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Slides for the July 27, 2011 IPMA Webinar; In-Plant How to: Transform to a Multi-channel Operation and Thrive

Slides for the July 27, 2011 IPMA Webinar; In-Plant How to: Transform to a Multi-channel Operation and Thrive

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  • 1. In-Plant How To:Transform to a Multi-Channel OperationPresented by GrafaccentPhil LarsonAVP, Business Development
  • 2. Session Goals- Key Take Aways  Understand  What multi-channel is and how to get started  Learn  What is needed to offer multi-channel- including some workflows  How to market the offering  How do you grow and sustain it?  Experience it from the in-plant point of view  Real world example from a peer who is living this  Will monitor questions and Tweet (@Roc_Software_Assoc) using #IPMAWebinar  Special FREE offers at the end of the webinar!7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 2
  • 3. The Multi-Channel Imperative  Statistics are everywhere. Just a few:  InfoTrends data- 60% of Marketing Campaigns are 1:1 or 1:Few (Source: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends 2010)  IPMA 2010 Operations Survey Results (in-plants)  72% not using QR codes (15% use 11% plan to use) VS 63% of commercial printers  69% don’t in-source or in-source <10% of total sales  More reasons  Efficiency. Help your firm adapt to the market and utilize multi- channel for more efficient targeting  Success measures are different now. Play “away from the ball.”7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 3
  • 4. Printers Transforming (In-Plants lag) Phase 3:Personalized Cross-media: In-plants Mobile, social, 23% VS Targeted & Interactive Advanced Web, and print 36% PFP with closed-loop +18% data analytics Transitioning Phase 2: Personalized mailings, e-mail, and data Traditional Phase 1: Print Mass Single Number of Media Many Source: Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010 7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 4
  • 5. Speaker Intro- Phil Larson  Background  CobIT, ITIL foundation certifications. IPMA member since 2001  Operations Management in computer and print services in healthcare, non-profit, retail, and insurance  Business development for entrepreneurial thrust from the In-Plant  grafaccent • Online PDF-based web-to-print workflow since 2007 • Service multiple companies & industries inside & outside the firm • Static; versioned and variable on demand catalogued and one-time printing • 66,000 orders since 2007 • Online nationwide services • Added multi-channel in 2010- now 2/3 of new business7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 5
  • 6. Agenda  Definition of multi-channel  How and where do you get started? Our story  An example  What it takes to offer multi-channel/what’s needed  Tools  Workflow  Staff/resources  Marketing multi-channel to customers  Growing and sustain it  Wrap up and resources  Questions7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 6
  • 7. Where do you start? Our story  Here is how we started  One of our in-plant clients needed a direct mail campaign with an interactive component  Built variables based on demographics of prospects  Research told us….  Engaging mail, email, microsite/purl with measurement would give lift to results – It worked. In a .05% return industry, we hit 4%!  New clients coming to us bring other work…  Planning to add:  SMS and text messaging and integrate with online and social media points7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 7
  • 8. Shift in Business Clients  2003 – Transactional – Customer Service and Financial  2011 – On Demand multiple clients, industries and needs  Marketing for number of verticals  Marketing for education and healthcare  Home office & branch national support  M&A -200 new clients so far this year7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 8
  • 9. Multi-Channel Example Postcard with QR code & PURL PURL & mobile PURL sites Email alert of visit or action Trigger hard copy Show banner letter followPre-show email Print show ad IPG online ad 7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 9
  • 10. Results Measurement7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 10
  • 11. Viral Matrix7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 11
  • 12. 5 Indicators you should offer MC Customers are looking for new approaches, but not with you There have been no significant changes in your offerings in the last year Efforts at promoting variable are hitting deaf ears New customer? What is that? An excited C level asked you what you know about using email or PURLs 12
  • 13. MC is all the same drop of water  On Demand, online, variable, customized, multi-channel- all are from Multi- Channel the same droplet Customized  Success means adapting to provide solutions for the Variable customer that meet their expressed, explicit needs Online On Demand In-Plant Business7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 13
