Rockwell Collins NBAA 2012 Press Briefing


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Rockwell Collins NBAA 2012 Press Briefing

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  • Colin MahoneyWe’ll start with the flight deck – and the investments that we continue to make with our Pro Line 21 avionicsAs you are all aware – we’ve had great success with Pro Line 21, having delivered or retrofitted the system on more than 5,000 aircraft.The current state of the global economy has opened the doors for the avionics aftermarket. Many are in a holding pattern and are hesitant to buy brand new aircraft, but instead are upgrading their flight decks. Rockwell Collins recognizes this and continues to deliver scalable display Pro Line 21 retrofit solutions including:Major RetrofitComplete avionics solutionEliminates incompatibility and legacy wiring issuesIntegrated Display System (IDS)Interface with Rockwell Collins and non-Rockwell Collins equipmentUtilizes existing comm, nav, and surveillance sensors, reducing upgrade costPro Line 4 to Pro Line 21Pro Line 4 CRTs are replaced with Pro Line 21 LCDsBackbone of original system remains untouchedNew features can quickly be brought to an aircraft that:Avoid CRT obsolescence – suppliers shutting down by 2016-2018Ensure meeting future airspace requirements, especially those quickly approaching in EuropeBring additional processing for new display functions like SVS and graphical weatherIncrease aircraft Blue Book value, broadening the resale appealPlaces the aircraft on a path that leverages OEM technology investments like SVS or MultiScanEnable wireless upload of flight-related databases through Rockwell Collins Ascend Aircraft Information Manager (AIM)Last year, we announced synthetic vision capability for Pro Line 21. Now we’re excited to announce a customer that is offering this capability:Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) is offering synthetic vision for Pro Line 21-equipped King Air aircraft.If you missed their press conference this morning, a copy of their press release is included in our press kit.
  • Colin MahoneyThis has been a monumental year for Pro Line Fusion and we’re charged for its future.Pro Line Fusion brings an unprecedented level of situational awareness by integrating systems such as HGS and MultiScan, empowering human interfaces on the industry’s largest flight displays, intuitive, easy-to-use controls, and network capability with the back office.This flexible avionics system entered into service on the Global 5000 and 6000 aircraft in the Spring, and the recently certified G280 with Pro Line Fusion is expected to enter into service very soon.First flights of the Lear 85, Legacy 500 and CSeries are expected in the coming months.We’re ecstatic about the success of Pro Line Fusion. There are 15 platforms which we’ve publicly announced for Pro Line Fusion – and more to come in the years aheadAs you may recall, last year we announced the latest configurations of Pro Line Fusion – which includes the industry’s first touch-screen primary flight displays. And as you may have heard this past week, flight testing is now under way for this latest configuration of Pro Line Fusion – which happened in Cedar Rapids on our King Air B200GT.You may also be aware that this summer at Farnborough – Agusta Westland announced they would be utilizing this technology on their new AW609 tilt rotor aircraft.Look at this array of platforms, including a military transport aircraft and a tilt rotor – this breadth, which is unmatched in commercial avionics systems, is made possible by our open systems approach.
  • Colin MahoneyHead-up guidance continues to gain significant traction in the industryMore than 200 Rockwell Collins HUDs have been delivered year-to-date for business aircraft, about a 33% increase over 2011Rockwell Collins is the sole HUD supplier for Gulfstream, Dassault and Bombardier business jetsWe were the first company to certify HGS with synthetic vision earlier this year on the Pro Line Fusion-equipped Global aircraftAlso, the FAA selected our HGS with synthetic and enhanced vision for their simulators to support NextGen efforts Commercial market strength • Dual HUD standard on: 787 • Single HUD standard on: BBJ, Global and G450 / 550 / 650 • Southwest Airlines is largest HGS customer with over 580 HGS equipped 737s China fully supports adoption of HUDs for the safety and operational benefits they provide and they are laying mandates for commercial aircraft based in that countryOur in-development HGS-3500 for light business aircraft, which has been selected by an undisclosed customer, now displays SVS video and guidance symbology. In fact, at NBAA our latest prototype will be on display featuring these capabilities. We encourage you to stop by and fly it for yourself.For NBAA:Our HGS with new enhanced vision system for Bombardier Challenger 605 aircraft is now approved for low visibility approaches to 100 feetThe system was previously certified for situational awareness, but now with a new high-resolution digital infrared sensor, operators to can down to 100 feetRequirements – airport needs RVR reporting of 1000 feet or at one-quarter-mile visibility and the runway environment must be seen with EVS on HGSThis capability adds to many other safety and operational benefits the increased operational benefit HGS already brings Challenger 605 aircraft during all phases of flightBe sure to check your press kit for more information on this NBAA announcementFinally, we’re excited for a new HGS simulation app we’ve developed for the iPad – ‘HGS Flight’. It’s a new engaging HGS app that not only allows you to fly a simulated HGS, but also helps you understand the symbology and how it can work to your advantage, as well as a one-stop shop for accessing more information on HGS and the worldwide safety and regulatory benefits of HUD. It is a free download available now in the iTunes App Store.
  • Colin MahoneyThis past year at EBACE, we announced our new Airshow app - the industry’s first interactive moving map solution for the iPad.This new solutions extends Airshow market-leading capabilities and leverages more than 30 years of expertise.Following a simple upgrade, the technology works on business aircraft equipped with Venue or Airshow 4000.Now this app is available for download on iTunes.Be sure to stop by our booth to try out Airshow for iPad, which includes a panoramic view that shows Airshow moving map anywhere the iPad is pointed, as if the aircraft were transparent. Simply put – it’s cool stuff.
