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Project Proposal Sample From Capgemini
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Project Proposal Sample From Capgemini


Project Proposal trained by Capgemini

Project Proposal trained by Capgemini

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  • 2. This Document is Confidential. Version 1.3Published on November 10, 2008
  • 3. Notice to the Recipient of this ProposalThe information contained herein is considered proprietary and confidential information of Capgemini ConsultingIndia Pvt. Ltd. (“Capgemini”), and its release would offer substantial benefit to competitors offering similarservices. This material includes descriptions of methodologies and concepts derived through substantial researchand development efforts undertaken by Capgemini. Therefore, the use or release of the information contained inthis proposal for purposes other than an evaluation of its contents as a basis for contract award is prohibited, and itis the position of Capgemini that the materials herein are not considered subject to release under the Right toInformation Act, 2005 if applicable.Copyright 2008 Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.All rights reserved. No part of this proposal may be reproduced by any means or transmitted without the priorwritten permission of Capgemini except with respect to copies made or transmitted internally by you for the purposeof evaluating this proposal. All copies of this proposal (or any portion hereof) and any accompanying electroniccopies should be returned to Capgemini or, at Capgemini’s option, destroyed at the end of the proposal evaluationperiod if Capgemini is not selected.Neither submission by Capgemini nor your acceptance of this proposal, in whole or in part, constitutes acceptanceby Capgemini of any contractual terms contained in your Request for Proposal, if any, and shall not form a bindingagreement between the parties. Such an agreement shall only exist upon the execution of a mutually acceptablecontract by both parties. Except as otherwise set forth in such a contract, Capgemini makes no representations orwarranties to you.The term "Capgemini" appearing elsewhere in this proposal may refer to Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd., or to one ormore of its global affiliates (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the content or meaning thereof meanand include its successors and assigns). However, this proposal is being submitted only by Capgemini India Pvt.Ltd., which is solely responsible for its contents, and Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. shall be the contracting entity if itsproposal is selected. Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP i
  • 4. Date: 10th November, 2008Office of the General Manager (I.T.),Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.,Prakashgad, 3rd Floor, Plot No. G-9,Anand Kanekar Marg, Bandra (E),Mumbai – 400 051.Dear Sir,It is a pleasure to introduce Capgemini as one of the largest IT consulting and technology service providercompanies in the world. We are one of the largest service partners of SAP and the leading provider of ITrelated services to the Energy and Utilities vertical globally. In India, we are a team of 20,000+ technologyprofessionals based across multiple locations in India, making us an MNC with a global face and a localbase. With over 5000 professionals based out of Mumbai, we believe that we are best qualified,technically and realistically, to help MSPGCL in their envisaged SAP project.We are presenting to the Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Ltd. our bid for yourorganization for SAP Implementation and Rollout Services. We have highlighted our strengths,capabilities and experience across various technologies, specifically in the verticals utilities & publicsector and also SAP implementation and application development across the globe. Having working withleading organizations in both the government and private sector, Capgemini combines a plethora ofutilities and SAP implementation services experience and global best practices to offer value addedservices in consulting, audits and implementations of large scale ERP implementation and supportprojects.In addition to this document which is the covering letter of the bid document set, please also find enclosedAnnexures 1-10 with ready references. We have enclosed the required number of references and someadditional references which will add value to our solution for your specific project. We have strived hard toprovide the reference details (purchase orders, client references) and have provided most of the publiclyavailable details which fulfill the bid requirement. In some cases this information was highly sensitive andhence masked. However, our qualification is taken care of by the information provided in selected cases.We look forward to your response on our bid. Please contact the undersigned for any further clarificationson this document.Yours truly,For Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.,Neeraj Balani.Capgemini India Pvt. Limited.SEP2-B3, Godrej Industries Complex,Eastern Express Highway, Vikhroli (W)Mumbai – 400079.neeraj.balani@capgemini.comCell: +91-9930493828MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP ii
