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Liam book report Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Hunger Games Book Two: Catching Fire By: SuzanneLiam JohnsonReading-Miss Roche CollinsPeriod 35-11-12
  • 2. Suzanne Collins: Biography• Suzanne Collins has been writing children’s booksand children’s TV shows since 1991. She has workedseveral Nickelodeon shows. She also wroteChristmas special Santa, Baby! She was recently awriter for Wow! Wow! Wubzy! and Clifford’s PuppyDays. While working on another show she metJames Proimos who talked her into writing children’sbooks. Gregor the Overlander, the first book in herfive-part fantasy series, The Underland Chronicles.Her most recent series is The Hunger Games which ismy favorite series. She lives in Connecticut with hertwo children, her husband Cap, and her two adoptedkittens.
  • 3. Summary •The Spark The story begins with Katniss Everdeen living in her new house in Victor’s Village about to goonto her victory tour. After she returns from hunting one day she receives an unexpected visit from PresidentSnow. The two have a heated conversation over Peeta and Katniss’s “love life”. Peeta does a fake proposalto Katniss and she accepts. Then there are rumors of uprisings in District 8. When Katniss finds Gale heconfesses his love for her but she does not feel the same way about him. Then she tells him about uprisingsin District 8. A while later Katniss sees a Peacekeeper named Thread whipping Gale. She jumps in to tryand stop the whipping but she gets a lash across her face. Gale and her are quickly taken to her mother. •The Quell Then there was announcement about the Quarter Quell Hunger Games. They had just learnedthat the participants would be two former victors from each district, and the two from District 12 are Peetaand Katniss. Peeta and Katniss study the clips of the last Hunger Games to try to learn the other competitorstechniques. Katniss tries to make alliances with some of the other tributes. She befriends to competitorsfrom District 3, Wiress and Beetee. In training, Peeta and Katniss each receive perfect scores. IN theinterview, Cinna made her dress turn into a mocking jay. Cinna is beaten for this action. •The Enemy At the beginning of the games, Katniss makes an alliance with Finnick, a tribute from District4. Peeta walks into a force-field while searching for water. Finnick gives him CPR. A little while later theymeet up with Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress. Wiress and Katniss then figure out that the arena and the gamesare a clock. Beetee then realizes that outside the force-field is the real world. When Beetee tries to blow upthe force-field Katniss shoots an arrow into a weak spot as lightning strikes and she blows up the entirearena. Haymitch and Plutarch tell her about the rebellion and that she needs to be the mocking jay. The shevisits Gale and he tells her that District was blown up.
  • 4. Characters • Main Characters • Katniss Everdeen- Katniss was a participant in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. Katniss has just come of her victory in the 74th Hunger Games. She is pretending to be in love with Peeta Mellark. She is part of the rebellion against the capitol. • Peeta Mellark- Peeta was a participant in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. Peeta has just come of his victory in the 74th Hunger Games. He is in love with Katniss Everdeen. He is part of the rebellion against the capitol. He almost dies but gets CPR from Finnick Odair • Haymitch Abernathy- Haymitch is the mentor for Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger Games. He is the only other living victor from District 12. He is an alcoholic. He promises Katniss he will keep Peeta alive.• Supporting Characters• Gale Hawthorne- He is Katniss’s best friend. He also hates the Capitol. He wishes an uprising wouldhappen in District 12 like in District 8. He is whipped for poaching a turkey.• Finnick Odair- He is an ally to Katniss from District 4. He won the 65 th Hunger Games. He is a keyperson in the rebellion.• Beetee- He notices a soft spot in the force field. He makes a wire thing that helps blow up the arena.
  • 5. Plot •Introduction- Setting: District 12 and The Arena- Katniss and her family live in victors village.- Katniss goes onto the victory tour- Uprisings have started in the districts •Rising Action- Peeta performs a fake proposal and Katniss accepts- Gale is getting whipped for poaching- Katniss steps in buts gets a lash across her face- She shoots two Peacekeepers- Katniss meets two girls going to District 13, she gives them supplies to survive •ClimaxThe climax of this story is when President Snow announces that for the Quarter Quell Hunger Games two former victorioustributes will compete from each district. This comes as a shock to Katniss and Peeta.
  • 6. Plot Continued •Falling Action- Katniss and Peeta study footage from past Hunger Games- Finnick Odair hits on Katniss and wants to become her ally- Katniss makes an alliance with Wiress and Beetee- Cinna turns Katniss’s wedding dress into a mocking jay-Peeta tells the crowd that Katniss is pregnant- The Games begin on an ocean- Peeta almost dies by running into the force-field but Finnick gives him CPR- Katniss gets a spile from Haymitch which she uses to get water from the inside of a tree- They meet up with Beetee, Wiress, and Johanna- They figure out that the arena is a clock •Conclusion-They blow up the arena with the wire and lightning- Katniss, Beetee, and Finnick are taken to District 13
  • 7. Starring ActorsKristen Stewart: Katniss Everdeen Taylor Lautner: Peeta Mellark
  • 8. Starring ActorsBrad Pitt: Haymitch Abernathy Gale Hawthorne: Zac Efron
  • 9. StarringActors Jon Heder: Beetee Jake Gyllenhall: Finnick Odair
  • 10. Soundtrack Tunes"Uprising"Paranoia is in bloom,The PR, transmissions will resumeTheyll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed downAnd hope that, we will never see the truth around(So come on)Another promise, another seedAnother, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed I chose this song for at theAnd all the, green belts wrapped around our mindsAnd endless red tape to keep the truth confined times in the book where(So come on) there are uprisings. It will fitThey will not force usThey will stop degrading us well because it is aboutThey will not control usWe will be victorious uprisings.So come onInterchanging mind controlCome let the, revolution takes its tollIf you could, flick the switch and open your third eyeYoud see that, we should never be afraid to die(So come on)Rise up and take the power backIts time the, fat cats had a heart attackYou know that, their times coming to an endWe have to, unify and watch our flag ascend(So come on)They will not force usThey will stop degrading usThey will not control usWe will be victoriousSo come onHey, hey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey, heyThey will not force usThey will stop degrading usThey will not control usWe will be victoriousSo come on
  • 11. Rating I gave The Hunger Games Book Two: Catching Fire a rating of 5 out of 5 stars I gave this book a 5 star rating because it was action packed and it was filled with lots of drama. If there was a part that I did not like it was the fake romance of Peeta and Katniss. Otherwise this was an amazing book.