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Matt hatch Behemoth

  1. 1. By: Scott Westerfeld Matt Hatch Reading Miss Roche Period 3 3/13/12
  2. 2. Scott Westerfeld born May 5, 1963 in Dallas. He went to school at Arts MagnetHigh School in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Vassar with a Bachelor ofArts in Philosophy in 1985. As a young man he moved many times while hisDad worked on the Apollo missions for NASA. He has written eighteen booksin his career as a novelist. Five of them were adults books and the otherthirteen were for young adults. He was a musician and wrote music for NewYork dancers. He married an Australian author named Justine Larbalestier in2001. The other young adult series that he wrote other than the Leviathanseries was Uglies, So Yesterday, Peeps, Midnighters, and The Risen Empire. Healso created the Powerpuff Girls choose your own adventure books sometimealong his career. He was a factory worker (making lead soldiers!) , a substituteteacher, a textbook editor, a software designer, and a ghost writer. He has donemany things with his life and had quite an exciting one I believe.Webpage:
  3. 3. Behemoth is a steampunk novel about the struggles that a boy name Alek (a prince) has and a girlnamed Deryn has. In their world there are Darwinists and Clankers. The Darwinists fabricatetogether new animals (like the Leviathan) for their way of life . Clankers use machines (like theGoeben) for their way of life. They do not get along well together normally but Alek and Deryn have aspecial relationship. Alek is an engineer for the Leviathan’s engines also even though his country is atwar with Britain. This is why his escaping is a big deal but also why the ship’s captain could notreport his escape. Alek joins the an anarchist group because he feels obligated to help stop the war.Deryn meets up with him and thinks that he is crazy but after he told her the reason he was withthem she agreed with his idea. Zaven, Lilit, and Nene play a big role in the book because of whattheir group does. They help Alek and Deryn stop the war and save the Leviathan from impendingdoom. Lilit also causes envy with Deryn when Deryn believes that Alek and her like each other.Deryn later finds out however that Lilit really likes Deryn thinking that she is a boy. The ways howZaven, Lilit, and Nene helped Alek and Deryn is by providing them with walker s to destroy a giantTesla cannon. Alek and Deryn arrive first and take down one elephant like Clanker contraption.They get into trouble but take down another elephant. The attention of the other elephants wasdiverted by the others. Zaven soon gets hit and it seems as though he won’t be able to move with thewalker. Klopp and Bauer run to Alek’s aid and the Oriental Express hits them. Lilit takes down onemore elephant. Then the perspicacious Loris says “Express,” Alek realizes that the train’s arms couldmow down the cannon. They get to the train car where the controls are and hit one shove the cannonenough to break one bolt. It fires at them and Zaven sacrifices himself and pushes is down. Theythen find Lilit who kisses Deryn and leaves. They go the aid of Klopp and Bauer and send semaphoresignals with the walker’s arms saying Sharp. Klopp is injured badly and needs the ship’s surgeon. Alekcan still escape though. Will Alek leave or stay? Read on to find out.
  4. 4. Main Characters1. Alek Hapsburg: first narrator of the novel, fifteen years old, very smart and a fast learner, son of Archduke Ferdinand and set not to inherit anything as well as his uncle is concerned, he also speaks Latin, German, English, French, and Hungarian fluently.2. Deryn/Dylan Sharp: second narrator of the book, teenager, whose father died in a horrible accident, with the help of her brother and disguised as a boy she sneaks onto the Air Service, and she is willing to risk her life to fly.3. Count Volger: strategist, ally and tutor of Alek , bitter and determined, and a snob.4. Dr. Nora Darwin Barlow: extremely witty, doctor of Darwinism/putting life threads of different animals together, granddaughter of Charles Darwin the founder of darwinism, inventor of the mysterious cargo.5-Otto Klopp: knowledgeable of machines, nice, ally and tutor of Alek , an optimist.6- Zaven: intelligent, leader, martyr, anarchist, strategist.7-Lilit: pretty, likes Deryn, able to get through tough times.8-Nene: knowledgeable, helpful, old, reads personalities.
