China Microblogging (Weibo) Statistics March 2011


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You know how twitter is doing but what about microblogging in China? This presentation will help you do that. To receive the latest update, sign up here:

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China Microblogging (Weibo) Statistics March 2011

  1. 1. Weibo: Microblogging in China Microblogs are called “Weibo ( )” in Chinese; “wei” means “micro” and “bo” means “blog”. www.incitez.comMain data source: DCCI 2010 China Internet Microblogging & Online Community Survey
  2. 2. Table of Content   Introduction   Top Microblogging Platforms   China Microbloggers   Sina WeiboThis is the 3rd version of   What can You Do on WeiboIncitez ChinaMicroblogging whitepaper;   Microblogging Tipsyou can subscribe here forthe latest update:   About IncitezIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  3. 3. IntroductionIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  4. 4. Introduction   Microblogs are called “Weibo ( )” in Chinese; “wei” means “micro” and “bo” means “blog”.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  5. 5. IntroductionChina microblogs, or Weibo, allow up to 140 Chinese characters for eachpost; one weibo post could contain a lot more information than TwitterFor more on Sina Weibo UI, visit: Weibo allows direct upload of multimedia content which is not counted as part of character limit.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  6. 6. Introduction   Chinese microbloggers are a diverse group including celebrities, CEOs, teenagers, media and parents.   There are more engagement on Chinese Weibo than Twitter.   Female users often post about their daily life, emotions and gossip.   Men trend to share news about a specific industry, sports and technology and network online networkingIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  7. 7. Introduction – Brief History Aug 16, 2009 Aug 28, 2009 Twitter: open to public on July 15, 2006 Dec 14, 2009 Dec 22, 2009 First 3 Twitter clones: •  Jiwai: Apr 14, 2007 Jan 20, 2010 •  Fanfou: May 12, 2007 •  Zuosa: Jul 9, 2007 Apr 1, 2010Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  8. 8. Top Microblogging PlatformsIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  9. 9. The most well known Microblogging Platform Source: DCCIIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  10. 10. The most popular Microblogging Platform Source: DCCIIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  11. 11. The favorite Microblogging Platform Source: DCCIIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  12. 12. By satisfaction… Source: DCCI 5: very satisfied – 4: satisfied – 3: average – 2: not satisfied – 1: very dissatisfiedIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  13. 13. The most frequently used… Every day Once every 2-3 days Once or twice every week 1-3 times every month Less than once per month Sina Sohu Netease Tencent 139 ifengIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Monthly total visits… Sina 250 million Total visits to microblogs in China Baidu iPostBar jumped from 153.64 million in March Tencent 2010 to 417.4 million in June 2010. 200 Sohu 150 Netease 100 50 9911 Follow5Data source: iResearch March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 June 2010 Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  15. 15. Top 4 by Traffic according to GoogleIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  16. 16. Top 4 by Interest according to GoogleIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  17. 17. Top 3 by Interest according to Baidu Sina Tencent Sohu China Internet WatchIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  18. 18. China Microbloggers Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  19. 19. Total Microbloggers in Mid 2010 Unit: million Sina Total number of microblog users in China jumped from 54.521 million in March 2010 to Baidu iPostBar 103.07 million in June 2010. Tencent Sohu Netease Data source: iResearch 9911 Follow5 March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 June 2010Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  20. 20. Total Registered Users in 2011   Sina Weibo: over 100 million   Tencent Weibo: over 100 million   Netease Weibo: over 32 million   Sohu Weibo: 20-30 millionIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  21. 21. 4 Types of Microblog Users in ChinaSocial users write posts, follow others’weibo, like to discuss, ask questions and Like to express their opinionsexpect suggestions from other users. and emotions; hey often read other users’ posts. They don’t follow others’ weibo much but like to discuss popular topics; prefer to express their own opinion. They don’t post on weibo much but would like to read Data source: Dratio posts on weibo. Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  22. 22. The most followed user… Huang Jianxiang (sports commentator) Yao Chen (actress) Liu Ye (actor) Liu Xiang Warcraft Note: the above stats were recorded on Jan 4, 2010Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  23. 23. What content are China microbloggers interested?Female v.s. Male Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  24. 24. What content are China microbloggers interested? By age group. Born in 1990s Born in 1980s Born in 1970s Source: DCCI Sports Automotive Health Women Real Estate Finance Mood Entertainment Celebrity status / Gossip newsIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  25. 25. What type of microblog posts are more likely to be “retweeted”?   According to a survey conducted by Dratio last August, 89.4% microblog users will recommend microblogging to their friends and 47% will “retweet” posts on microblogs: Famous quotes Humorous posts Jokes Good content Facts NewsIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  26. 26. Sina Weibo Sina Weibo had more than 50 million registered users after just 14 months of operation and in March 2011 the number of users Exceeded 100 million.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  27. 