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  1. 1. Information Technology Riding the Wave: Technology in the Liberal Arts--at Carleton
  2. 2. Information Technology The Purpose of the College "Carleton College strives to provide a liberal education of the highest quality. The goal of such an education is to liberate individuals from the constraints imposed by ignorance or complacency and prepare them broadly to lead rewarding, creative, and useful lives.”
  3. 3. Information Technology Technology in the liberal arts? • A recent benchmarking exercise • Yes, Carleton is definitely “riding the wave”
  4. 4. Information Technology Where we’ve been • Early involvement in computing/networking • Superior technology support for faculty • Student computing facilities • Networked residence halls • We’ve kept pace, we’ve ridden the wave
  5. 5. Information Technology More recently • Major web initiatives • Web registration, advising, room draw and many other administrative uses • Web initiatives by Admissions • Alumni online directory
  6. 6. Information Technology Academic uses • Beowulf cluster • Image databases • Rapid prototyping/3D modeling • Simulation • Digital music tools • Statistics, visualization, and data modeling • Programming • GIS • E-reserves • Scholarly work that is more than just text
  7. 7. Information Technology A few examples • DVDfest • Digital Arts Festival • Carleton online directory
  8. 8. Information Technology Keeping up with demand • Gigabit, network reengineering, SAN, 6000 network connections, 2,000 plus networked computers • major wireless initiative in 2002, connecting near-campus student housing, public spaces in 2003 and 2004 • Internet2 coming to Carleton • Network security
  9. 9. Information Technology But where’s the wave going? • What needs to drive us? • Where do we set the bar?
  10. 10. Information Technology It’s all about our mission • Culture trumps technology • It’s about what students, faculty,staff, alums, prospects need
  11. 11. Information Technology For students • Digital kids • “Information fluency” • Critical thinkers and users of technology • What will tomorrow’s leaders need? • One step ahead of them
  12. 12. Information Technology For faculty • Fostering innovation • Integration with their teaching, research, and scholarship • Tools to facilitate administrative tasks
  13. 13. Information Technology For staff • High level of service • Efficiency, effective decision-making • Knowledge workers • All in support of Carleton’s mission
  14. 14. Information Technology Picking the right technology and the right partners • palms or pocket PCs or laptops, or all of the above? • Blogs, wikis, twikis, SMS, IM? • How to embrace mobile computing? • Next-generation telephone service: PBX, VOIP, cell…multifunction devices? • CATV or IPTV? • Poised to make wise choices
  15. 15. Information Technology Technology convergence and integrated planning • Web and publications, Library, Facilities, telephone, media/CATV • “Dig the hole once” • Integrated communications infrastructure • Single workflow with multiple outputs to hardcopy and/or the web • Poised to take advantage of technology convergence • Fundamental changes to the way we plan and implement technology
  16. 16. Information Technology It’s a big wave • Building out a “smart” campus • Anticipating who’s coming • Assessing new technologies • Mapping them onto what we do to make it better • Critical thinking • Information fluent graduates • Visualizing information • Integrating new media types into scholarship
  17. 17. Information Technology In support of our mission • a technology environment that develops leaders • that teaches and models for them responsible use of information • develops innovative and creative uses of these tools
  18. 18. Information Technology Conclusion: • avoid wipeouts • find the sweet spot and push it QuickTime™ and aa QuickTime™ and Cinepak Codec by Radius decompressor Cinepak Codec by Radius decompressor are needed to see this picture. are needed to see this picture.
  19. 19. Information Technology Questions?
  20. 20. Information Technology Thank you!