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    Broedur IPTV Presentation Broedur IPTV Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Understanding IPTV NRB 2008 – Nashville, TN Bernie Arnason Managing Partner, Pivot Media LLC March 8, 2008
    • Brief TV Entertainment History
    • IPTV Defined
      • Not “Web TV”
        • Internet Protocol Television
        • Often confused with accessing video over the Web/Internet
        • Uses the same networking technology/protocol as the Internet, but video services utilize a closed telecom network (most likely DSL or FTTH)
      • Introduces a wealth of new features
      IPTV expands upon traditional cable TV service by leveraging web and communications technology to create a compelling entertainment experience.
    • IPTV Fuels New Communications Features TV Caller ID with TV “Pause” Feature Screen shows Caller ID, program pauses. Consumer controls voice call w/ remote.
    • IPTV Fuels New Communications Features Instant Messaging and Chat Functionality Frank wants you to join the Soccer Chat! “ red button ”
    • IPTV Fuels New Communications Features Instant Messaging and Chat Functionality Hi Philip, nice having you with us!
    • IPTV Fuels New Communications Features Instant Messaging and Chat Functionality Frank Susi Philip Takashi Mohammed
    • IPTV Fuels Web Type Interfaces Better Organization and Presentation of Many Content Choices
    • IPTV Helps Fuel On Demand Behavior Beginning to see a shift in TV behavior – away from linear to on-demand
    • IPTV Puts the Viewer in Control Multiple Camera Angles – User Decides Which to Watch
    • IPTV Today
      • Empowers Telecom Service Providers to Compete with Cable MSOs
        • Completes the triple play bundle of voice , high speed Internet, and video
        • Cable industry has their own triple play bundle of video, high speed Internet, and VoIP derived voice service
      • High Stakes Competitive Battle
        • Possibility of losing entire subscriber to competition
          • Previously, I might just lose one service
        • Puts DBS at serious disadvantage
          • Unable to offer triple play bundle (for now)
    • IPTV Adoption We are here, ready for broad market acceptance MPEG-2 MPEG-4
    • IPTV Advantages/Disadvantages
      • Advantages
        • Network architecture affords unlimited channel capacity
        • Advanced features
        • Allows telecom operator to utilize portions of its existing network
      • Disadvantages
        • Challenged by high bandwidth applications like HDTV
        • New technology – still several “kinks” to be worked out
        • Content acquisition challenges
    • IPTV Ecosystem
    • Implications of IPTV Existing Pay TV Operators
      • Formidable new competitor in telecom service providers
      • Downward pressure on ARPU
      • Increase in marketing budgets, particularly in emerging IPTV markets
    • Implications of IPTV Telecom Service Providers
      • Dramatic repositioning of company
        • Extreme cultural shift
      • $Billions in new CAPEX expenditures
      • “ Once in a lifetime” event
        • Over 1000 telecom service providers in the U.S.
    • Religious Broadcaster Opportunity
      • Traditional carriage opportunities
        • Large carriers – direct deals
        • Smaller carriers – aggregator deals
          • Avail Media, IP Prime, NRTC, NCTC
      • Video On Demand
        • Future of TV?
        • Leverage content libraries for a new distribution medium
        • Extends to both IPTV and cable
      • Internet/BroadbandTV
        • Video content distribution over the Internet
        • Convergence of BroadbandTV and traditional pay TV
    • Key Takeaways
      • Television has been a part of our lives for over 60 years and it is rapidly evolving – IPTV is playing a significant role in this evolution
        • Current evolution will result in an entertainment experience that allows consumers to receive their desired choice of content whenever and wherever they want to
      • IPTV fuels a new variety of entertainment features and applications
        • Implications on traditional advertising/marketing
      • Existing cable and DBS service providers need to prepare for a new competitor in the marketplace
      • Telecom service providers are repositioning themselves as full service providers of telecommunications and entertainment services
      • Religious broadcasters have a new distribution medium to exploit
    • Questions
      • Bernie Arnason
      • Office: 240-450-2161
      • [email_address]
      • THANK YOU!