27. About Sina Weibo   Sina owns multiple domains for its microblogging service   Main URL:   Shortened URL: (all URLs will be shortened using “”) Sina bought this domain last December at 5 million yuan   Mobile access: and weibo.cnIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  28. 28. Sina Weibo Stats   Since its beta-launch in August 2009, it took Sina 66 days to reach 1 million users. By the eight-month mark (April 2010) it had reached 10 million   On October 20 2010, it announced that it had exceeded 50 million registered users after just 14 months of operation.   In March 2011, Sina Weibo announced that it had exceeded 100 million registered users.   Sina revealed at the DCCI Adworld 2011 advertising conference that Sinas Twitter-like service is currently growing at 10 million users a month, and the company estimates that Weibo will exceed 150 million users this year.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  29. 29. Sina Weibo Stats   Sina weibo platform has more than 60,000 verified accounts under its real name system, and the top 100 users have a combined 180 million followers.   More than 5,000 companies and 2,700 media organizations are currently on Sina Microblog   According to iResearch, Sina Weibo has 56.5% market share by total number of active users and 86.6% market share by time spent on site in 2010   On April 7 2011, Sina changed Weibo domain from to though the previous one still worksIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  30. 30. Sina Weibo Stats According to Sina, there are over 1,300 verified government related accounts, among which 692 are from the police force and 426 are government officials.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  31. 31. Interactions on Sina Weibo “retweet” or repost: Users can leave comments while reposting; check the box to leave comments to weibo Comments author and original author (check the box to “retweet”) Users can send private messages (like Twitter’s Direct Message); topics are tagged using double hash keys “#topic#”. And, users can view pictures and videos directly on Weibo. For more on Sina Weibo UI, visit: | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  32. 32. Interactions on Sina Weibo Sina opened its Weibo Screen registration this week, which is a great way for live events interactions such as QA in conferences and greetings from audiences. For more, visit: | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  33. 33. Guys .s. Gals On Sina Weibo In total, more male users than female users. But, among active users, there are more female users. Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  34. 34. How users access Sina Weibo? 1.  S60: Over 25% 2.  Phone: 11.1% 3.  java: 10% 4.  Android: about 5%Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  35. 35. Sina Weibo posting trend by hour 10 am to 10pm Be reminded that depending on your targeted audience, he best time or posting could be different. People in the north tends to post during office hours while people in the south trends to post during evening.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  36. 36. Case Study 1/4   On June 14, 2010 (the 3rd day of World Cup), one of the most famous sports commentators Huang Jianxiang asked a question in Sina Weibo with a lucky draw to those who comment. Results:   Re-posted by Weibo users: 16,345 times   Comments: 74,319Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  37. 37. Case Study 2/4   On Aug 8, 2010 a university student by the name of “Kayne” published a photo of Zhouqu Landslide scene (Gansu Province) on Sina Weibo, which was used by many mainstream media including state owned Xinhua News Agency.   Re-posted by Weibo users: 5,454 times   Comments: 1,166Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  38. 38. Case Study 3/4   On Aug 19, 2010, a new media marketer published a post on Sina Weibo about a Li Mengmeng’s story, who did very well in National University Entrance Exams but couldn’t get in any university because the local government office forgot to submit her application.   Re-posted by Weibo users: 93,396 times   Comments: 22,948Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  39. 39. Case Study 4/4 Actor Xu Zheng lost his iPad on Feb 23, 2011 and he posted on Weibo for help; the post was reposted over 751 times with over 466 comments. After 75 minutes, one Weibo user commented that she found it, who is the flight attendant where Xu Zheng lost the iPad.Incitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  40. 40. Weibo TipsIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  41. 41. Weibo Tips •  Be authentic and personal •  Be able to express, write the title and ask for re-post (retweet) •  Be interesting •  Provide valuable information and even exclusive one •  Update daily without nagging •  Interact with other users frequentlyIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  42. 42. Weibo Tips •  Post balanced and rich content, not too specialized or too niche •  Provide content that followers want instead of what you want them to read •  Promote your weibo creatively without too much advertisement   Include relevant photos for more viewsIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  43. 43. About Incitez
  44. 44. About Incitez   Incitez is a data-driven digital marketing company providing digital strategy consulting and digital marketing campaign development. We partner with clients to identify their opportunities in digital space, address their challenges, and advance their businesses with custom digital solutions.   Social media services: we deploy and execute digital strategies in Chinese social media including blogs, BBS community, SNS and microblogs   You can find out more about us at our website: www.incitez.comIncitez | Data-Driven Digital Marketing
  45. 45. Contact Us   Contact us for China social media strategy and campaign management. Contact Us Rocky Fu Director, Digital Strategies E:   For more on China Microblogging, please visit: | Data-Driven Digital Marketing