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  • 1. IPTV Standardization and Services in Japan TTC, Japan Submission Date: July 4, 2008 Presentation FOR: GSC13-PLEN-51 DOCUMENT #: Shinji Ishii ( CONTACT(S): 6.6 ( plenary ) AGENDA ITEM: TTC SOURCE:
  • 2.
    • Japanese business background for IPTV Services
      • High penetration rate of Fiber-to-the-home: over 10 million subs. (20% household)
      • All digital broadcasting media: go to digital including Cable retransmission
      • In May 2008, IP re-transmission of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting started as commercial service .
    • MIC Japan (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
      • Launch, March 2008: IPTV special committee
        • Equivalent to ITU-T Study Group deliberation council framework
        • Responsible for   IPTV-related standardization in both ITU-T IPTV-GSI and specific SGs
    • TTC IPTV Working Group activities
      • Member:
        • Telecom, Broadcaster, Cable, Manufacture (network equipments and TV devices)
      • Mainly ITU-T IPTV-GSI upstream
        • Involving 6 Rapporteurs (SG16, SG9, SG13)
      • 4 Sub Working Groups
        • Network Architecture
        • QoE (and QoS)
        • Contents protection
        • End system (IPTV terminal and its home network)
      • Collaboration
        • ARIB and JCTEA (Cable standardization)
    Highlight of Current Activities (1)
  • 3. Highlight of Current Activities (2) IPTV deliberation council framework TTC MIC ITU IPTV Working Group
        • Network Architecture   SWG
        • QoE SWG
        • Contents protection SWG
        • End system SWG
    Contribution IPTV GSI FG-IPTV Jan. 2008 ~ ~ Dec. 2007 Relationship IPTV joint Working Group ~ Dec. 2007 IPTV special Committee March 2008 ~ For SG 9 Committee For SG 11,13 Committee For SG 16 Committee Contribution Discussion phase Standardization phase
  • 4.
    • S tart of full-fledged IPTV business
      • NGN: trial to commercial
      • full digital,
      • HDTV,
      • VoD
      • including digital retransmission of Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting
    • Near future IPTV services
      • Download services
        • Collaboration with TV Manufacturer
      • Mobile multimedia broadcasting
        • Collaboration with ARIB
    Highlight of Current Activities (3)
  • 5. Strategic Direction and Next Challenges
    • Early Standardization
      • Keep progression of IPTV business
      • Making fundamental business model
        • Smooth IPTV Contents procurement
    • Detailed Standardization
      • More interoperability
        • Roaming service between IPTV service operators
        • Linkage service between Mobile services, Broadcasting services
      • Reduce system procurement cost and operation cost
      • Reduce retail price Terminal device and
      • keep Manufacture revenue
  • 6. Supplemental Slides
  • 7. IPTV Services in Japan (current) Network Provider (Telecommunications Business Law) BB Cable Corporation IPTV Service Provider (ISP) IPTV Service ( Platformer ) Broadcaster on telecommunications services ( Law Concerning Broadcast on Telecommunications Services )
  • 8. IPTV forum (Japan)
    • IPTV Forum was formed in October 2006
    • Member: Broadcaster (8), Teleco (5) TV equipment manufacture (9), Cable (2) and other s (2)
    • Specification documents (will be open)
    VOD Download IP broadcasting IP Re-transmission Broadcast link Services Internet scope CDN scope Spec. Content delivery service Spec. Scope of Service measures
  • 9. IPTV forum (Japan)
    • A goal of IPTV
      • Seamless
      • Broadcast and IPTV
      • Subscriber can easily select IPTV operators only by using remote controller.
    STB less model (TV integrated model) Broadband button Direct change form Terrestrial to IPTV Only push Broadband button Easy & Simple