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  • Presentation of a concept that its time is due. The Media Aware Network for an ASP. In the next few slides we will cover so of the implication that OTT players are having on the ASPs as well as mitigating actions that some of them are considering or action upon. In addition will also introduce the concept of a Media Aware Platform that allows the ASP to retain and add value to their customers as well as the OTT players.
  • Slide is intended to list out key elements that the content providers and aggregators are looking to get from the Internet and the SPs including the OTT players.
  • Slide on attribute of the OTT players, intentionally or otherwise the implications that ASP will need to consider as they become more and more successful with their OTT applications.
  • Here we look at the various components of the OTT players and their use of P2P from a ASP. Issues they are facing, some perception and some true, What they are attempting to contain the issues. Also the ASP engagements within the industry to create a longer term solution via collaboration. Last is the one view of what the ASP could deploy, if available to simultaneously create a better negotiation position as well as compete by adding quick TTM value added services.
  • Introduction of a media aware network via a media aware platform. Let’s look at what the structure looks like today and where it may go if there is such a platform introduced.
  • One outcome of such adoption of a media aware platform. Participation of the content owners, the ASP as well as the OTT players. Each concentrating within their expertise. Note P2P usage here would most likely initially be focused on the network for more efficient transport. Consumer P2P could be introduced by the ASP or others once there is peering agreements that allow QoS control and usage.
  • Looking at a recent representation of the path to BB value chain, one can map in the attributes of a media aware platform that would be necessary to meet the goals of ASP / OTT and content owner collaboration and peering.

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  • Mark Carroll – Sr. Director, Video TG, NMAI Cisco Systems Dan Donahue - Managing Director, FTI Consulting January 2008 Media Aware Networking using P2P?
  • Agenda
    • P2P – A Factor for Access Service Providers (ASP)
    • Media Aware Network
      • The Dynamic Nature of Open APIs, SDKs and Control
    • Value Chain
    • Q&A
  • Content Providers / Aggregators
    • Concentrate on their core business:
      • High quality content production, aggregation and syndication
    • Monetize their content and use the internet to reach Any screen Anywhere
      • Expand and evolve the business models – pay per view, rental, one time buy, advertise support, revenue share, etc
    • Peer to Peer is cautiously considered as a way to lower the cost of delivery. However,
      • Tradeoff on security, control and Quality of Experience
  • Over the Top (OTT) Factor
    • P2P networks enable mass distribution of media content to the end user with widely varying controls and monetization
      • Method of distribution is evolving and shifting value in current Service Providers, particularly Access Service Providers
      • As P2P / OTT becomes the dominant a mode of consumption, content producers and Service Providers need to adjust to avoid commoditization and marginalization
    • What ASP methods will both satisfy both the consumer and the value chain while meeting the Content Provider needs?
      • Adopt P2P as an optimization technology within the ASP
      • Leverage Application innovation to drive monetization of content (Ad channels, iTunes, snugbug, Orb, Sling etc.)
      • Contribute to making the Internet a more cost effective, reliable solution capable of delivering content, application flexibility and personization
      • Common platform that allows monetization of service delivery ?
