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Sealed Air: Increased Productivity Realized Using Manufacturing Intelligence
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Sealed Air: Increased Productivity Realized Using Manufacturing Intelligence


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  • 1. SEALED AIRIncreased Productivity Realized Using Manufacturing IntelligenceChadwick B EdmondsSenior Electrical Systems EngineerGlobal Manufacturing EngineeringRSTechEd 2013
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Sealed Air Overview• How we got started with FactoryTalk®Historian and VantagePoint– Rogers, Arkansas– SAP Mii Integration– Plant Architecture– Other NA Bags Plants• Seneca, SC – 12 Extrusion Process Lines– Business Challenge– Plant Networks– Visualization System• Where to now? Duncan, SC Medical Products Division– Upgrade of HMI Systems– Validation system• Comments/Questions?1
  • 3. Introduction• Global Manufacturing Engineering based in Duncan, SC• 21 years with SAC• Working with Rockwell (Allen Bradley) since PLC5• Beta Tester for RSSQL, rolled out first RSSQL in 19982
  • 4. We deliver consistent, superior solutions in: Our customers rely on our solutions to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability. FOOD SAFETY & SECURITYFOOD SAFETY & SECURITYFACILITY HYGIENEFACILITY HYGIENEPRODUCT PROTECTIONPRODUCT PROTECTIONWhat you eat & drink +Where you go +What you ship +A Company Focused on Value, Performance and Sustainability3
  • 5. 3A Global Network Backed by Local ExpertiseOUR PRESENCE+50 years+40 years+50 years Europe+30 years ME/Africa+35 yearsPackforum® FacilityDesign/Testing lab(s)OUR REACH & SCALE25,000 Employees138 Facilities62 Country presence175 Country distribution56 Labs  
  • 6. Enhanced Top‐Line GrowthBrand value, Differentiation, Customer RelationshipReduced Operational CostsEnergy, Water, Waste, LaborRisk ManagementFood Safety, Health, Liability, ComplianceGrowth+Cost Savings+Reduced Risk____________“Integrated Bottom Line”• Operational Excellence• Inventive Products And Solutions That Provide Measurable Value• Collaboration5Sustainability is Our Core
  • 7. 6Food & Beverage: Value Creation In Operations and Downstream• We protect customers’ products from farm to forkand add value through operational efficiency andwaste reduction• Distinct Competitive Advantages: Focused on food safety, shelf life extension, brand enhancementand operational efficiency Breadth to address hygiene, water/energy management, packagingand integrated solutions Only provider with a total system solution Long-standing relationships and large installed equipment base Global footprint serves multi-national & local customers Solutions designed for operational efficiency & lower wasteFast Facts$50B global industry with2-3% p.a. growth rate (‘11-‘16)#1 position in targeted app’s2012 SNAPSHOTSales: $3.7BSales Mix by Geography:Sales Mix by End Sector:42%15%10%15%19% FM*S&P*DairyOther*C&H**FM=Fresh meat (all types); S&P=Smoked & Processed; Other: Microwavable meals, Fluids; C&H=Cleaning & Hygiene. All include their related equipment sales.N. Am Europe L. Am AMAT Japan/ANZ40%28%14%6%12%
  • 8. 7Institutional & Laundry: Reducing the “Total Cost to Clean”• Provide innovative, integrated cleaning, hygiene,food safety and infection prevention solutions• Focused on growth in five sectors• Distinct Competitive Advantages: Cost savings through operational efficiencies and Integratedsolutions Market leadership in Europe & developing regions (80% of sales) Global footprint serves multi-national & local customers, Building service contractor sector dominance Integrated Floor care Solutions ( Machines, Cleaning tools &Chemicals) - TASKI® Industry and Application expertise to ensure adherence toprotocols, optimal use of resources (water, effluence, energy), Strong Distributor relationships Emerging Markets leadershipFast Facts$30B global industry with2-3% p.a. growth rate (‘11-‘16)#1, #2 position globally,#1 in floor care solutions2012 SnapshotSales: $2.1BSales Mix by Geography:Sales Mix by End Sector:11%12%11%12%9%10%33%BSC**Food SvcRetailLodgingHlthcareOtherDistribFacilityManagement &BSCRetailers Hospitality Food Service Healthcare**BSC=Building Service Contractors25%45%9%18%3%  N. Am Europe L. Am AMAT Japan/ANZ
  • 9. 8Protective Packaging: Focused on Sustainable & Efficient Delivery• Packaging solutions that provide efficiency andsustainability from factory floor to the customer’sdoor• Revenue mix by channel:– ~80% via business supply distributors – sold to businessesrepresenting 400+ SIC codes (largely industrial use)– ~15% direct (OEMs, E-commerce, Fulfillment firms)– ~5% at retailers• Distinct Competitive Advantages: Innovative: market and technical leadership Broadest, high performance, sustainable solutions offer Total system: operational efficiency, ease of use, less waste Unparalleled customer support: sales, service, design labs Strong channel partnerships Global footprint for multi-national and local customersFast Facts$18B global industry with~3% p.a. growth rate (‘11-‘16)Leader in targeted applications2012 SNAPSHOTSales: $1.6BSales Mix by Geography:Sales Mix by End Sector:38%35%17%10%CushioningCore*ShrinkPack Sys**Core=Bubblewrap, PakNatural loose fill, Jiffy mailers; Pack Sys=NewAir IB, PriorityPak, Fill-Air, FilTeck, PackTiger, FasFil EZ, RapidFill57%24%5%8%6% N. Am Europe L. Am AMAT Japan/ANZ
