Noosa Yoghurt Boosts Production Capacity by 300 Percent


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Producing indulgent Australian-style yoghurt, Noosa Finest Yoghurt first launched in 2010 with entirely manual production. With demand surging in 2012, Noosa built a new, fully-automated, advanced processing facility propelling its products nationwide and increasing year-over-year revenue growth 260 percent. Leveraging the PlantPAx platform with FactoryTalk View and Transaction Manager, Noosa gained visibility into process data. Improved insight has decreased lost batches by 95 percent and boosted production capacity by 300 percent.

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Noosa Yoghurt Boosts Production Capacity by 300 Percent

  1. 1. Copyright © 2014 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PUBLIC INFORMATION Noosa Yoghurt Boosts Production Capacity by 300%
  2. 2. The PlantPAx Flavor Advanced Automation System Implementation helps All-Natural Aussie Style Yoghurt Become a Consumer Favorite Dan Malyszko Director of Operations - Denver Malisko Engineering, Inc. PaulWeinberger IS and Automation Manager NoosaYoghurt, LLC
  3. 3. Agenda Questions? Benefits and Results Design Overview and Details Project overview and expectations Company Introductions
  4. 4.  Noosa Finest Yoghurt is a privately held production company with its operations in Bellvue, CO.  Profile – Debuted in 2010 – Noosa Production Facility onsite at the Morning Fresh Dairy, Bellvue, CO. • All Natural Milk. • The Dairy owns their own cows and grow their own feed. • Family owned and operated since 1894. – Noosa is one of the fastest-growing yoghurt companies in the country. Noosa FinestYoghurt Company Overview
  5. 5. Malisko Engineering Company Overview  Specialists in Manufacturing Automation and Validation  Founded in 1994  Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri USA  Regional Office in Denver, Colorado USA  Emphasis in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Life Sciences, Dairy, Specialty Chemical.  Rockwell Solution Partner for Control, Process, and Information Systems.  CSIA Certified St. Louis, MO - Historic Laclede’s Landing Malisko Headquarters Denver, CO – Capitol Hill Malisko Western Regional Office
  6. 6.  The Yoghurt – “Noosa is an Aussie style yoghurt, with a uniquely sweet/tart tang and thick, velvety texture that's so incredibly good, you have to experience it yourself to believe it. In three words, it's bonza, mates!” – Noosa COO Wade Groetsch attributes the success of Noosa to the fact that it tastes good and is in a segment of its own when it comes to quality yoghurt. The company’s niche is a thick, natural product that has a “sweet and tangy flavor.” Yoghurt, not yogurt… 6
  7. 7. The Project Challenge: New Facility with Full Automation…Pronto!  The existing yoghurt production plant was an all-manual, labor-intensive operation that had reached its limits in keeping up with market demand.  New Facility with 5X capacity to break ground in late Spring 2012, adjacent to existing facility and to include: • Utilities • CIP • Raw Milk/Cream Storage • Process • Packaging  Production required to be online and packaging yoghurt in the new facility to fulfill orders by no later than October 2012 – Less than 6 months! Original Noosa Yoghurt Processing Room – Bellvue, CO
  8. 8. Automate the Undefined: Estimating the System  The design called for a scalable, distributed, fully automatic process control system, including capability for future data-logging and reporting functionality.  No P&IDs, nor any device lists existed for the new plant, yet we needed to begin specifying Hardware and Software to establish a rough order of magnitude budget.  We had to estimate device count based off of rough design specifications
  9. 9. The Device List: The Basis For System Sizing  Needed an I/O Count to begin system sizing.  Process Engineering had not yet created P&IDs.  We had to rely on past experience to develop rough Device List and I/O count.
  10. 10.  Noosa needed reassurance up front that the system would function reliably and efficiently.  PlantPAx TM System Estimator within the Integrated Architecture Builder provided a baseline BOM and system performance summary to ensure a properly configured system. PlantPAx System Estimator
  11. 11.  70 Pages of Support Documentation including BOMs, System Layout Diagrams, Performance Data, Networking Performance Checks. Project Documentation Reference
