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Director's Overview


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  • 1. Program Overview Nikil Jayant October 2007 Georgia Tech Broadband Institute Technologies, Test-beds and Services Commercialization and Policy Strategic Partnerships ECE CoC GTRI GVU GEDC LCC TI
  • 2. Industry Sponsors (1999-2007)
    • AirDefense
    • Alcatel-Lucent
    • Arris
    • AT&T
    • BellSouth
    • Broadcom
    • Cisco Systems
    • Comcast
    • Conexant Systems
    • Cox Communications
    • Eastman Kodak
    • EGT
    • Home Wireless Networks
    • HP Labs
    • Intel
    • Korea Telecom
    • Motorola
    • NCR
    • Nortel Networks
    • NTT DoCoMo
    • Panasonic
    • Spirent
    • Sprint
    • Telecom Network Optimizer
    • Tellabs
  • 3.  
  • 4. Examples of Major Contributions
    • Multi-gigabit broadband, science to systems:
    • wireless, per-user optical, per-wavelength optical
    • Wireless co-existence, and the smart use of ether:
    • indoors, outdoors, pedestrian, PHY-based, MAC-based
    • ultra wideband, cognitive radio, network MIMO
    • Agile networks:
    • granular network statistics, video packets as network probes,
    • message ferries, smart home routers
    • Defining the applications of pervasive broadband:
      • Co-design of networking and signal processing
      • Characterizing, computing and communication of context
      • Applications in Entertainment, Healthcare and Education
  • 5. Examples of Major Contributions - II
    • Definitive Publications on Broadband
    • Active Role in National Policy
    • Startup companies Asankya EGT SmartRouter VQLink
    • Leadership in the Open Innovations Initiative
    NG-Optical Packet switching
  • 6. Industry-Academic Research Collaborations AT&T-Hosted Panel: ICC2007, Glasgow Prof. Nikil Jayant Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Strategic Partnership Director, Georgia Tech
  • 7. Examples of Research Testbeds
    • Planet Lab
    • Sensor-Net Lab
    • Smart Antenna Lab
    • Cable Last Mile Lab
    • Optical-Wireless Convergence Lab
    • Telepresence Lab
    • GT-Mobile Sphere
    • Residential Laboratory
  • 8. Proactive Health Aging in Place IPTV Optical-Wireless Convergence
  • 9. Examples of Federally Sponsored Research
    • Gigabit Wireless
    • Cognitive Radio
    • Optical-Wireless Convergence
    • High-Resolution Video Processing
    • Healthcare: Aging in Place
    • 2007 Proposal for NSF-ERC
      • Immersive and Intelligent Telepresence
  • 10. Examples of Performance Metrics
    • Sponsored Research
    • Invention Disclosures
    • Patents
    • License Agreements
    • Startups
    • Collaborations with Companies
    Leveraging Investments by the Georgia Research Alliance
  • 11. What keeps us awake during the day
    • Can video be used as a proxy to assess network readiness for serious interactive gaming?
    • How do we use a zero-reference quality meter to enhance pervasive multimedia distribution?
    • How do we model user psychology and semantics in recommending TV programs and Ads?
    • How do we evolve from QoS to QoI to QoE?
    • How do we re-use core competencies in different verticals?
    • How do we promote Open Collaborations with Industry in multiple engagement models: 1-1, 1-N, M-1, M-N ?
