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Hannah DiValerio Princess Academy Powerpoint

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  • 1. Hannah DiValerioReading, Miss Roche 3rd 5/11/12
  • 2. Biography:Shannon Hale Shannon Hale was born onJanuary 26, 1974. She was born inSalt Lake City, Utah. She was themiddle child of five kids. She wentto the University of Utah. She firststudied a double major; they wereTheater and English. She decidedher real passion was English, so shepursued that. She graduated fromthe MFA in 2000. Her first book waspublished by Bloomsburry, the UKpublisher of Harry Potter. She hasfour kids; their names areMax, Maggie, Dinah, and Wren.
  • 3. Summary The main character is Miri. She lives on MountEskel. During the beginning, she has to go to anacademy away from the mountain. She has to gobecause in one year, the prince will choose one of thestudents to be his bride. Miri does not want to gofor many reasons; one of them is that she does notwant to leave her father and her sister Marda.Despite this, she has to go anyways. There she learnshow to read and write. Also, she learns to haveproper manners. She stands up for all the studentsbecause the teacher is strict and mean. She waselected the Academy Princess. The prince said heliked her the best, but the next day he abruptly left.Does she be selected as his wife or did something gowrong and the prince won’t come back? Is there somekind of twist? Read to find out.
  • 4. CharactersMain Characters Miri is very small and petite. She is around fourteen through sixteen throughout the course of the novel. She is very funny and just is brave. She turns out to be smart too.Supporting Characters Britta is a girl who had just moved to the mountain. She too had to go to the academy. At first, Britta did not talk to Miri but later she did. They soon became best friends. Britta is shy but funny at the same time. Peder is Miri’s crush. They had good times together and barely ever fought. Peder was always there when Miri needed help. He likes to carve things out of linder. Olana is the person who teaches Miri.
  • 5. Introduction Plot Diagram Meet Miri and her dad and sister She hangs out with Peder for a little They are called to a town announcementRising Action A lowlander told them that they needed girls for the prince’s future bride Miri has to leave She stands up for the students, allowing them to have winter and spring break Miri helps the students pass their exams using quarry speech to give them answersClimax Miri is crowned Academy Princess in front of her classmatesFalling Action Miri gets the first dance with the prince He goes on a walk with her and tell her she is by far the best He leaves the next day very early not giving an explanationConclusion They students and their teacher, Olana get captured by bandits The people of Mount Eskel save them
  • 6. VocabularyInterlocutor- noun/ a person who takes part in adialogue or conversation/ 29%/ “You must know yourrank and that of your interlocutor,” said OlanaCudgels- noun/ a short thick stick used as aweapon/72%/ Some had golden loops in their ears,some carried cudgels and stavesReverent- adjective/ feeling or showing deep andsolemn respect/20%/ She opened to the first page andstarted to read, pronouncing the words in a reverentwhisperDefiant- adjective/ boldly resistant orchallenging/21%/ She had just raised a defianteyebrow when she tripped on one of the front stepsand fell flat in the snowBawling- verb/to shout or call noisily andunrestrainedly/29%/ “Indeed, my lady Britta? How
  • 7. Actors and Actresses PederMiri played by: Chloe played by:Mortez Alexander Ludwig
  • 8. Actors and ActressesBritta Played Olana played by:by: Georgie Susan SarandonHenley
  • 9. SongsKaty Perry “Part of Me”because it shows that knowmatter what, Miri will alwaysbe apart of Mount Eskel. Forexample, the quarry speechwas all over this book.
  • 10. RatingThis novel was very good. It has wonderfuldescription and intense moments that left youwondering until you read on. It had a slight twistwith romance too. The only thing that could havemade this book better was that it explainedthings a tiny but more; it just went from onething to the next for parts