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Julia koenig hatchet

  1. 1. Born May 17, 1939, Gary Pauslen is one of the best writers for young people. Although he was never a dedicated student, Gary developed a passion for reading at a young age. Because he ran away from home at the age offourteen, he acquired a taste for adventures, which shows in his novels. Living in the Minnesota woods in acabin, Paulson entered in two dogsled races, both of them were the Iditarod. After an injury in one of the races, hebegan to be more focused on writing, working eighteen or more hours a day. Three of Gary’s books have receivedNewberry Medals: Hatchet, Dogsong, and The Winter Room. Paulsen and his wife divide a home between New Mexico and their boat in the Pacific. http://www.randomhouse.com/features/garypaulsen/about.html
  2. 2. Hatchet begins when Brian is on a plane to go see his dad in Canada. His parents are divorced and he visits his dad every summer. Only Brian knows the secret that his mom had kept fromhis dad, who only knows part of the secret., which is the reason for the divorce. While Brian is on the plane, the pilot starts screaming, saying that his chest was falling apart, and Brian knows that the pilot is having a heart attack. With the pilotunconscious or dead, the plane runs out of fuel and it crashes into a lake. Brian winds up in a forest in the middle of nowhere. The wilderness puts his survival skills to the test since he runs into many wild animals and he has to find shelter, food, and water. He stays positive by thinking that his parents will find out that he is missing and come save him in a couple of days or so ( which willnot happen). Will Brian be rescued, or even survive to be rescued? Read the book to find out!
  3. 3. ~Main CharacterBrian- the main character, thirteen years old, boy, lives in New York Citywith his mom, sort-of chubby, his parents are divorced, becomes veryskinny from not eating a lot of food, can be easily frustrated, learns toappreciate nature. ~Supporting CharacterThe pilot-the pilot of the plane that Brian rides on, is quiet in thebeginning but later starts talking to Brian, lets Brian help fly theplane, dies of a heart attack, sinks to the bottom of the lake with theplane.
  4. 4. Introduction• Brian rides on a plane to go visit his dad in Canada when the pilot has a heartattack .• The plane runs out of fuel and it crashes down into a lake. Rising Action• Brian is deserted in the wilderness with no supplies or anything to help him getrescued.• Brian finds a good shelter, but still gets attacked by the swarms of mosquitoes.• Brian finds that he can drink the lake water, but cannot eat a type of berry thatmakes him very sick.• Brian finds raspberries and makes improvements to his shelter, like put-ting a wall in the opening. Climax• Brian makes a bow and arrow and a spear to catch fish, which issuccessful. Also, he creates fire and makes even better improvementsto his shelter.
  5. 5. Falling Action• Brian hears a plane pass by and tries to signal it, but they don’t see him.• Brian gets stampeded by a moose that just won’t stop beating him up.• A tornado comes and destroys everything that Brian had made, and almost gothim too.• Brian notices that the tip of the crashed plane was out of the water from thetornado.• Brian rebuilds everything that got destroyed, making the things stronger. Conclusion• Brian goes to the floating plane and finds a survival kit, full of all thesupplies he needs.• A plane lands where Brian has made camp and the pilot tells Brianthat he had seen the plane and came down to get a better look. Thenhe recognizes Brian and tells him that they have been searching forhim for two months.
  6. 6. Windbreaker- N. Used for a jacket made of wind-resistant material.“Instead he picked more and put them in his windbreaker.” Pp. 47Abated- V. To put an end to.“When he opened his eyes again it was evening and some of the sharp painhad abated.” Pp.26Keening- V. To lament, mourn, or complain loudly.“Worst was a keening throb that pulsed with every beat of his heart.” Pp. 27Hordes- N. A teeming crowd or throng.“With it came swarming hordes of mosquitoes.” Pp.28Incessant- Adj. Continuing or following without interruption.“Not to mention chasing away the incessant bugs.” Pp.96
  7. 7. The pilot played by: Robin WilliamsBrian played by:Greyson Chance
  8. 8. “In the Frame of Wilderness” The sky dressed in red by midsummer sunset, lake so tranquil filled with the scarlet tears, The dusk descends and sadly entwines the shades, In the pale moonlight, full of whispers, Over the forest creeping mist brings desires.I picked this song because it accurately describes the wilderness just like in the novel. Also, it mentions a forest and a lake like the ones Hatchet has.
  9. 9. I am giving Hatchet four out of five stars because it was a very descriptive novel, and I liked how the author told everything that the maincharacter, Brian, did to survive in the wilderness. The only thing that I didn’tlike was that sometimes it was a little hard to follow because at times it had too many details. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes nature, wilderness, adventure, and animals.