AP07: Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.: Virtualized PlantPAx Improves Consistency and Throughput

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The Calumet Specialty Products synthetic lubricants plant ran with little automation and required operators to manually track and record process data. To improve consistency and increase throughput, …

The Calumet Specialty Products synthetic lubricants plant ran with little automation and required operators to manually track and record process data. To improve consistency and increase throughput, Calumet implemented a completely virtualized PlantPAx process automation solution. Harnessing the capabilities
of FactoryTalk software, data collection and batch reporting are now fully automatic, consistent and cost efficient. The virtualized platform provides a cost-effective connection to valuable data off site, so plant staff can address issues remotely, saving hours in maintenance time and costs.

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  • 1. Copyright © 2014 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PUBLIC INFORMATION Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.: Virtualized PlantPAx® Improves Consistency and Throughput
  • 2. AGENDA • Introduction • Project Goals • Selecting a PlantPAx Solution • System Overview • Results • Lessons Learned • Next Steps • Questions
  • 4. WHO IS CALUMET? A leading independent producer of high-quality, specialty hydrocarbon products. Headquarted in Indianapolis, IN with locations throughout the United States.
  • 5. CALUMET LOUISIANA SYNTHETICS – LOUISIANA MO • Produces polyol ester based synthetic lubricants • Refinery Facility located in Louisiana, MO • 36 Million Lbs./Year Capacity • Refines Fatty Acids and Alcohols into Polyolester based synthetic lubricants • Batch Esterification Process
  • 7. WHO IS MALISKO ENGINEERING? • Experts in manufacturing automation and validation • Founded in 1994 • Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri USA – Historic Laclede’s Landing on the Mississippi Riverfront • Regional Office in Denver, Colorado USA – Serving the Rocky Mountain Region and the West • Rockwell® Solution Partner for Control, Process, and Information Systems. • CSIA Certified Member • Member of NFPA Historic Laclede’s Landing St. Louis, MO Denver, CO Malisko Western Regional Office
  • 10. PROJECT GOALS • Automate a Primarily Manual Operation – Convert manual valves to automatic control – Minimize operator intervention by reducing operator interactions in field by over 200 steps per batch – Automate Pressure and Temperature Control • Manage formulations electronically • Migrate manual batch records to electronic batch records • Improve Product Consistency • Migrate Antiquated Tank Farm HMI to New System
  • 12. “TRADITIONAL” DCS VS. PLANTPAX Criteria Traditional DCS Local Support Single Local Solutions Provider Local Eco-System consisting of dozens of local Integrators and Solution Partners Scalability Hardware + Additional License required for additional I/O No additional licensing required Topology Dedicated Servers. Software and Hardware Upgrades Expensive Virtualization Fully Supported – Decoupling Hardware from Software
  • 14. DEFINE CONTROL STRATEGY • Needed to Estimate system parameters such as Server Tags, Memory Usage and Execution Time. • S-88 Modeling - Define Control Modules, Equipment Modules, Phases and Unit Procedures
  • 15. PLANTPAX SYSTEM CHARACTERIZATION Characterization verifies that the system provides the required performance.
  • 16. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE • Single Physical Server with four virtualized images – FactoryTalk® View Server – ThinManager Remote Desktop Server – FactoryTalk Historian – FactoryTalk VantagePoint® & Transaction Manger – Two View Thin Clients • Foundation Fieldbus – Move segments from existing DCS to PlantPAx – Combine 3 segments into 1 segment • “Traditional” I/O used for new field devices – Easier to troubleshoot for plant support – No significant cost savings using bus technologies • VPN Connection into system for Remote Support
  • 17. PLANTPAX PROCESS OBJECTS • v3.0 PlantPAx process objects used • “Out of the Box” PlantPAx AOIs used • “Enhanced” PlantPAx Global Objects used
  • 18. FORMULATION • All Product formulas reside in the program. • Formulations can be changed, added and removed from HMI with proper security.
  • 19. CONVERT LOG SHEETS Convert Manual Data Collection to Automatic Data Collection
  • 20. VANTAGEPOINT REPORTING All Log Sheets available via VantagePoint
  • 21. VANTAGEPOINT REPORTING Daily Tank Farm Report ran and printed at 7 AM
  • 22. RESULTS
  • 23. IMMEDIATE RESULTS • Batch Consistency – All Formula Parameters reside in the system – All operators now run the system the same • Batch Cycle Time Optimization – Roll from one step in the batch to the next. – No longer waiting for the operator to perform the next step before moving forward.
  • 24. IMMEDIATE RESULTS CONTINUED • Eliminate the “I Think” and turn it into “I Know” – All devices historized – Batch Records can be pulled from VantagePoint since Batch Number one on the System. – Identify opportunities to increase capacity beyond initial 4- 5% capacity by eliminating process bottlenecks. • Heat Cycle Tracking – Reliable Data showing heat cycle and adjustments made during the cycle – Optimize heat cycle over the course of a batch
  • 25. LONG TERM BENEFITS – Operator Comfortable with system before major expansion – Ease of adding additional points to system • No additional licensing required. • Using prebuilt PlantPAx objects like the Dosing AOI simplifies brining in externally totalized additions into system. • Tracking additions gives Calumet ability to bill customers accurately for formulation.
  • 27. LESSONS LEARNED • Use Domain Controllers – Even on Small systems, managing security becomes a challenge in a workgroup environment. • Foundation Fieldbus Network Design – Verify Network Topology Design before commissioning. – Poor Design = Poor signal quality & Loss of Device Communications • Remote Support via VPN is a must!
  • 28. NEXT STEPS • $40 million expansion – Tank Farm Expansion - Automating New Tank farm – Bring two new fully automated kettles on-line
  • 29. NEXT STEPS • Migrate existing Traditional DCS controlling Kettle D to PlantPAx – Foundation Fieldbus and AS-Interface • Add Waste Water Treatment into PlantPAx system. • Convert existing manual tank farm operations unit-by-unit.
  • 31. Copyright © 2014 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We care what you think!  On the mobile app: 1. Locate session using Schedule or Agenda Builder 2. Click on the thumbs up icon on the lower right corner of the session detail 3. Complete survey 4. Click the Submit Form button 31 Please take a couple minutes to complete a quick session survey to tell us how we’re doing. 2 3 4 1 Thank you!!
  • 32. Copyright © 2014 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PUBLIC INFORMATION Thank you!