Grace abbinante miss peregrine's home for peculiar children


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Grace abbinante miss peregrine's home for peculiar children

  1. 1. Grace AbbinanteReading- Miss RochePeriod 35-10-12
  2. 2. Ransom Riggs: Biography Ransom Riggs was born on a two hundred year old farm in rural Maryland. He alwayswanted to be a farmer, however when he moved to Florida there were few farms. Therewas very little to do so he began writing his own stories. In fact, he is still doing just thattoday! For three years he attended the University of Virginia’s Young Writer’s Workshop. Heloved writing, however he also had an interest in making movies. So he compromised, hewent to Kenyon College and studied English. He then moved out to Los Angeles to go to a filmschool at the University of Southern College. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He writesbooks and he also makes movies!
  3. 3. Summary Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a book filled with historicalfiction, fantasy, and a touch of mystery. Jacob’s grandfather always told him storieswhen he was young. They fascinated Jacob, but when he grew older the stories justseemed to unbelievable. Years later, Jacob is searching for his grandfather in thewoods and finds him soaked in blood and near death. Jacob knows there is notenough time to be able to get him to a hospital, so he simply waits with grandfatherwhile he dies. Jacob knows his grandfather is trying to tell him something importantbut his grandfather is not making it very clear. His grandfather’s last words are “Go tothe island, you will be safe there. I thought I could protect you. I should’ve told you along time ago. Find the bird. In the loop.” Then he dies. His grandfather’sdeath, however, leads young Jacob on the adventure of a lifetime. To hear moreabout this amazing adventure read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
  4. 4. Main Characters1. Jacob Portman: the narrator of the novel, sixteen years of age, not very popular, rich, falls in love with Emma Bloom, Abe Portman’s grandson, able to see the monsters2. Emma Bloom: one of the peculiar children, can hold fire, originally loves Abe Portman, after Abe’s death she falls in love with Jacob Portman, Abe’s grandson (I know that does not make a lot of sense, you would just have to read the book)Supporting Characters1. Abe Portman: Jacob Portman’s grandfather, originally loved Emma Bloom, huntswights and hollowgasts, Jewish during World War II, able to see the monsters2. Franklin Portman: Jacob Portman’s father, Abe Portman’s son, gives up easily, the person who takes Jacob to the island of Cairnholm3. Miss Peregrine: watch’s all of the peculiar children in a big house, ymbryne
  5. 5. Introduction Meet Jacob and his family and friend Setting: 1) Florida 2) the small island of Cairnholm Rising Action Jacob’s grandpa dies Jacob goes to see Dr. Golan Dr. Golan suggests that Jacob goes to the island of Cairnholm Jacob finds the house Climax Jacob meets Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children Falling ActionJacob becomes close with the peculiar children, especially EmmaJacob, Emma, Enoch, and Brownwyn go to kill the hollowgastMiss Peregrine is takenThe children and Jacob go to save Miss Peregrine Conclusion The children, Jacob, and Miss Peregrine start the long journeyafter the wights and the hollowgasts
  6. 6. 1. Unfathomably- adj. difficult or impossible to understand; incomprehensible“It all seemed unfathomably exotic to a kid who’d never left Florida.” pg 82. Admonish – v. warn or reprimand someone firmly“But I write not to admonish, only to let you know that we still think of you often and pray for your well-being” pg 583. Craggy- adj. rough and uneven“Then a lantern glowed to life above me, and I craned my neck to see half dozen kids kneeling around the craggy jaws of broken floor.”4. Prophetic- adj. Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.“He has prophetic dreams.”5. Convulsi0n- n. An intense, paroxysmal, involuntary muscular contraction.“A sudden convulsion passed through Enoch’s body and the sheep heart started to beat, spraying out a fine mist of bloody pickling solution.
  7. 7. Jacob Portman played by: Gregg Sulkin
  8. 8. Emma Bloom played by: Emma Watson
  9. 9. Abe Portman played by: Garry MarshallMiss Peregrine playedby: Julie Andrews Franklin Portman played by: George Clooney
  10. 10. “We’re a Couple of Misfits” By: Burl IvesThe reason why I would use this song is because it is about people that are notregular, just like the peculiar children! Were a couple of misfits
Were a couple of misfits
Whats the m
  11. 11. I gave Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a rating of 3.5 out of 5 starsThe book was extremely amazing! It was one of the best stories I haveever heard, however, it got very confusing at times. I am sad that I haveto give a book this good only 3.5 stars because it was confusing. I wouldstill recommend this book to any one who likes creepy mysteries,historical fiction, or fantasy.