  • 10. Rogers, Arkansas• The plant produces bags for the Midwest poultry markets.• The entire process is in Rogers…Extrusion, Printing, and Bag-Making.• Extrusion and Bag Making are GME in-house designs• AB Control Systems and Drives, PLC5 and ControlLogix• Intellution HMIs9
  • 11. Rogers, Arkansas• 2009 – the site was selected as a test site for the SAC AGILE Initiative.• Since SAC has SAP, corporate IT selected SAP MII as the businessintelligence (BI) product to provide ERP information visibility:1. Production management2. Plant management3. Quality management• Primary goal for AGILE is to provide quicker response for customer orderfulfillment.• Rockwell was one of several vendors evaluated to provide real time datato SAP10
  • 12. Rogers, Arkansas• GME was asked to create a Historian and Visualization system thatwould include an interface to SAP.• FactoryTalk Historian and VantagePoint EMI was selected.– Goal was to create a gateway to the Plant Floor data and enablesindividuals tools to mine information buried within production systems– Web-based reports and KPI dashboards delivered through the VantagePointEMI portal.• Initial challenge – integrate 13 Bag Machines to SAC enterprise• Not all data to go to SAP, only a subset (Downtime, Rate, Yield, etc)• Requirement that individual machine networks remain independent.11
  • 13. Rogers, Arkansas – Original Proposed Architecture12
  • 14. Rogers, Arkansas• Windows 2003 Server on ESXi• Separate SQL Server on ESXi• FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk Vantage Point, and Xcelsius• RSLinx as the Data Server• SQL Server Database to interface with SAP– No UDS• Trending, Reporting, and SPC systems implemented13
  • 15. Other Plants• We have added similar systems to other Bags Plants in NA14
  • 16. Seneca, SC – Original Challenge• April 2012 – We are asked to increase plant output by 20%– Increase with minimal capital components (no new lines)• Historian & Visualization system to be part of the solution• FactoryTalk Historian and FactoryTalk VantagePoint was selectedbased on Bags experience• Fast paced project, 90 days to go on-line15
  • 17. Seneca, SC - Plant Configuration• Built in the early 90s to make Cryovac D955 shrink film• 12 Extrusion Process lines and support equipment• Centralized Resin Delivery System• Allen Bradley control systems with PLC5, RIO and DH+ networks.• 78 KF2’s plant-wide.• 2 of the lines have Modbus networks.• Mixture of Rockwell and Intellution HMIs• Gateways were added as HMIs are upgraded.• All lines have private networks that are separate from the corporate LAN.16
  • 18. Seneca, SC - FactoryTalk Historian• 3750 points, most are DH+• More about the historian!!!!!!17
  • 19. Seneca, SC – FactoryTalk Vantage Point• Server is on the same box as FactoryTalk Historian and RSLinx• VantagePoint Portal is available on the plant floor• Accessible on Intranet via Web Browser• Unified Production Model (UPM) showing different equipment Types• System enabled production personnel with limited computer skills toanalyze production events.18
  • 20. Seneca, SC – Vantage Point Portal19
  • 21. Seneca, SC – Vantage Point Portal20
  • 22. Seneca, SC – Vantage Point Portal21
  • 23. Seneca, SC - Architecture• Made the decision to keep the PLC and HMI networks isolated.• Gateways were added to the lines that did not have them• ENBT in each gateway is part of VLAN, this get the PLCs on theCorporate Network22
  • 24. Seneca, SC – PLC Network Architecture23
  • 25. Seneca, SC – Historian• ESXi Core• Windows 2003 Server VM– FactoryTalk Historian v2.2– FactoryTalk Vantage Point v4.0– RSLinx Classic v2.58– Xcelsius 2008 v5.4• SQL Server 2008 R2 VM24
  • 26. Seneca, SC - RSLinx• RSLinx Classic v2.58– 121 Topics– 13 Gateways– AB Ethernet Driver– Gateways with ENBT/DHRIO25
  • 27. Seneca, SC - RSLinx26
  • 28. Seneca, SC - RSLinx27
  • 29. Seneca, SC - RSLinx28
  • 30. Seneca, SC – Other Data Servers• KEPServer Enterprise– Modbus and MB+ networks• Matrikon Tunneller– HMI Database access via OPC– Several OS Versions29
  • 31. Seneca, SC - Other Data Servers30
  • 32. Seneca, SC – Xcelsius (aka FactoryTalk DashboardBuilder)• Used to develop displays for entrances and break rooms.• Overview developed for management to get a quick view31
  • 33. Seneca, SC – SAP Xcelsius Dashboard32
  • 34. Seneca, SC - XCelsius33
  • 35. Seneca, SC - XCelsius34
  • 36. Seneca, SC – Results – Able to isolate prod problem35
  • 37. Seneca, SC - Results36,Matt
  • 38. Duncan, SC – Medical Products Division• Project recently approved to upgrade Visualization Systems• Upgrade RSView 3.2/4.0 to FactoryTalk View 6.1• RSSQL moving to FactoryTalk Historian37
  • 39. Duncan, SC – Architecture38
  • 40. THANKS!!Questions?39
  • 41. Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Rev 5058-CO900DThank you for participating!Please remember to tidy up your work area for the next session.We want your feedback! Please complete the session survey!