CBS ICT Goals 2010


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  • CBS ICT Goals 2010

    1. 1. Sample of ICT Goals and Reflection
    2. 2. Goal: To use kidpix to create a slide show using image and sound Evidence so far: Reflection on grandparent’s visit on open morning using photos and sound. Photos of open morning
    3. 3. Goal: Learn to use ‘I Can Animate’ to enhance classroom programme Evidence so far: To be honest, I have not really achieved this goal. I have spent far more time getting better at using my Mimio. I have made a number of presentations and helped to teach others some pointers
    4. 4. Goal: To include the use of the mobi, visualiser and interactive teaching station seamlessly throughout the school day Evidence so far: Bus roll done daily,spelling activities that change as letter and blend of the week change, picture books big and small used with visualiser, maths activities explained and shown using materials on the screen, photos shown from trips, adventures etc as and while children are writing about the events, all CD's loaded on and used we so can use fantastic sound system. Mobi used with many varied activities shared books, poems, pictures straight of the net....USES OF THIS WONDERFUL TECHNOLOGY ARE ENDLESS AND I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN. :- )
    5. 5. Goal: Digital movies - planning, filming and editing a DVD for new students to school Evidence so far: DVD footage of movie so far
    6. 6. Goal: To utilise ICT and integrate it in teaching and learning across the curriculum Evidence so far: I have loads of evidence in my student folder and children have stored their work in their individual folders. Now we are in the process of transferring it onto our ultranet student page
    7. 7. Goal: Implement school inquiry model and use more ICT tools in literacy and Infusion Learning Evidence so far: Published work using the Printshop 2 from Reading, Keynote presentations using Keynote, BLC Poetic Writing and reading aloud using imovie
    8. 8. Goal: To ultilise mimio and data show effectively in my classroom programme Evidence so far: Mimio of H2O to Go made collaboratively with CF - professional development for me as I had never made a mimio before. I researched youtube clips to go onto the mimio. I have several pieces of writing outlines that I have shared with the children via the data show. I use the data show every day - a brilliant tool!
    9. 9. Goal: To develop and support integration of ICT across the curriculum within the Year 2 team Evidence so far: Children taking photos and using laptops effectively and efficiently. Hard copy files, photos, student folders
    10. 10. Goal: To create a DVD about being in Year 1 at CBS using new skills from ICT Learning@Schools this year Evidence so far: imovie- completed DVD (still a work in progress)
    11. 11. Goal: To use a variety of ICT equipment to develop ideas for an E-Portfolio that can be implemented across the school Evidence so far: Evidence will be observable in children’s uSpace’s on Ultranet in the coming months: Photos, videos, PDF documents, Newsmaker videos
    12. 12. Goal: To use and become more at ease with implementing the Mimio into my daily class programme Evidence so far: For the first two terms, it was difficult to use my mimio as my computer hard drive went in T1 and was away getting fixed. Second term, found it was very erratic - it had corrupt software. I have used team mimio stuff up til now when I could and am now creating own pieces where I am using text, photos and getting children to work on these during reading and infusion learning
    13. 13. Goal: To integrate ICT into my reading and writing programmes Evidence so far: For the Staff Meeting yesterday I had printed out some of the students work they have completed as evidence of how I have integrated ICT into my Reading, Writing and Infusion Learning programs. As some examples the students have used The Print Shop 2 to present their "Blast from the Past" information on Notable New Zealander's. They have also used a Pages document on writing a newspaper article on the Canterbury Earthquake, they had previously read the newspaper articles on this and looked up the TV One news feed and looked at You tube clips from the earthquake. Keynote presentations have been out together as a procedural text on How to grow crystals and more recently writing about our trip to the Rainforest express. The students also use when brainstorming our chunk works, wordle for presenting words they used in the past and words we use now that the other would not have known. We have also published some stories on Print Shop. The evidence of all of this is in the students folders on Student Disk. Some of it is on display in the classroom or in their books.