  • 14. One Current campaign Harris Group Day 1  200 Regular Sales Calls  500 Irregular Email Coupon Postcard 10 0 Prospect Visited site Sales Calls 1 Day 10 1 Sales Calls Day 157/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 14
  • 15. What is needed to offer MC?  Tools  Web-to-print, PURL software, QR codes, tracking, reporting, database, NCOA/CASS, IMB, variable, customization, etc.  Perception of right timing  Workflow  Visual / Data / Programming / Interaction  Staff/people  Technical innovators  Variable knowledgeable  Marketing-focused7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 15
  • 16. POLL What is your #1 concern about MC? 1. Data handling? 2. Ability to handle programming & IT? 3. Ability to communicate and relate to customers? 4. Ability to communicate to decision- makers/management?7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 16
  • 17. What It Takes: Tools & Alliances Adobe 17 7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 17
  • 18. Key Alliance Considerations  Choose partners that grow with you  Understand what you need  Integrate with how you service clients  Create synergy rather than chaos7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 18
  • 19. Four workflows that interact Mktg Review Psycho- Variable Intersection Kick off Ticker Content Sites Design Obj tactic Integrate Data Data Mailer Data Data IMB Scrub ck NCOA Sites ARRM source Scrub Dynamics Finalize Programming Site Layout(s) Mailer Layout Integrity Ck Programming Test Each Test Jointly QA Run Run Live Formula Visual Mailer Site Email QR Match Ticker Approval Interaction Design Design Design Design Obj Don’t attempt this at home. Get help.7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 19
  • 20. Workflow: Intersection Flow The BIG Picture Kick-off, Review Meet, Greet, Sites Talk Objectives Marketing Psycho- Variable Design tactic Integrations The Ticker Content7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 20
  • 21. The Marketing Design  Campaign objectives  Defined activities  Program and campaign activities  Reporting and metrics  Component information  Relevance and interactivity  Offer and what it conveys  Lists and data sources/inputs7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 21
  • 22. Workflow: Data Flow Data IMB Sites Source Scrub Mailer Data Check Up Dynamics Data NCOA A.R.R.M* Scrub *Analyzed, Reported, Reintegrated into marketing knowledge, and Monitored data7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 22
  • 23. Workflow: Programming* Site layout(s) Programming QA run Finalize Mailer layouts Test each formula (i.e. The Ticker) Run live Integrity check Test jointly processes*Requires a marketing design 7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 23
  • 24. Workflow: Visual Interaction Constantly The Ticker Email Design match to objectives Mailer Design QR Design Site Design Approval7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 24
  • 25. Staff needed: Continual skill update  Operating manager  Business development  Project management, customer support, accounting  Creative support- understand custom and variable logic and support  Programming support- forms design and layout, programming of direct, PURLs, email, surveys  Technical support- database management, data handling, programming, technical systems management  Mail processing  Print and finishing7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 25
  • 26. How to Market Multi-Channel  Start with a small project  Crawl before you walk. Walk before you run. Run before you fly. Fly!  Research, Research, Research…  Calculate payback like a new machine  Partner and plan  Market to executives using Multi-Channel marketing  Continually update your plan  Organize to match your business  Educate to help customers adapt, visit and meet7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 26
  • 27. Grow & Sustain Multi-Channel Monitor. Measure. Report results Research and communicate Utilize comparable skills in your team Get alliances to fill gaps while learning Boldly use your knowledge Be willing to learn trying Keep adding:  SMS and text messaging  Intersect online and social 7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 27
  • 28. Wrap Up & Resources  Wrap up  Focus on the experience/what happens NOT on the medium  Basic marketing principles still apply. Technology just accelerates the conversation  The marketing design critically informs your downstream efforts  The measures of success have changed  Resources  Market Transformation Study (InfoTrends Study)  Partners like RSA  Greensheet interview- selecting suppliers  Phil Larson Slideshare Viral Matrix presentation  IPMA7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 28
  • 29. Questions and offers Contact RSA Phil Larson info@rocsoft.com phil.larson@grafaccent.com 585-262-2690 405-523-5085 http://www.grafaccent.com/ http://twitter.com/considerwell Available for consulting7/29/2011 www.rocsoft.com 29