  12. 12. Virtual Server Host: PASS – Process Automation System Server OWS – Operator Work Station (Terminal Services) AppServ-FTTM/SQL – Transaction Manager and SQL Active Directory Domain Controller Cisco Managed Ethernet Switch CIP Flex I/O CIP PANEL 01 SMC Solenoid Manifolds MCC-03 Flex I/O MCC PANEL 03 MCC-02 Flex I/O MCC PANEL 02 ControlLogix PAC – Local Rack ControlLogix – Remote Rack SMC Solenoid Manifolds SMC Solenoid Manifolds CONTROL PANEL 01 SERVER ROOM Cisco ASA Firewall / VPN Appliance Plant Floor Thin Client #1 Plant Floor Thin Client #2 Control Room Thin Client #2 Control Room Thin Client #1 System Architecture
  13. 13. Virtualization Overview  Hardware virtualized servers remove the dependency of the hardware from the operating system, and allow multiple separate operating systems to share common hardware.
  14. 14. Virtualization Overview  Interfacing between operating systems and the physical server hardware is handled through the Hypervisor, in this case, the free version of VMware ESXi.
  15. 15. Virtualization Overview: Operator Workstation (OWS) RDP ACP Firmware Enabled Thin Clients Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ Remote Desktop Services Role ACP ThinManager FactoryTalk View SE Client FactoryTalk View SE Client FactoryTalk View SE Client FactoryTalk View SE Client
  16. 16. Project Implementation  Process Engineering firm completed functional description narrative just as we were finishing programming/configuration of device level control – PlantPAx Process Objects (AOIs and Global Objects): • Solenoid Operated Valves • Mix Proof Valves • Control Valves • Analog Input • PIDE • VFD • Motor HOA  Malisko provided some customization to the PlantPAx Process Objects including graphical updates and slight tag name changes within some of the AOI UDTs.
  17. 17. PAC Programming: Phase Manager
  18. 18. PAC Programming: CIP  CIP Sequence of Operations narrative was provided, however we had to generate pinning charts. – Utilized Malisko Standardized CIP Sequencer Control for Line and Tank Circuits.
  19. 19. PAC Programming: Equipment Modules  Utilized modular PLC code and UDTs for equipment modules such as agitators, tank jacket heating/cooling, tank status, and water header control.
  20. 20. PlantPAx Process Object Customization  Graphical modifications to HMI faceplates and device objects.  AOI/UDT element naming for modified Mode Model.  These changes do not affect process system characterization and CSA (critical system attribute) performance.
  21. 21. HMI Development: Welcome and Navigation
  22. 22. HMI Development: Process Screens
  23. 23. HMI Development: Phase Detail
  24. 24. HMI Development: CIP Parameters
  25. 25. Manufacturing Intelligence: FTTM, SQL, and SSRS  FactoryTalk ® Transaction Manager was added shortly after startup as the need arose for event- based data logging, namely raw materials tracking.  FactoryTalk Transaction Manager and SQL Server were installed on the existing VMWare ESXi host.  Microsoft SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) was utilized to generate Daily Raw Material Tracking Reports.
  26. 26. Project Results and Benefits  Construction was completed in October 2012.  First batch of Noosa Yoghurt made on the new system was in spec, delicious, and saleable!  With the new system, Noosa was able to grow 260% in 2012 and added 4,000 retailers nationwide.  Cost savings of nearly 30% was realized through: – Efficient System Specification and Sizing – Use of Characterized control system building blocks via PlantPAx Process Objects – Virtualization Technology – Modular PLC coding and utilization of HMI Global Objects
  27. 27. The Proof is in…TheYoghurt!  Noosa continues to grow at a staggering rate. – 250% growth in 2013, 800% growth since 2011.  Production capacity of the new facility is already at its designed maximum.  Major Expansion already in progress.  The PlantPAx Process Automation System is scalable and will be able to handle additional Processors, I/O, and Servers as necessary. “The time in which we brought the plant automation system online is unprecedented.” -Wade Groetsch COO – Noosa Yoghurt
  28. 28. The Expansion: What lies ahead…  Additional packaging and warehouse space added Spring 2014.  Yoghurt processing line #2 to be commissioned late 2014.  Continued rapid growth is pushing the need for hardware and software redundancy: – Stratus FT Server – Mirrored ACP Thin Manager Servers for HMI Clients – PASS Server Redundancy  More robust manufacturing intelligence: – FactoryTalk Historian SE – FactoryTalk VantagePoint – Additional SSRS reporting leveraging FactoryTalk VantagePoint SQL CLR
  29. 29. Questions? Dan Malyszko Director of Operations - Denver Malisko Engineering, Inc. PaulWeinberger IS and Automation Manager NoosaYoghurt, LLC
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