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About IpTV - Internet Television

  1. 1. About IpTV - Internet Television IpTV is short for Internet Protocol TeleVision and is the future for online entertainment, training, information and marketing communications! Lost Tribe Media is one of only three distributors in the North America for the world leading IpTV solution - TelvOS - from Narrowstep, a company based in London, England. In addition, we are the only world-wide provider that can offer a complete solution in offering both the content and the distribution systems needed for your business. Lost Tribe Media is inarguably the global authority on the Narrowstep range of products. Because of our experience level, not only do we support our own clients but we have been contracted by Narrowstep to support every client, from every distributor, comprising of over 126 channels in 18 countries! TelvOS is the only scalable IpTV solution on the market today. It can be customized for small “in-house” applications, or grown to achieve maximum effect in the global market by providing an uninterrupted video stream to anyone with access to the internet. Unlike other companies which offer limited video hosting services, only Narrowstep and Lost Tribe Media can offer you LIVE video in addition to scheduled and on-demand video, all combined into one easy-to-use solution. Lost Tribe Media can customize this product to be used on a near unlimited range of appliances from home PCs, to portable PDAs, to home televisions, with the TelvOS system deciding the best way to deliver the video stream. This solution is the ONLY solution that provides the necessary technology to reach your viewers, regardless of their location! Whether your viewers are home-based and paying for streaming entertainment, on the road using your videos as a reference, or global vendors who need training, this system will undoubtedly save you money!
  2. 2. Case Study Cycling.tv Continues Remarkable Growth and Commercial Success Cycling.tv has built a global community of cyclists with high-quality content delivery and an interactive relationship. The channel has brought in a number of high-value sponsors and 2007 will see the launch of new services that will increase the importance of Cycling.tv to the global cycling community. This success is the basis for Cycling.tv to create an incredibly valuable media property at the heart of that community. Industry Sector Niche Sports / Cycling The Client Cycling.tv is the world’s first broadband channel dedicated to the sport of cycling created by Narrowstep in 2003. Thought up by one cycling enthusiast based in London who started the channel with a few viewers, no investment or sponsorship and minimal content, it has become the world’s premium cycling channel offering the best in live race coverage and highlights from the world of cycling. In two and a half years, Cycling.tv has acquired exclusive global internet rights for many world-wide events. The company has grown from a staff of two to 12 and its commercial success has been driven by its ability to deliver highly effective sponsorship packages to a number of high-profile brand partners. Business Model Mostly free to air content / Subscriptions / Sponsorship - Annual Media Partnership / Advertising
  3. 3. Software Features Media Server • The heart of the TelvOS system • Enables two different types of content delivery: Scheduled & On-Demand • Scheduled content allows you to control your delivery with the same precision as terrestrial TV stations do today, complete with advertisement Upload Server • Allows viewers to submit their own content • Moderator functions prevent abuse and misuse • Easy Web Based interface for a user friendly experience Download Server • Viewers can conveniently download videos for viewing on their own schedule • Additional revenue stream for your business by charging for content • Digital Rights Management secures your content and prevents theft AdServer • Delivers targeted advertisements specific to the individual viewer • Budget control functions prioritize your commercials • Sell advertising space on your channel for additional revenue StatServer • Complete demographic breakdown of viewed content • Shows what has been watched and for how long • Allows for better targeting of niche clients PayGate • Provides an integrated payment system built directly into the channel • Customized reports show precisely how the revenue is being generated • Allows for total control over the revenue stream without relying on third party vendors nBed • Combines the functionality of a full TV with you personalization of your own web page • Perfect for smaller videos where a large quantity of text is also required • Can be combined with a regular player for multiple applications
  4. 4. Client Player Designs Header Number One Lost Tribe Media has not only designed IpTV channels for it’s own clients, but is frequently employed by Narrowstep to produce designs for their clients too! Here are some of our favorites: A demonstration player designed and built by Lost Tribe Media for one of the leading UK soccer teams. Estimated Launch - Fall 2007. This design is for the first IpTV channel exclusively dedicated to water sports and diving. - Launched Feb 2007 www.theunderwaterchannel.tv SingleMalt TV is a Scottish-based company whose vision is to bring the history and treasure back to fine singlemalt whiskey. - Launched Sep 2006 www.singlemalt.tv LiveAsia TV is a station based out of Jakarta, India. In combination with the Network stations, LiveAsia TV launched in October of 2006 to bring this exciting new technology to the masses. www.liveasia.tv
  5. 5. A popular children’s TV channel in the UK is now available worldwide via the internet. - Launched Nov 2006 www.jetix.co.uk A demo channel for a German publishing company. The client used this design while considering a potential internet TV station. Firecracker’s mission is to deliver Asian arts and entertainment around the globe. Supported by a grant from the UK Lottery commission, Firecracker also publishes a free magazine available at cinemas around the UK. - Launched February 2007 www.firecracker-media.com In combination with RyanAir TV and AirTran TV, designed for an international publishing company who decided to take in-flight magazines out of the air and onto the internet. - Launching March 2007