  • 12. Summary of Recent Research Highlights
    • Advanced Video Coding
    • Software-based VoIP enhancements
    • 100 Gigabit Ethernet
    • Flexible Last Mile : FTTH + In-Residence Radio
    • Predictive algorithm for DOCSIS3.0 Traffic
    • Identity Assertion
    • Prototyping of no-reference Video Quality Meter
    • Wireless SensorNet Research and IPTV-Demo
    • Mobile Broadband Gaming:
      • Challenges to the NG-network and the user interface
  • 13. Examples of Consortium Research
  • 14. Wireless Sensornets
    • $6B Market, 100M Sensors
    • Standardization
    • Research goals
      • Higher capacity
      • Lower Energy Consumption
      • Reliable data gathering
      • Information Prioritization
    • Applications of AwareNets
    • - User-Friendly, Efficient IPTV
    • - Distributed Surveillance
    • In the Home
    • In Closed Spaces
  • 15. Mobile Broadband Gaming Pushing the technology envelope: Rich Media, Augmented Reality, Massively Multi-Player Games Service Trends Research Convergence of Real and Virtual Spaces Convergence of Television and Gaming Screen shot of Broadband Institute Prototype Asymmetric Platforms, Context-Awareness
  • 16. Zero-Reference Video Quality Meter MTBF =20 min Likely source of artifact: Compression [ C ] MTBF=30 sec Likely source of artifact: Network [ N ] 20 s Average
  • 17. The use of AVQ as a ubiquitous resource Monitoring and enhancing video quality AVQ AVQ AVQ AVQ Source receiver router
    • Measures and monitors quality in any part of the video communication chain
    • Provides actionable real-time cues in closed-loop coding and networking
    • Value added by AVQ needs to be measured in market-specific experiments
  • 18. Network Architecture for End-to-End Service Delivery Convergences: Optical + Wireless Telecom + Datacom WDM and TDM Broadband Access First Meters First Miles Metro WAN Long Haul Metro WAN Broadband Access Last Miles Last Meters Services HDTV, I-MMOG Users Stationary, Mobile Optical Wireless TDM-PON Ethernet WDM-PON Optical Wireless 1 Gbps 10 Gbps 100 Gbps 10 Gbps 1 Gbps
  • 19. Examples of Bilateral Research Alcatel-Lucent -Arris- BellSouth -Cisco- Cox -EGT- HP Labs -Korea Telecom- Nortel -NTT DoCoMo- Tellabs
  • 20. Future Directions Industry Feedback
  • 21. Extras
  • 22. Partnership with Industry
  • 23. Annual Membership Options
    • $40K
      • Guiding of consortium research
      • Access to members-only website
      • Early exposure to student recruiting
      • Access to faculty from ECE, CoC and GTRI
      • Access to consortium IP
    • Directed-Research Options
    • $70K - above benefits plus one research assistant
    • $100K - above benefits plus two research assistants
    • $125K - above benefits plus three research assistants
    • $150K+ negotiated multi-faculty research program
      • The last four categories include opportunity for exclusive IP rights
      • The negotiated research program is a large, company-focused initiative involving more than three students and, potentially, multiple faculty
      • Consortium memberships are matched with state funding;
      • In-Kind Gifts to maximum of 50% of membership fee
  • 24. Intellectual Property at Georgia Tech, including software licensing Consortia $$ Bilateral$$ Partnership Model
    • GTRC “owns” but sponsors get:
    • Results shared at IAB meetings
    • Equal access to consortium research
    • Equal opportunity to license research
    • GTRC “owns” IP,but sponsor gets:
    • First visibility
    • Non-exclusive royalty-free license for internal use
    • Right of first refusal to an exclusive license
    • Value of that license is negotiated
  • 25. Wireless Trends Indoor-Outdoor Convergence Pervasive Wireless: Entertainment, education, healthcare Smarter Use of Airwaves Broadband Wireless 10 bps/Hz MIMO-MAC-MOBILITY- MESHNETS Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  • 26. Optical Evolution WDM Provisioning, Access IP Over Optical Convergence Optical Burst-Label-Packet Switching Point-to-Point Transport 100 Mbps Symmetrical 10 Gbps On Demand GMPLS Circuit Switching
    • Network scalability
    • Lower cost
    • Bandwidth utilization
      • Provisioning time
      • Interoperability
    Convergence of 100 Gbps Services Datacom and Telecom
  • 27. Next Generation Video Video on Demand New User Experiences The Long Tail Advanced Video Coding 0.05 bits per pixel HDTV, PVR Perfect video Over imperfect nets
  • 28. Among top ten public universities Most Top5 rankings in US include GT 17000 Students, 2400 degrees annually 1900 faculty 25 Members of the NAE National Medal of Technology 129 NSF Career Awards $400M in annual research funding $500 million in new facilities (2004) One million sq-ft of new space (2000-) Industry Guided Research Centers GCATT, Broadband Institute Commercialization Initiatives ATDC, VentureLab