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  • 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 2. Range of Technology I used to Create my series of Music Products• Youtube: The site that hosts my videos, very useful for finding videos of other bands work.• Vimeo: Useless website in my opinion, but was helpful in finding videos done by other students.• www.beastieboys.com: The band website, I found the record label from this site.• Fireworks 2004: If I knew how to work Photoshop I would have used it, but instead I used Fireworks. It still proved useful, but I wish I had Photoshop experience.• iMovie: To me, the simplest and most effective way of creating a music video.
  • 3. Process of Creation from iMovie Due to my only basic training with a Mac, did not know where or if the Mac has a print screen button therefore I had to use my camera to take the photo’s Applying an effect to the video, the long winded way. Applying a slow motion effect to the video. Altering the length of specific segments in the video.
  • 4. Process of Creation from FireworksInserting boxes where tour Erasing areas of my picture for draft fiveinformation would be placed later on. of the poster finally placing a new picture in the products. Testing various fonts to go with my products. Learnt that finding a good font is very difficult and tricky. Trying out an example on the cd back using a tattoo.
  • 5. If I Were To Produce This Project Again…The main problem I had with my music video was deciding on thesong, I had originally intended to use the song “Guitar Gangstersand Cadillac Blood” by Volbeat since I believed that the song wasan appropriate choice due to its many different themes such asvillainy and segregation. I even in the summer of 2011 filmed thefootage for a potential video. However I had conducted littleresearch on music videos and the material I had collected would nothave slotted well into a music video. Hence I changed the song inNovember and filmed again this time to the song “Sabotage,” byThe Beastie Boys and I think you will agree that I made the correctchoice in changing the song. I also if I conducted that project againwould change colour scheme I used and stop myself from usinggreen as much since this halted progression in my product. Myproduct only started progression when I changed the green to greyand made the album look far more like a rock album.