  • ASP P2P Observation
    • From co-marketing to Integration of Services
    • Optimised Delivery: CDN, QoS, Multicast, Quota exemption
    • Improved Access to TV & Mobile / STB / GW
    • Web Services network interface
    • Precision Advertising
    • Illegal Content perception
    • Threatens traditional delivery
    • Upstream Link Saturation
    • Transit Cost Increase
    • Limited participation in value add
    • Traffic Management
    • Peering Concepts with current eqip
    • Build out Network / Upgrades
    • P2P Caching
    • Compete w / OTT Players
    • Media Aware Network – H-P2P
    • Create Own TTM App value Chain
    • Peering at Service Level
    • Offer open optimized access to peers, i.e,
      • Storage Savings, higher quality
      • Lower cost of delivery
  • What if there was a new, media optimized routing platform that used thin layer to implement it? IP Infrastructure The Application Layer New Structure: The Application Layer Media Aware Network Services: Cache, Put/Get, Event, Workflows/WS/Web2.0, Clien, Proximity Bindings Bindings Bindings Bindings Today’s Structure: IP Infrastructure Provider App IPTV Thick Middleware: IPTV Provider App VoIP Thick Middleware: IMS Provider Applications Over-the-Top Apps Cool Tools YouTube Middleware Cache P2P Overlay Cool Tools Joost Middleware Cache P2P Overlay Content Provider Content Brightcove Akamai P2P
  • A Media Aware Network Platform IP Infrastructure Cool Tools OTT App Middleware Media Aware Network Services: Cache, Put/Get, Event, Workflows/WS/Web2.0, Client/P2P – Proximity, topo Bindings Bindings Bindings Bindings The Application Layer Cool Tools OTT App Middleware API Cool Tools OTT App Middleware API Cool Tools OTT App Middleware OTT Overlay Cache OTT Overlay Value Add Content API Provider App IPTV Middleware API Cool Tools Provider App (P2P TV) Middleware API Cool Tools Provider App Net Jukebox Middleware API
  • Broadband Technology Value Chain Value Chain – ABI research Media Aware Network
      • Associate content w/ related materials 7 apply metadata
      • Encode / Transcode
      • Access Master
      • Archiving
      • Organize digital media assets
      • Encode / Transcode in various video formats
      • DRM
      • Conditional Access
      • Watermarketing
      • “ Productize” assets into bundles
      • Set pricing terms
      • Subscription, rental, download to own
      • Commerce engine and payment capabilities
      • Create playlist / ad inventory
      • Create Biz rules such as must watch
      • Integration with Ad campaign mgmt systems
      • Ad server
      • Create catalog feed for CMS or syndication to multiple affiliates
      • Deliver assets & metadata to mobile CDN, broadband CDN &TV VOD Infrastructure
      • User Interface
      • Manage devices
      • Plug into any UI or player
      • Manage distribution and playback (Streaming, download, P2P)
      • User / ad metrics
      • Next Generation name/address
      • Programmable/extensible (network APIs & SDK, workflows, event notify)
      • Scalability with tera-scale distributed cluster
      • Subscriber and media clustering
      • Chat, Group, RRnR
      • Lightweight common client (core library, access library, PC, STB and mobile reference clients)
      • Events, groups
      • Data collection & mining
      • Scalability
      • Delivery quality/performance
      • Resilience by Design
      • Lights out Ops & Mgmt
      • Proximity, Bindings and control
      • DHT Hierarchy
      • InfraDHT
      • Virtualization
      • Foreign resource
      • WorkFlows
      • ingestion
      • Ad Insertion (Server side, client side, personalization and measurements)
      • Security and wights mgmt.
      • Super-distribution (consumer level with rights management, SP level to distribute across complex footprint)
      • Foreign Resource integration
      • Foreign resource
      • ecommerce tools (click to buy, paypal, etc)
      • API for direct billing systems
  • Value Chain vs. OSI Stack VALUE CHAIN Content Creation Asset Management Security Encode/Transcode Marketing Strategy Advertising Syndication GUI P2P Overlay Networks QoS Definitions QoS Management Bandwidth Chaching Services: Akamai, DNA, etc. 6 PRESENTATION 1 PHYSICAL 2 DATA LINK 3 NETWORK 4 TRANSPORT 5 SESSION 7 APPLICATION BUSINESS
  • Value Chain vs. OSI Stack VALUE CHAIN Content Creation Asset Management Security Encode/Transcode Marketing Strategy Advertising Syndication GUI P2P Overlay Networks QoS Definitions QoS Management Bandwidth Chaching Services: Akamai, DNA, etc. Content Creators Content Providers ISPs P2P S/W Developers 6 PRESENTATION 1 PHYSICAL 2 DATA LINK 3 NETWORK 4 TRANSPORT 5 SESSION 7 APPLICATION BUSINESS
  • Thank You - Q&A