  5. 5. Supporting Characters1. Cpl. Bauer: loyal, young, gave up everything on the missions for Alek’s safety.2. Master Engineer Hoffman: intelligent, Hapsburg guards, best engineer, cooks.3. Eddie Malone: smart, always trying to get a story, good at getting secrets.
  6. 6. Introduction– Alek is teaching Deryn how to fence.– Deryn gets semaphore flags from Midshipman Newkirk that he sees the two German ironclads. Rising Action– Alek is pushed by Klopp and then saves Klopp from a gunshot which hits Alek instead.– The Leviathan is struck by a Tesla cannon.– Deryn saves Newkirk from being drowning in the ocean after his Huxley died.– Count Volger tricks Deryn.– Deryn saves the Dauntless.– Alek, Klopp, and Bauer escape the Leviathan with one of Dr. Barlow’s mysterious creatures, and with Deryn’s knowledge.– The Germans secretly destroy Dr. Barlow’s egg at the sultan’s palace.– Eddie Malone takes a message to Count Volger.– Deryn completes her secret mission but everyone dies.
  7. 7. – Alek meets Zaven, Lilit, and Nene.– Deryn and Alek meet.– Alek loses his letter from the Pope after being chased by Germans and him, Lilit, and Deryn must retrieve it. Here Deryn discovers that Lilit likes her thinking she is a boy.– Alek and Deryn devise a plan to destroy the tesla cannon to save the Leviathan. Climax– Alek, Deryn, Klopp, Lilit, Zaven, and Bauer go to destroy the Tesla cannon.– Zaven sacrifices himself to destroy the cannon and Bauer and Klopp nearly die. Falling Action– Deryn convinces Alek to get on the Leviathan with her.– Alek’s picture can now be seen and his identity is revealed. Conclusion– Alek and Deryn save the Leviathan and all the crew aboard and continue their epic quest.
  8. 8. 1. Perspicacious- adj. having or showing an ability to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious.“’By being perspicacious, of course.’” 36%2. Elephantine- adj. very large like an elephant“The machine could pull a sledge or wagon like a real elephantine, she supposed, but there was nonein sight.” 22%3. Stateroom – n. a private compartment on a ship“They only locked Count Volger in his stateroom and I had to bring him breakfast every day!” 93%4. Masthead - adj. the title of a newspaper or magazine at the head of the front or editorial page“It was in English – New York World, read the masthead.” 96%5. Declamations – n. the act or art of declaiming“Soon Bovril was reciting whole conversations that Deryn shared with Alek or Lilit or Zaven, whilethe new beastie made declamations that sounded just like Dr. Barlow talking, even a few that had tobe Count Volger!” 95%
  9. 9. Alek Hapsburg played by: Logan Lerman
  10. 10. Deryn Sharp played by: Emma Watson
  11. 11. Dr. Nora Darwin Barlow played by: Helen Mirren Count Volger played by: Hugh Laurie
  12. 12. Otto Klopp played by: Liam Neeson Master Engineer Hoffman played by: Ian Somerhalder
  13. 13. Cpl. Bauer played by: Chris Evans Zaven played by: Brad Pitt
  14. 14. Lilit played by: Zoey Deschanel Nene played by: Glenn Close Eddie Malone played by: Henry Cavill
  15. 15. 1. The scene where Alek, Deryn, and Zaven push down the Tesla cannon: “Epic Legend” No lyrics. The scene where the Goebon strikes the Leviathan “A Losing Battle” Lyrics not available.
  16. 16. I gave Behemoth a rating of 5 out of 5 starsThe book was action packed and always made you want to read more. It had amazing amounts of detail as well. The new characters I thought were extremely well developed. The way it makes every action important. I alsoliked how they incorporated languages into the book and how knowing onecould prove extremely useful. I liked how every character had a meaning and fulfilled that meaning. I also liked the creature the perspicacious Loris and the way it acted. The book also combined the fantasy of Darwinists and Clankers with reality like the ship the Germans “borrowed” from theOttomans. The last thing I liked about the book was the heroism depicted: I thought it made the book very exciting. Overall I thought this book was extremely well written and I can’t wait to read the third book.