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  • - Main aspects of the SO: context, background, market dimension, ... (1 slide)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Where we are in the FP7 Brief on Call results Future Work Programme “Networked Media & 3D Internet” Luis Rodr í guez-Rosell ó Head of Unit “Networked Media Systems” DG-INFSO NEM Open Forum Saint Malo, September 29 th
    • 2. EU R&D on Networked Media The current project portfolio and clusters
      • Media Delivery Platforms and Content Delivery Networks: High quality TV via P2P; Digital Cinema, Next generation of P2P; IPTV and VoIP over IMS; Seamless content delivery; Scalable video coding
      • User Centric Media: Shared interactive experiences; Community content (including co-creation); Dynamic personalisation and interaction; Seamless integration of UGC and professional content; Real-time context-aware media streaming; New forms of mobile music; Networked games environments; Interactive multimedia experiences
      • 3D Media: Mobile 3D TV over DVB-H; Digital Cinema; Content generation and delivery of 3D digital TV; Spatial sound and vision; Feeling of physical presence
      • Multimedia Search: P2P search; P2P tagged media; Multimedia content analysis; Automated annotation; Mixed-media queries; Data fusion; Location-based; Retrieval of 3D objects; Direct Search
    • 3. “ Networked Media & 3D Internet” The Work Programme 2009-10: context and focus
      • Context :
      • Creation of multimedia content is evolving at a fast pace akin to new ways of media delivery, including 3D Media and Ultra HDTV. Both are relying on the Internet as a key infrastructure.
      • The Internet has revolutionised access to multimedia content and ever increasing data traffic creates new demands and places constraints to network platforms.
      • Search and retrieval are essential tools in the new media landscape
      • Dual role of users as producers/consumers and the combination of virtual and/or augmented reality has the potential to generate innovative business models and new economic activities.
      • R&D focus :
      • “ Networked Media and 3D Internet” as one of the pillars of the Future Internet.
      • Significant research results are expected in the areas:
        • a) Content-aware Networks and Network-aware Applications
        • b) 3D Media Internet
        • c) Networked Search and Retrieval
        • d) Immersive Media Experiences beyond HDTV and Electronic Cinema
    • 4. The Work Programme: what was called for
      • Content-aware Networks and Network-aware Applications
      • Mass distribution, real time delivery and rendering, representation, augmented worlds.
      • User generated content/social networks, Enriched media experiences (at the “Extended Home”, content and context-aware, personalised, social media, real time). Optimal QoE. Users as producers, consumers, managers of content.
      • 3D Media Internet
      • Networked Search and Retrieval
      • Large scale distributed MM content, interaction, dynamic adaptation to context and application, personalised search
      • Immersive Media Experiences beyond HDTV and Electronic Cinema
      • Next generation MM and cinema: higher QoE (frame rates, contrast range, colour, resolution, “spacialised” sound, 3D, innovative 3D/multi-viewpoint coding…)
    • 5. The outcome Selected proposals overview
      • Overall very good coverage of the Work Programme
      • Extensive coverage of Content-aware Networks and Network-aware Applications
      • Good integration potential and complementarities with current portfolio and clusters
      • Smooth continuity in relation to ongoing networked search projects.
      • 5 CSA projects to Support the coordination of the area
      • Adequate participation balance:
        • 47% Industrial partners (19% SME)
        • 28% Academia
        • 21% Research Centres.
      * 0 6 d) Immersive media 1 * 6 c) Networked search 3 1 7 b) 3D Media Internet 3 0 11 a) Content aware nets CSA (5) NoE (1) IP + STREP (17) Number of selected proposals addressing the target outcome
    • 6. Upcoming R&D on Networked Media and 3D Internet (1/2)
      • Content-aware Networks and Network-aware Applications:
      • Networked Media “ecosystem”
      • Content-centric network architecture
      • P2P architecture for User Generated Content
      • Network-controlled adaptive content delivery
      • Optimization of bandwidth of HD-SD IPTV and Internet TV streaming
      • Collaborative, social, context-aware and scalable media distribution
      • Optimization of content source selection and distribution (user preferences, network state
      • Compression and delivery of multi-view video and multi-channel audio
      • European reference architecture for Future Media Internet
      • Contribution of Networked Media community to Web standards
    • 7. Upcoming R&D on Networked Media and 3D Internet (2/2)
      • New paradigms for realistic 3D communication over the Internet Virtual instantaneous transportation of people
      • Real time interaction between humans and virtual humans
      • Immersive and interactive TV (live events, ultra-high resolution panoramas…)
      • 3D display and transmission of multi-view signals
      • New forms for the creation and delivery of live media content (automatic capturing of the events in 3D, realistic, interactive and immersive play-back…)
      • Virtual Centre of Excellence
      • 3D Media Internet & Immersive Media Experiences
      • Networked Search and Retrieval
      • Open platform for multimedia and multimodal content indexing, sharing, search and retrieval
      • Use of events as the primary means to organise and index media: experiential, new social networking (event-based communities), personalised, automated media search and content retrieval
      • European coordination action
    • 8. Future Research Preparatory work for the Work Programme 2011-2013 in Networked Media Systems
      • Public consultation (open until December 2009)
      • Workshop on future R&D challenges in the Networked Media Systems (19 th of January 2010) based on the results of a public consultation;
      • Topical Workshops
        • Immersive media experiences (inc Games)
        • Convergence Internet/Broadcasting+ …/ The Future of Digital Broadcasting
      • Future Internet (R&D agenda, Public Private Partnership…)
      • NEM Strategic R&D Agenda
      • NEM Open Forum to provide strategic direction