Your Rights... Defined!


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South Florida property tax appeal procedures and steps available to taxpayers.

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Your Rights... Defined!

  1. 1. Florida property tax appeal<br />Rock Pinnacle<br />South Florida’s Leading Property Tax Appeal Agency<br />Residential  Condominium  Vacant Land  Luxury Residential  Commercial<br />
  2. 2. Ask yourself 3 easy questions<br />HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY IN HOME PROPERTY TAXES? <br />WHAT WAS THE ASSESSED VALUE GIVEN THEN?<br />WHAT IS THE APPRAISED VALUE ROUGHLY NOW? <br />As heard on the Following Radio & TV Stations<br />
  3. 3. Ask yourself 3 easy questions<br />If the difference between the above appraised home values exceed over <br />$ 20,000<br /> then this means your substantially Over-Paying your property taxes.<br />As heard on the Following Radio & TV Stations<br />
  4. 4. Ask yourself 3 easy questions<br />To avoid over-paying, many homeowners areeither self-appealing for lower property taxes OR to enhance the odds of a successful appeal, hiring a Quality Agency that specializes inappeal filings. <br />As heard on the Following Radio & TV Stations<br />
  5. 5. It is your Right… Defend it!F.S. Title XIV Ch. 192-194<br />(a) The right to an informal conference with the property appraiser to present facts the taxpayer considers to support changing the assessment and to have the property appraiser present facts supportive of the assessment upon proper request of any taxpayer who objects to the assessment placed on his or her property (see s. 194.011(2)).<br /><ul><li>(b) The right to petition the value adjustment board over objections to assessments, denial of exemption, denial of agricultural classification, denial of historic classification, denial of high-water recharge classification, disapproval of tax deferral, and any penalties on deferred taxes imposed for incorrect information willfully filed. Payment of estimated taxes does not preclude the right of the taxpayer to challenge his or her assessment</li></li></ul><li>Florida | Due Process Steps<br />Informal Proceedings with Property Appraisers Office<br /><ul><li>Preliminary Negotiations with County Property Appraisers Office. </li></ul>File Petition – County Clerks Office<br /><ul><li>Before statutory deadline, late petitions are seldom accepted unless proof of extenuating circumstances can be provided</li></ul>Prepare Evidence for Assessment Reduction<br /><ul><li>Collection of Value(s), Comparables, Articles of Defense, Property Photographs and Sketches</li></ul>Exchange Evidence with County Appraiser<br /><ul><li>As Per F.S. 192 & 194</li></ul>Present Evidence to Value Adjustment Board<br /><ul><li>County Appraiser and Taxpayer or Taxpayer Representative present to the magistrate factual data and defense articles on why their value is “correct” – however it is presumed that the Count Appraiser is already correct. It is the Taxpayer or Taxpayer representative job to prove otherwise.</li></ul> Value Adjustment Board will send notice of final order within 120 days of Hearing, if the decision is not to your satisfaction the decision can be appealed within a circuit court system.<br />
  6. 6. Rock pinnacle’s master AppraiserOn the News<br />Master Appraiser Medina was Recognized 08/26/2009 by Miami-Dade County Appraiser : “as an experienced and efficient Appraiser with a tight defense system, hasn’t been able to beat a case against her yet.”<br />Master Appraiser Medina has revolutionized the property tax appeal industry by actively changing the way Broward County valuates property… (02/2010)<br />
  7. 7. Rock Pinnacle Services<br />Valuation Services <br />Taxation Value Search under Florida Statutory guidelines<br />12 Point Property Defense Report<br />Do-it-Yourself Individual – Full Valuation of Property w/ Articles of Defense<br />County Appraisal Proceedings Package<br />Full Negotiation/Representation at the Informal Proceedings at the County Appraiser’s Office<br />VAB Property Defense Package<br />Full Negotiation/Representation at the Administrative Hearing at the County Value Adjustment Board<br />Why Go with the Rest, When you can have the Best. <br />
  8. 8. Fee Schedule<br />Depending on the individual aspects of each case, flexible compensation choices can include a flat representation service fee (is available for residential properties under one (1) million dollars), or — as many clients prefer — a contingency based representation fee which is based on a percentage of the total savings we generate for the client (is available for all property types). <br />While there is a minor upfront charge* for setup and processing, clients pay nothing more until success is achieved in attaining a property tax reduction. In the event there is no reduction in the property's assessed value, no fee whatsoever will be charged.<br />*The upfront non-refundable processing fee encompasses administrative, research/development, analyst and third party vendor fees associated with services rendered prior to proceedings which include but are not limited to property valuation and the collection of articles of defense for subject property.<br />
  9. 9. Together we can DefendOUR right to proper taxation<br />Rock Pinnacle LLC  8901 SW 157th Ave #16 Miami, Fl. 33196 <br />Tel. (305) 717-7077  Fax (305) 717-7078  eMail  <br />