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Using Technology to Improve Machine Performance
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Using Technology to Improve Machine Performance



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  • 1. Using Technology to Improve Machine Performance Kevin Zeinemann Electrical Engineering Manager Curt G. Joa, Inc.Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Curt G. Joa, Inc. - Presentation Overview • Who are we and what do we do best?? • Automation safety needs: How does Joa treat the safety component of automation? • The selection criteria: What was important in Joa’s evaluation process? • The architecture: What did Joa implement? • The final report: Benefits to Joa, our customers and the future. Greetings fromSheboygan Falls, WI • Q&A: Your comments/concerns? Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Who we are: Curt G. Joa, Inc.• Full service OEM of custom converting equipment & automation solutions for the global marketplace.• To date we have shipped machinery to over 55 countries• Whether it’s a retrofit to an existing machine or a completely new process, our design teams apply the same field-proven principles to guarantee success.• If it’s a disposable product, it can be made faster and cheaper on one of our machines! What engineering problem can Joa assist your organization with? Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 4. Initial Safety Design ConsiderationsEach design BEGINS with a safety evaluation and risk analysis. Safety MUST be an integral part of the full DESIGN, not an add-on!!
  • 5. A Unified Approach to Engineered Safety• Joa STANDARDIZES on its approach to safety automation which imparts a common culture of safety• This drives efficiencies within design, purchasing, assembly, check-out, documentation & training. Multiple designs provide multiple opportunities for confusion……More isn’t better!
  • 6. Maintain a Competitive Edge with Safety AutomationSISTEMA provides a method to “show your work”, expediting globalacceptance via ISO/EN 13849. By supporting SISTEMA, Rockwell Automation helps bridge the gap between North American and International safety standards
  • 7. Will the safety system be accepted by the users??The end-user must ultimately feel as safe as they did with theirprevious implementation of safety. “Is it safe?” When was the last time you encountered a padlock securing something critically important/valuable??
  • 8. Is the safety system secure??The new generation safety system is more SECURE (tamperresistant) than the system it replaced. Who has bypassed a traditional system with a simple “tool”??
  • 9. Is the safety system adaptable?? Joa’s approach to safety is MODULAR.Build a complex system with basic/common building blocks
  • 10. Is the safety system more elegant??The new safety system has improved RELIABILITY via lessparts/connections. Wires are bad….More wires are worse!!
  • 11. Can the safety system grow with time?? The safety systems on Joa machines tend to evolve as new standards and technologies emerge SafeSpeed 1996 2000 2004 2011 ???? J4 lineshaft J4M (multi- J4S (Servo) J6 1394S J8 Kinetix Machine lineshaft) Machine Machine Machine Is it Safe?(75HP main drive) Machine (40 Axis) (90 Axis) (150 Axis) No technology is entirely future proof, but keeping up with the “state of the art” pays off in the long term
  • 12. Is the safety system supportable??The new safety system has more advanced diagnostics to simplify thetroubleshooting events. The safety system protects the machine as much as it protects the operator !!
  • 13. Is the safety system cost effective??The TOTAL COST of design/delivery is lower than the system it replaced Hardware is not the only cost to consider
  • 14. Is the safety system tightly integrated?? GuardLogix® PLC RSLogix™ 5000 Software Kinetix® 6500 with safety Safety Pneumatics Authentication POINT Guard I/O™Automation components should compliment each other to makesafety a more automatic built-in feature!
  • 15. Safety hardware & the operator’s environment A well trained operator in a common environment is key
  • 16. GuardLogix – Safety where it ought to be ControLogix software suite provides the oversight for the connected safety automation hardware.ControLogix® is the enabler for the safety automation design!!
  • 17. The Joa Approach to Automation…!! Ethernet….One network to rule them all!!
  • 18. Realized Benefits of Automated Safety• Strengthened standards and global acceptance• Elevated safety level of the design• More secure safety system• Reduced downtime and cost for conversions• Faster deployment of designs and startups• Improved diagnostics and activity logging• Less hardware to wire and troubleshoot• Mitigation of the costs necessary to keep pace with evolving technology• Tighter, more elegant design• Controlled safety muting A modern automated safety system can bring much value to the table
  • 19. Safety Automation: The Future Awaits• Advanced Peer-to-Peer networking and communications• Wireless connectivity• RFID, biometric and near-field communications• Further refinements in proactive and adaptive controls• “Soft” lock-out/tag-out with support for “safe speed”• Integration with premises security and HVAC Systems• More devices with “safety inside”• Wider 3rd-party connectivity• Your thoughts?? The traditional lock and disconnect has evolved!
  • 20. For More Information, Please Contact:Curt G. Joa, Inc.100 Crocker AvenueSheboygan Falls, WI. 53085920.467.6136www.joa.cominfo@joa.comBikoma AGAm Layerhof56727 Mayen, Germany+49 (0) 2651 8001www.bikoma.desales@bikoma.de Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.