  • 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS1 Executive Summary.............................................................................................................12 Project Background.............................................................................................................33 Capgemini Proposal ............................................................................................................5 3.1 Project Scope ................................................................................................................................ 5 3.1.1 Organizational, Process & Functional Scope........................................................................ 5 3.1.2 RICEF Development Scope ................................................................................................ 11 3.1.3 Technical Scope.................................................................................................................. 14 3.2 Solution Approach....................................................................................................................... 16MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP iii
  • 6. 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYCapgemini India is pleased to submit its proposal for implementation and roll out of SAP ECC6.0 for MSPGCL. The objective of this proposal is to showcase our understanding of yourrequirements and how Capgemini India is well placed to offer the solution efficiently and costeffectively.We understand the importance placed by MSPGCL on the selection of the ERP serviceprovider, who can demonstrate a capacity for managing a high quality, cost effective projectdelivery with adequate experience in the utilities vertical and SAP technology at the global level.We believe our approach and credentials will clearly demonstrate key points of differentiation forCapgemini to deliver high quality IT projects. We propose to deliver this project over 18 month’sduration with first 12 months being the pilot implementation followed by rollouts spread over aperiod of 6 months.Our deep industry knowledge and vast SAP implementation and roll out experience positionsCapgemini to confidently deliver the desired results to MSPGCL. Having implemented some ofthe largest SAP projects in the world, a few of our projects in Utilities have been studied andawarded as benchmarks (Canada based power generation, transmission & distributioncompany) for project management and quality standards by leading IT industry experts. A teamof over 22,000 professionals based in India means Capgemini will be truly be able to leverageits global experience and channel it effectively for your envisaged project. Our empanelment asa consultant for the prestigious APDRP initiative is a testimony of our qualification andexperience as a service provider of business oriented technology services to global IT giantsacross the world.We plan to depute a team which brings a blend of Power generation experience with SAP rollout expertise to ensure complete coverage of business needs in business blueprint to befollowed by a disciplined approach during roll out. Our proposed solution will help MSPGCL toattain; Financial and operational procedure streamlining & effectiveness. Real time access to information and analytics to ensure efficient, transparent decision making at the highest levels. Improved operational efficiencies due to process re-engineering, improvements and automation. Supply chain and value chain optimization resulting in reduction of inventory, consumable and logistics costs. Efficient data management to avoid duplication of effort, accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of management information.We look forward to work with MSPGCL on this exciting project. In responding to your RFP, wefeel there are three keys factors that differentiate Capgemini: Our Collaborative Business Style Our People and Approach Our Energy & Utilities ExperienceMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 1
  • 7. Capgemini will team closely with you to work towards jointly defined the results and the meansto achieve them. How we work together is as important as what we achieve is together.Capgemini is eager to address your project goals and our collaborative style is one way weachieve this.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 2
