The daughters mary mceleney rm 62


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  • The daughters mary mceleney rm 62

    1. 1. THE DAUGHTERS BY: Joanna Philbin Mary McEleney Reading-Roche Period 5, 5-10-12
    2. 2. Joanna Philbin• Joanna Philbin was born in Los Angeles and grew up in New York City. Joanna is the daughter of famous television host Regis Philbin. She started writing her first book at age seven but only got to the second chapter. She got her BA from Brown University and an MFA from the University of Notre Dame. She now lives in Los Angeles and working on a new series of books.
    3. 3. The Daughters Summary • The only teenage daughter of famous supermodel Katia Summers is Lizzie Summers who likes to be behind the scenes instead of being in the spotlight like her Mom. When Lizzie is at FAshion week with her Mom, a reporter asks Lizzie if she likes her Mom being a super model and Lizzie tells the reporter that she thinks her mom looks horrible because she wears clothes on the runway that makes her look like a eighteen year old instead of her own age. The word that Lizzie has said this about her Mom gets around pretty fast and Lizzie is embarrassed and could not believe she just said that on public t.v. A few days later Lizzie’s friend shows her a video on YouTube of Lizzie talking about her Mom. A couple months later Lizzie gets a call from a very famous fashion designer Martin Meloy He wants her to be the new face of his new fashion line. He also wants her because of “her unique look” Lizzie says yes but Katia tells her to say no but Lizzie doesn’t listen. Lizzie was now a model for Martin. On the other hand at school lizzie gets assigned a group project with a boy from her class Todd. Almost every time they try to schedule a time to work on it Lizzie has something for modeling or Todd has something else. There are a few times when they can meet. One time when Lizzie is at the shoot which is the same day and time when the project is due she over hears Martin talking to his assistant about Katia and how he was going to fire her because she was too old.
    4. 4. Main Characters• Lizzie Summers- Pretty, tall, shy, intimidated by her Mother. She can be close to her Mom. She is a freshman in high school. She is the daughter of super famous model• Katia Summers- Beautiful, tall, intimidating to other people, nice, know what she is doing. She is in her late thirties. She is a supermodel who is very famous.• Carina Jurgensen- Pretty, nice, funny, loyal, out going. She is best friends with Lizzie Summers. Her father is billionaire Karl Jergensen who has his own worldwide buisness.• Hudson Jones- stylish, boy crazy, pretty, loyal,smart. She is a freshman in high school and is the best friend of Lizzie Summers. Her mom is chart-topping pop singer Holla Jones.• Todd Piedmont- Funny, handsome, nice. He is a friend of Lizzie Summers. He is a freshman in high school. He is also the crush of Lizzie summers.
    5. 5. Breakdown of Plot• Introduction- Lizzie Summers is at Fashion week with her Mom. She is really bored and wants to leave. when she is sitting next to her Mom and reporter comes up and asks her what its like having Katia Summers as her Mom. Lizzie responds saying she thinks it stinks and her mom dresses like she is a teenager. Then she notices she just said that on camera. A couple days later her friends show her the video of her saying that about her mom was all over YouTube. Her Mom finds out and is sad and can not believe that her daughter would go something like that.• Rising Action- Lizzie is at school and there is a new boy Todd Piedmont went to school with Lizzie before but he moved away. Lizzie is talking about all the people she knows from school and who there are. Then Lizzie is taking about how much she likes Todd and how great he is. When Lizzie is in class, they get assigned group projects. Lizzie and Todd get paired up.• Climax- Lizzie is happy that she is with Todd for the project. Lizzie and Todd are talking about when they could get together for the project. Later Lizzie is told that Martin Melroy is interested in her for modeling for her. Lizzie meets with him and she likes the deals he s giving her. Katia kept telling her not to do it but Lizzie liked the idea now of bring in the spotlight.• Falling Action- Lizzie says yes to Martin and she is happy but Katia isn’t. Martin keeps trying to get in shoots for Lizzie but Katia keeps telling him that Lizzie is just a freshman. Lizzie and Todd set up a time to get together but Lizzie has shoots so she keeps missing.• Conclusion- While Lizzie is at her shoot she over hers Martin talking to his assistant on how he thinks Katia is too old to be his model and he was going to fire her. He also said her didn’t really like Lizzie modeling either. Then Lizzie ran out of there, went back to school and got there in time for her to do the repot with Todd.
    6. 6. VocabularyPg 27- Adj. Conceited- having anexcessively favorable opinion of one’s abilities, appearance.The Icks seemed to assume Lizzie Pg 122- N, Cantonese- A and her friends of being wildly chinese language spoken in conceited Canton. She said over a woman yelling in Cantonese. Pg 126- V. Consent- to permit, approve, or agree At the top was written notice of parental consent for minors. Pg 124- Verb- Intriguing- To arouse the curiosity or interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or Pg 123- V. Gravitated- to move compelling qualities. or tend to move under the An intriguing person. influence of gravitational force. Her eye gravitated to a gray fedora with a shiny black leather band.
    7. 7. Movie Cast• Molly C. Quinn- Lizzie Summers• Kate Hudson- Katia Summers• Ashley Benson- Carina Jergensen• Shay Mitchell- Hudson Jones• Austin Butler- Todd Piedmont
    8. 8. Soundtrack• Vouge By: Madonna- Look around everywhere you turn is heartache It’s everywhere that you go You try everything you can to escape The pain of life that you know when else fails and you to be something better than you are today I know a place where you could get away it’s called a dance floor and here’s what it’s for so come on vouge let your body move with the music hey, hey, hey COme on vouge let your body go with the flow you know you can do it• I picked this song because Lizzie is trying to stay away from fame but then she lets go and becomes famous
    9. 9. Rating• I give the daughters a 4 out of 5 because it was very good. I really like fashion and drama books and this book has exactly that.