  • Colin MahoneyNow, let’s discuss the industry’s only complete solution for covering all aspects of flight operations, from pre-flight to post-flight and aircraft maintenance management – Rockwell Collins’ Ascend Flight Information Solutions.We introduced Ascend in 2010 and currently serve more than 800 clients around the globe with solutions that meet individual flight departments’ needs.Over the last year, we provided flight services for trips to nearly every country around the globe.We have a network of more than 75 contract and independent supervisory agents working out of 63 international offices that cover almost 120 counties.We have more than 50 meteorologists on staff working 24/7/365 to support our Regional and International Trip Support.Ascend services include a range of fleets, from single-engine turboprops to VVIPs aircraft.The trips vary in length from a single-leg trip lasting a day to trips with as many as 75 legs or more spanning many weeksAt EBACE, we announced new market-first, value-added features to our Ascend solution that make it easier, fast and more cost-effective to manage flight operations.These new features included new document management capabilities to our Flight Manager iPad app and higher levels of integration between Ascend and FOS (Flight Operations System) scheduling and dispatch software.As you can imagine, we continue to invest in features that improve operations for our customers, so this year at NBAA, we’re unveiling the following enhancements to our Ascend Flight Manager online application:Faster flight planning and filingA simpler menu structure gives operators easier access to advanced tools, such as equal time points (ETPs), extended range twin-engine operations (ETOPs), user-specified winds, weights and biases, to more quickly compute and file a flight plan.More accurate flight time prediction and fuel burn calculationFull integration of flight planning and Flight Operations System (FOS®), including Rockwell Collins’ patented international trip calculator and fuel stop analyzer, allows schedulers and dispatchers to more accurately predict flight times, fuel burn and other costs associated with a trip.Easier flight brief creationAn improved interface enables pilots to more easily choose the information they wish to include in the flight brief, including airport information, text and graphical weather, NOTAMs, runway analysis, receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) prediction and delivery.More dynamic flight trackingA new Google Maps™ platform with satellite and radar overlays gives flight departments a more visually appealing way to view the status of data link-equipped flights without having to track movement reports.Also – our Aircraft Information Manager, which saves flight departments significant time with its automation, is now certified for even more business aircraft. This includes Cessna CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ4, and Hawker Beechcraft B200 Series King Airs. Check your press kit for more!
  • Colin MahoneyNow, it’s time to discuss our what we believe will turn heads this year at NBAA…Today, we’re very excited to unveil Skybox, which brings the full Apple experience to life in business jet cabins. Now passengers can take full advantage of Apple technology to share movies, TV shows, music and photos wirelessly, and on demand.Skybox gives each passenger the ability to play Apple iTunes content stored on the system’s large one terabyte library on up to 10 Apple iOS devices or on any cabin displays. Passengers can also stream movies or business documents from their devices to cabin displays.Passengers can now have the Apple experience of home or at the office in the business jet cabin with Skybox.Skybox is the first airworthy solution to securely stream digital rights management (DRM) Hollywood-protected content to Apple devices brought on board.Skybox has passed all the environmental, electrical and structural compliant requirements required by the FAA and is available now through Rockwell Collins’ authorized dealers.Skybox will be integrated with Rockwell Collins’ Venue cabin management system and other Rockwell Collins cabin systems. In time, Skybox will be integrated with other third party cabin systems.
  • Colin MahoneyThey say pictures are worth a thousand words. Videos are worth a lot more than that. To better illustrate Rockwell Collins’ Skybox, we have a short video for you.After the video concludes – there is a copy of this movie in your press kit.
  • Colin MahoneyThis past May at EBACE, we revealed that we would be applying our Venue technology and our Airshow for iPad for Dassault Falcon Jet’s new FalconCabin HD+ system as an option on the 7X and 900LXThis is the first forward fit application of our Venue system on a large business jet and this selection is a testament to its success, having been installed on the full gamut of business aircraft from King Airs up through BBJs and ACJsNew at NBAA – this cabin will also be made available for the 2000LX, and also new for NBAA, Dassault has selected our new Skybox as an option, bringing the magic of Apple to the cabinSo, this new, state-of-the-art cabin for Dassault brings our very latest innovations with reduced hardware and a fiber optic backboneDassault has a brand new Falcon F900LX on static display with the FalconCabin HD+ system, including Skybox and Airshow for iPad. We highly encourage you all to go experience it. See Josh if you need more information.
  • Colin Mahoney-If I could add one more thing…you may have heard about the technology agreement we entered into with the Caterham F1 Team earlier this year. If not, we’ll be providing the racing team with aviation technology to enhance situational awareness and in exchange, we’re receiving promotion on a world stage.As part of our agreement with the team, we’re excited to let you know that we’re going to have a Caterham F1 Team show car in our booth at NBAA.We’re encouraging all the Formula 1 race fans and technology gurus attending NBAA to stop by Rockwell Collins’ booth to see this “upside down airplane” as we like to call it.
  • Rockwell Collins NBAA 2012 Press Briefing

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