit: Maximally Compressed
    • Delivery Architecture & Technology
      • Video Furnace SHE for 60 SD channels
      • Begin HD delivery from Internet sources:
        • Research Ch., Discovery, Nat. Geographic…
      • OSTN student channel and Local Inserts
        • This is the two-way differentiator!
    • Contribution Architecture & Technology
      • Take advantage of DCN for live sports etc!
    • Wiki for continuing work
  • 8. 1)  Go to: < https://wiki.internet2.edu/confluence/signup.action > and sign up for the wiki with full name and working email address (This way you get to pick your own password and it's not sent in plain text email). 2)  Then send an email to ghb@internet2.edu with a message to add you to the IPTV Group George, our wiki wonk, will then add you so you can edit away at < https://wiki.internet2.edu/confluence/display/IPTV/Home >
  • 9.  
  • 10. This is a Two-line Title Slide This is a Two-line Title Slide
    • First-level list item with bullet
      • Second-level list item with bullet
        • Third-level list item bullet