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IPTV-Oriented Service Blending
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IPTV-Oriented Service Blending


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. IPTV-Oriented Service Blending Dr. Sheng-Lin Chou E-mail: TECO Group Research Institute TECO Electric & Machinery Co. 2008. 2. 23 IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 1
  • 2. Contents IPTV Over NGN Service Blending IMS Enabled IPTV-Oriented Service Blending System Concluding Remarks IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 2
  • 3. Convergence of Broadband Services 2002-2005: VoIP 2005-2006: Integrated IPTV Solution Personalized and customized Bundles Internet & Gaming Integration MSO Competitive Solution Television 2006-2007: Enhanced Entertainment Video Multi Enterta Integrated MM Communications & IPTV Media Any -inment 2007-2008: NGN Video & MM Apps Com Service Apps ms Anywher Any Service, anywhere, anytime e Anytime Service Blending Telephony VoI Multi-Device P Internet Single Subscriber IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 3
  • 4. IPTV Functionality: A Generational View IPTV Generation Features Basic Basic TV and VoD (First Generation) Walled Garden – basic portal Support basic MPEG-2 decoder STB… Intermediate PVR (DVR) (Second Generation) Support to MPEG-4 & HDTV… Advanced Architecture for scalability (Third Generation) Personalized TV experience… Convergence Support convergence functionality (Fourth Generation) Source: “IPTV Middleware Ranking Report”, MRG, Inc., 2007 IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 4
  • 5. IPTV Applications IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 5
  • 6. NGN for Service Convergence Before NGN NGN promises “Stovepipe” service model “simplified” service model Services Services Services Services Content and Services Servers . PSTN / ISDN .. Data / IP PLMN CATV IP Core Access Access Access Broadcast UMTS GSM/EDGE PSTN xDSL / ISDN WiFi/WiMax Dedicated technologies – duplicated functions IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 6
  • 7. NGN System Architecture Any Heterogeneous All-IP Rich Terminals Access Service Applications Transport Network Framework Services Network Wi-Fi/WiMAX EPON/GPON Service 2 Service Service 2 ADSL Framework Service 2 Cable GSM/GPRS/3G Access Layer Network Layer Access and Network Independent Service Layer IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 7
  • 8. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) IMS IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 8
  • 9. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Game MeShare Interactive VoIP IMPS PoC MMS Video 蜜雪兒 IPTV Server Server Server Server Server IMS App. Servers IMS: IMS: Bridging IMS Enable Telecom and All-IP All IP-based Internet Network Multimedia Worlds Services Telecom Internet GSM/GPRS/3G Wi-Fi WiMAX ADSL Cable IMS-Enabled IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 Client 9
  • 10. Service Bundling vs. Service Blending Service Blending enables different services to control one another, providing new services IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 10
  • 11. Service Blending A New Service by Integrating Multiple Independent Services Together Service Feature Interaction One Services, Not Multiple Services Examples TV-Phone TV Caller ID IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 11
  • 12. TV-Phone Service Digital TV + (Video) Phone + IPTV + IM: Digital TV (Regular TV) TV, Mute, Suspend, Record, Resume, … (Video) Phone Caller-ID, POTS/VoIP Phone, Video Phone IPTV Recording, Streaming, Time-Shifting, … Time Shift TV Instant Messaging TV Recorded Regular TV TV Mute TV Suspended Regular TV Video Phone Call Legends: Caller-ID Phone Service (Feature) Call Service Feature IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 Instant Messaging 12 Interaction
  • 13. Service Blending --- Follow-Me TV Scenario: TV to Mobile 球賽才剛開始, 用大螢幕看更過 Mobile to TV ? 癮 From: Ericsson Scenario: Mobile to TV IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 13
  • 14. IMS-Enabled Service Blending System IPTV-based Triple Play Terminal VoIP Other IMS-Based IMS-Based Service Layer IPTV/VoIP/… Presence (Application Servers) Services IPTV Services Services Application Client Messaging OSA/Parlay Service Blending Control Service Control (Service Broker) Layer IMS (SIP) (IMS) Client IMS Content Management & Contents Content Media HSS S-CSCF Delivery Delivery Processing Network Access Network Transport Transport Layer IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 14
  • 15. Transport Layer Network Access Control Users Authentication How to Support Multicast IPTV Service? Resource Control Support the QoS Policy for Different Services Enhancement to Support Multicast IPTV Service IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 15
  • 16. Content Delivery Function Content Acquisition and Aggregation Content Delivery to End User Media Session Control Video Streaming Control Media Processing Function Media mixing. Media Recording and Storage Trans-coding IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 16
  • 17. Service Control CSCF (Call Session Control Function) IMS Component Users Registration, Authentication Session Management Support Multiple Sessions ? Service Routing Service Broker --- Service Capability Interchange Management (SCIM) Control the Interaction among Multiple AS to form A Blended Service Make Application Servers Transparent from Supporting Multiple Service Blending. IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 17
  • 18. Service Broker SCIM SCIM Process All Signaling (SIP) Between S-CSCF and Application Servers Modify the Signaling Messages as needed for Implementation of Service Blending Multiple Sessions Supporting IMS (S-CSCF) Have to Support Multiple Independent SIP Sessions So that, Service Feature Can be Done Among Them IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 18
  • 19. Concluding Remarks IPTV Seems to Become Dominate Service over the NGN Telco/ISP will Heavily Involve in Providing IPTV Services IPTV Blended with Telephony/Data Service will Make it More Attractive to Users IMS System is Most Suitable for IPTV Service Blending IPTV-Blending for WOCC2008 19