Emma donnelly, the outsiders, may 11


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Emma donnelly, the outsiders, may 11

  1. 1. S.E. Hilton was born in1950, and was raised inTulsa, Oklahoma. Sheenjoyed writing roughstories including guns orcowboys. The Outsiderstook a year and a half towrite and was publishedwhen Hilton was only 17.Hilton’s full name is SusanEloise Hilton. Herhusband’s name is DavidInhofe. She also had a sonnamed Nicholas David. S.E.Hilton also received manyawards for her amazingbooks.
  2. 2. The Socs and the Greasers were always enemies. Socswere rich and Greasers were poor. Greasers robbed stores,fought for fun, and were not liked by the police. Socs were theopposite, except for the fighting part. For fun Socs liked to jumpGreasers, and they never got in to trouble with the police.Ponyboy was a greaser. He was the youngest of the gang.Johnny and Ponyboy have gotten jumped before, but it neverwent this far. While they were out late at night, a car pulled upand a couple Socs came out. They were drunk and started todrown Ponyboy in a nearby fountain. Johnny kills a Soc to savePonyboy. The two greasers have to get in disguise and run awayfrom the police. They hid in an old church in the country. Whenthey were out eating, the church went on fire. Ponyboy andJohnny went in to save the children. Ponyboy makes it outokay. Johnny and another friend of theirs, Dally, were in badcondition. The police do not charge them for the murder. WillJohnny and Dally live? Read The Outsiders to find out.
  3. 3. Ponyboy Curtis- The youngest greaser. He likedto watch sunsets, smoke, and be in rumbles, orbig organized fights with other gangs.Sodapop Curtis- One of Ponyboy’s older brothers.He is not very smart or athletic, but kind andoutgoing.Darry Curtis- Ponyboy’s oldest brother. He istough, mean, and a great fighter and athlete.Johnny Cade- Another greaser. He is likePonyboy. Johnny is very quiet and sensitive. Youwould not expect him to kill a Soc.Dally Winston - A greaser who robs stores,smokes, rumbles, and is rude. He is still alwaysthere for his gang, especially for Johnny.Two-Bit Mathews- A greaser. He is also strongand likes rumbles.Steve Randle- A greaser and Soda’s best friend.He was smart, and was good with cars.
  4. 4. Introduction:•Ponyboy gets jumped the first time, and he survives.•Johnny, Dally, and Pony go to the movies.•A couple Socs get mad at them, but they don’t fight them.•Darry gets mad at Pony for coming home too late, and hits him.•Pony runs away with Johnny.Rising action:•They see the Socs from the movies.•Johnny kills a Soc and they go to the country and away from the cops.•The church burns down, and Dally and Johnny are in the hospital.Climax:•The greasers beat the Socs in a rumble.•Dally is okay, but Johnny is near death.Falling action:•Johnny dies•Dally is so angry he kills himself.Conclusion:•Dally and Ponyboy promise each other never to argue again.
  5. 5. Rumble- Organized fight between gangs.Pg. 3- Our gangs liked to rumble. -Noun and verbGreaser- A poorer gang, who was known forhaving long, greasy hair.Pg. 92- Greasers all have long greasy hair. -NounVeered- Quick turn.Pg. 174- Darry veered around the corner, and tried to catchSoda. -VerbBewildered- Shocked, confused.Pg. 89- I was bewildered. Then I yelled, “I killed him, notJohnny!” -AdjectiveSoc- A richer gang.Pg. 9- Socs had fun by jumping Greasers like us. -Noun
  6. 6. Jake T Austin as Ponyboy Curtis Taylor Kitsch as Sodapop Curtis Joseph Gordon Levit as JohnnyChanning Tatum Cadeas Darry Curtis
  7. 7. Chris Evens asDally Winston Jake Gyllenhaal as Two-bit Mathews Elijah Wood as Steve Randle
  8. 8. Though this book was already made into amovie, I would choose the song Don’t StopBelieven’ . I would choose it because all the boysbelieved they could beat the Socs in a rumble. Inthe end, they won and that meant the Socscouldn’t come on Greaser’s territory. This was abig victory for them because they didn’t have toworry about being jumped wherever they went.They hated the Socs because it was their faultDally and Johnny died. Don’t Stop Believen’ is agreat song for this book.
  9. 9. I would give The Outsiders five out of fivestars. I thin it is a great book for either girls orboys to read. It had a great plot and was verydescriptive. It was not slow, and somethingintense was happening every page of it. It wasvery suspenseful, sad, and entertaining. Therewere many twists and things you would not thinkwould happen. The Outsiders is an amazing novelabout friendship, death, and rivalry that kept youentertained at all times. It was an outstandingbook.