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Hannah DiValerio  Princess Academy Powerpoint
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Hannah DiValerio Princess Academy Powerpoint


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  • 1. HannahDiValerio Reading, Miss Roche 3rd 5/11/12
  • 2. Biography: Shannon Hale ShannonHale was bornon January26, 1974. She was born inSalt LakeCity, Utah. Shewas the middle child of five kids. She went to the Universityof Utah. She first studied a double major; they were Theaterand English. She decided her real passion was English, so she pursuedthat. She graduated from the MFAin 2000. Herfirst book was published by Bloomsburry, the UKpublisher of HarryPotter. She has four kids; their namesare Max, Maggie, Dinah, and Wren.
  • 3. Summary Themaincharacteris Miri. Shelives onMount Eskel. Duringthe beginning, she has to go to anacademy awayfrom the mountain. She has to go because in one year, the princewill choose one of the students to behis bride. Miri does not want to go for many reasons; one of them is that she does not want to leave herfather and hersister Marda. Despite this, she has to go anyways.Thereshe learns how to read and write. Also, she learns to haveproper manners. Shestands up for all the students because the teacher is strict and mean. She was elected the AcademyPrincess. Theprincesaid heliked herthe best, but the next day heabruptly left. Does she be selected as his wife or did something go wrong and the princewon’t come back?Is there some kind of twist? Read to find out.
  • 4. Characters Main Characters Miri is verysmall and petite. Sheis aroundfourteen through sixteen throughoutthe courseof the novel. She is veryfunny and just is brave. Sheturns out to besmart too. Supporting Characters Britta is a girl who had just moved to the mountain. She too had to go to the academy. At first, Britta did not talk to Miribut later shedid. Theysoon becamebest friends. Britta is shy but funny at the same time. Peder is Miri’s crush. Theyhad good times together and barely ever fought. Peder was always there when Miri needed help. Helikesto carvethings out of linder. Olana is the person who teaches Miri. She was mean andstrict, but only because shewanted everyoneto succeed
  • 5. Plot DiagramIntroduction Meet Miri and herdad and sister She hangs out with Peder for a little Theyare called to a town announcement Rising Action A lowlander told them that theyneeded girls for the prince’sfuturebride Miri has to leave She stands upfor thestudents, allowing them to have winter and spring break Miri helps the students pass their exams usingquarry speech to give them answers Climax Miri is crowned AcademyPrincess infront of herclassmates Falling Action Miri gets the first dance with the prince Hegoes ona walkwith herand tell hershe is by far the best Heleaves the next dayveryearly not giving an explanation Conclusion Theystudents and theirteacher, Olana get captured by bandits Thepeople of Mount Eskel save them Britta marries the princebecause it was planned all along. She went to the mountain because they needed a bride from thereand theprince came expecting to see her,but Britta acted as if she were sick; that is why heleft so soon. Miri and Peder are unofficially dating
  • 6. Vocabulary Interlocutor-noun/ a person who takespart in a dialogue or conversation/ 29%/“Youmust knowyour rankand that of yourinterlocutor,” said Olana Cudgels- noun/ a short thickstick used as a weapon/72%/ Some had golden loops intheir ears, some carried cudgels and staves Reverent-adjective/ feeling orshowing deep and solemn respect/20%/ Sheopened to the first page and started to read, pronouncingthe words in a reverentwhisper Defiant- adjective/ boldly resistant orchallenging/21%/Shehad just raised a defiant eyebrow whenshe tripped on one of the front steps and fell flat in the snow Bawling- verb/to shout or call noisily and unrestrainedly/29%/“Indeed, my lady Britta? How lovely for youto go to court with a palace full of plump, bawling lords and ladies rolling down the corridors.”
  • 7. Miri playedby:Chloe Mortez Pederplayedby: AlexanderLudwig Actors and Actresses
  • 8. Actors and Actresses Britta Played by: GeorgieHenley Olana played by: Susan Sarandon
  • 9. Songs Katy Perry“Part of Me”because it shows that know matter what, Miri will always be apart of Mount Eskel. For example, thequarry speech was all over this book.
  • 10. Rating This novel was verygood. It has wonderful description and intensemomentsthat left youwondering until you read on. It hada slight twist with romancetoo. Theonly thing that could have made this book better was that it explained things a tiny but more; it just went from one thing to the next for parts