  • 8. 2 PROJECT BACKGROUNDMSPGCL plans to Implement SAP ECC 6.0, Business Warehouse, PI, SAP Payroll and SAPESS for its 2 Head offices, 1 coal office, 10 Power Stations, 2 Hydro divisions and 7 hydrodivisions over a period of 18 months in two phases.The breakup of phase 1 and phase 2 is given below:1) Phase 1 – Pilot – 12 months Mumbai, Chandrapur, Pophali, Koyana Uran Gas Power Station Coal office, Nagpur2) Phase 2 – Rollouts – 6 months 6 Power Stations Bhusaval, Koradi, Khaperkheda, Nashik, Paras and Parli 2 Hydro Monitoring cell at Pune & Nashik, 6 Hydro divisions located at Bhira, Panshet, Tillari, Vaitarana, Veer & Bhatghar and 1 Yeldari Hydro Power Stations MSPGCL, from its initiative expects to: Improve operational efficiencies in all the plants by increasing information availability and adopting process improvements. Reduce working capital requirement by optimising the inventory of spares, fuels and other consumables across the plants. Increase the availability of plants and improve equipment utilisation by adopting scientific maintenance management practices and techniques. Set in place a system to capture information to build accountability for performance across organisational levels at the corporate office and plants. Integrate systems to address issues relating to data management to avoid duplication of effort, accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of management information. Streamline the accounts functionalities for efficient cash flow management & enable profit- centre accounting. Ensure that the right incumbent is selected, allotted the right job at the right time and address career grooming / job enrichment of MSPGCL employees. Ensure that the IT systems are ready for the future competitive environmentDuring our various interactions and through the tender document, we have understood theabove objectives for this project from a process perspective. In defining the project plan andsolution, we have identified all the core business processes, limitations & expectations acrossall the Locations. We have also carried out detailed evaluation and a plan for leveraging thefunctionality of PPMS (Power Plant Monitoring System)Currently MSPGCL Group companies have very less automation or no automation in most ofthe core business processes. With SAP implementations it is expected that most of thebusiness processes will be mapped to SAP and as a result some of the legacy applicationswould be retired. At the same time the Generation Control Room, E-Tendering system,Exchange server and the CPF system will continue to function and a roadmap for theirupgrade/retirement (by mapping them into higher dimension SAP modules be mutuallydiscussed between MSPGCL and Capgemini at the end of this project).MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 3
  • 9. Based on our experience in similar projects, we believe that the business case for implementingSAP solution is strong and that the overall cost of ownership of these business processes canbe reduced.Broadly MSPGCL has 2 Head offices, 1 coal office, 10 Power Stations, 2 Hydro divisions and 7hydro divisions which are considering for SAP implementation.The core processes at MSPGCL (indicated as per the tender document) include: Corporate Planning Engineering and Quality Assurance Contracts Procurement of materials and fuel HR & Payroll Maintenance Commercial Finance and Accounting Payroll Managerial Accounting Document Management Projects Environment Health and SafetyCurrently we understand MSPGCL has decided to implement the core SAP ECC 6.0 along withBI, EP and PI which will cover most of the business processes envisaged.This proposal is aimed to provide detailed solution and implementation approach for the entireMSPGCL Group. Based on our study of MSPGCL business processes we plan to form adedicated teams as: SAP Implementation and Roll out team SAP Solution Support teamThese project teams would be governed by common project management principles andgovernance approach and based on the timelines there would be an overlap. They wouldobserve separate timelines and have separate set of resources. The resources would come withappropriate skills required in respective phases of the project.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 4
  • 10. 3 CAPGEMINI PROPOSAL3.1 Project ScopeWe have organized the Scope into the following areas:Organizational, Process & FunctionalRICEF Development Reports and Forms Scope Interface Scope Data Conversion Scope Technical Enhancement Scope Workflow ScopeTechnical Technical Infrastructure Scope3.1.1 Organizational, Process & Functional ScopeOrganizational Scope Languages Supported: EnglishPhase-1 Work Location – Mumbai Power Plant sites in scope for Phase-1 Mumbai, Chandrapur, Pophali, Koyana Uran Gas Power Station Coal office, Nagpur All the business blue-print and configuration work will be done at Mumbai Core user training will be done at Mumbai End-user training for phase-1 will be done at Mumbai and Nagpur sitesMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 5
  • 11. Organizational ScopePhase-2 Work Locations Phase-2 – Mumbai Power Plant sites in scope for Phase-2 rollouts 6 Power Stations Bhusaval, Koradi, Khaperkheda, Nashik, Paras and Parli 2 Hydro Monitoring cell at Pune & Nashik, 6 Hydro divisions located at Bhira, Panshet, Tillari, Vaitarana, Veer & Bhatghar and 1 Yeldari Hydro Power StationsFor Rollout in phase-2, the gap analysis for rollout will be done at Mumbai. Guidelines for End user Training Based on our past experience for carrying out such implementation and indicated number of users, we propose train the trainer approach. Capgemini recommends the batch size shall not exceed 20 participants. Capgemini team will prepare detailed how-to guides for future use of the MSPGCL. Capgemini proposes a cluster based training approach for end-users to cover all the eleven location via three training sites, viz Mumbai, Nagpur and Nashik (any other location as per MSPGCL convenience) Change Management − Capgemini will assist MSPGCL in change management activities while implementing SAPProcess Scope Procure to Pay Inventory Management and contracts Quality assurance Finance Accounting and controlling Project Management Human Resource management Power Plant Maintenance Environment Health and Safety Document Management Energy Data ManagementMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 6
  • 12. SAP ERP Functionality Material Management Purchasing Inventory Management Services Management QM interface for inventory Master Data management Invoice Verification Contract Management Goods receipt processing Quality Management Inbound quality check Calibration of Equipments Finance & Controlling General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivables Bank Accounting Cost center Planning Marketing Expenditure Period End Activities Asset Accounting Real Estate Management Travel ManagementMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 7
  • 13. SAP ERP Functionality Project Systems Project structuring Resource planning Material Planning Scheduling Cost planning Budgeting Execution Settlement HR Organizational Management Personnel Administration Time Management Payroll Personnel Development & Career and succession Planning. Recruitment ESS/MSS Personal Cost Planning Plant Maintenance Structuring of Technical Systems Preventive Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance Calibration Maintenance Work Clearance Management. Environment Health and Safety Industrial Hygiene and Safety Waste Management Occupational Health Product SafetyMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 8
  • 14. SAP ERP Functionality Document Management System Document info record Document distribution Display and assignment of documents Energy Data Management Recording energy data Energy data reportingSAP BI/PI/EP ScopeBI reports in following functional areas would be created using Business Content: Financials GL Accounts Payable Accounts receivable Supply Chain Procurement analysis Quality Management Inventory analysis Plant Maintenance Analysis of notifications and causes and maintenance orders Planned/actual deviations Outstanding tasks and orders and MTTR and MTBR Project Systems Actual and Planned cost, actual and planned work for selected projects Project Progress and cost Project Claims and PaymentsMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 9
  • 15. SAP BI/PI/EP Scope Human Capital Management Personnel Administration/Personnel Development: – Head Count (Average/change in staffing levels/Average Age/Avg LOS/Headcount FTE) – Entries and Leavers – Personnel Actions – Annual comparison of Qualifications – Appraisal reports Recruitment: – Applications and Applicants – Hires/Contracts Organizational Management: – Vacant Positions per job – Staff positionsBased on the RFP document and subsequent responses we have also identified the exclusionsfrom the scope. These are based on our experience from the Utility sector.HR module: Following sub-modules are out of scope for HR implementation for MSPGCL. Budget Management Benefits Training and Event Management Learning Solutions Compensation Management E- Recruitment Management of Global Employee Concurrent EmploymentFI/CO module: Following sub-modules are out of scope for FI/CO implementation for MSPGCL. Profitability analysisPlant Maintenance and EHS: Integration with Mobile devices and 3rd party systems.BI development: Drill down capability from SAP BI to non SAP systems Business Planning and Simulation Report creation in any other system other than SAP BI Regional reporting requirements for each power plant Open Hub reportsEnterprise Portal: Integration with existing E-Tendering system is out of scopeMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 10
  • 16. Document Management System: Custom Object linking to DIR. Scanning of hard copies to Soft copy of documents Converting Soft copies of document to SAP acceptable formatProject System: Standard project system functionality would be implemented. Since we don’thave a compliance matrix like other modules, the relevant portions of this module as applicableto MSPGCL would be decided during the blueprint phase3.1.2 RICEF Development ScopeWe aim to implement standard SAP solution as much as possible. In the process we do feel thatcertain areas would need customized development efforts to map the business processes. Inour proposal we have accounted for the development work shown in the RICEF calculationwhich includes functional specification, coding effort, unit testing & implementation.We have drilled down the scope and have estimated number of RICEF’s required for thisproject;Reports High 02 Medium 16 Low 04 Total 22Conversions High 05 Medium 05 Low 10 Total 20Primarily conversions would be required for master data migrationOpen items, Master data etc. - AP, AR, GL, AA, Cost centers, Profit centersEnhancementsMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 11
  • 17. High 10 Medium 20 Low 10 Total 40Enhancements are required for customer specific changes to standard SAP screen, user-exitsetc.Forms High 6 Medium 8 Low 6 Total 20It would include various documents printing (e.g. Purchase order, Check Printing, Payroll slipsetc)Interfaces High 2 Medium 3 Low 1 Total 6Interfaces would be required to be built from GRC , e-tendering and CPF systems to SAP ECCusing SAP XI. Apart from these, 3 more interfaces are envisaged for Bio-metric attendance,exchange server and other applications.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 12
  • 18. Data ConversionThis shall include the following tasks: Training and facilitating the MSPGCL’s team that will actually carry out the data cleaning effort Assistance in Base Data preparation, Checking data quality and Integrity Identification & development of the data upload/download programs Guidance for creating data extraction programs in the legacy systems to convert into the format as required by SAP Providing data migration tools to Client Integration testing of the configured system using the populated master and transaction dataData Migration objects identifiedFor FI: Load Asset balances Open G/L balances Load Reconciliation account balances.For MM: Material master data Vendor master data Purchasing info records Source list Initial stock uploading Open purchase order Open purchase requisition if required Open contracts and scheduling agreements Condition records for taxesFor PM: Load Historical Maintenance work orders of last 5 years. Load all Equipments Load Preventive Maintenance task lists Load Preventive maintenance plansFor PS: Load all open PO’s: PO’s for which no GR is done Load all VendorsMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 13
  • 19. For HR: Organization Units Positions Jobs Tasks Employee Master data Employee Leave balances Uploading Payroll related information (History) Capturing attendance in Time Management directly from excel/flat files3.1.3 Technical ScopeOverall Single instanceVersions/Modules Included SAP ECC 6.0 SAP BI 7.0 SAP EP 7.0 SAP PI 7.0Proposed Landscape Sandbox Development Quality Assurance / Testing ProductionMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 14
  • 20. Only the development hardware for the initial 8 months would be provided by Capgemini. Afterthis period, the entire development application would be ported to MSPGCL servers.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 15
  • 21. 3.2 Solution Approach MSPGCL Solution Architecture Management Executives Employees E-Learning E-Learning Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) SAP Collaboration Collaboration webservice webservice SAP XI/PI 7.0 integration layer webservice webservice webservice webservice SAP XI/PI 7.0 integration layer webservice webservice Solution Manager Solution Manager SAP SAP SAP ECC 6.0 SAP BI 7.0 SAP BI 7.0 SAP ECC 6.0 Legacy Applications Legacy Applications SAP ECM SAP ECM FI/CO FI/CO E-Tendering System E-Tendering System Reporting Reporting MM/QM MM/QM GCR GCR DMS DMS Analyticals Analyticals HR HR CPF CPF Biometric Attendance Biometric Attendance EHS EHS System System PS PS Exchange Server Exchange Server PM PM Weigh bridges Weigh bridges CE v6.3The above diagram highlights the Solution overview that we propose for MSPGCL.SAP ECC 6.0 version will be the ERP central component and supported by SAP BI for analytics,SAP PI for Information integration and SAP Enterprise Portal.The following systems at MSPGCL will be retained after SAP implementation and hence needto be interfaced with SAP: GCR (Generation Control Room) System – For Analytics E-Tendering system CPF System – Provident fund details to centralized system. We expect this to be a batch upload and appropriate decision of whether to go for interface or a programmed batch job will be taken during the blueprint phase.The system will also have a provision to interface with the following systems as and when theyare fully operational Exchange Server – Communication channel Biometric Attendance System – HCM component for Time EntryMSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 16
  • 22. As part of our study, we identified the important processes which need to be addressed whenwe implement SAP. We have devised our strategy to group your SAP implementation into twophases. Phase-1 will cater to base-line implementation at pilot sites identified by MSPGCL.Phase-2 would be roll out of the solution developed in phase-1 at different power plant sites.Following discussion outlines broad level requirements and brief solutions proposed for eachprocess at MSPGCL. The detailed discussion and solution definition for these processes wouldbe part of our implementation strategy.MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 17
  • 23. MSPGCL SAP Implementation & Roll out Services Response to RFP 18
  • 24.© 2009 Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. No part of this document may be modified,All Rights Reserved deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior permission from Capgemini US LLC.