Social Media, Educators and Careers


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Tips for educators using social media: what it is, why it is important and how to use it to find jobs both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. This presentation is great for anyone who needs a basic social media introduction as well.

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Social Media, Educators and Careers

  1. 1. Teachers, Careers and Social Media: What Educators Need To KnowAchieving Success With A Personal Brand In The 21st Century Created By: Robyn Shulman, M.Ed. Twitter: hl Linkedin:
  2. 2. Teachers, Careers, and Social Media Why Do Teachers Need This Information?The purpose of this presentation is to help teachersunderstand the importance of social media withintheir own careers. Due to the vast changes ineducation, lack of current jobs, and/or masslayoffs, it is imperative that teachers know thefollowing:∗How to market or brand themselves∗Be found and discovered∗Use social media tools (such as Linkedin, blogging,etc.) to enhance and/or change careers
  3. 3. Social Media Tools Every Teacher Should Consider Using: ∗ Linkedin: Teachers should have an active profile and be part of different groups (there are many education groups). Teachers should be participating in conversations when possible. ∗ Website (necessary if a teacher is selling a product or service). Websites should be user friendly filled with quality, original content that is aesthetically pleasing. ∗ Blog: A professional and updated blog will help to display talent and knowledge. ∗ Social Media Tools: Spread the word about yourself in the most cost effective manner.
  4. 4. Social Media Job Search Picture from:
  5. 5. StatisticsBefore beginning with the steps, it is important tounderstand why these tools are so important. Thenext 2 slides provide statistics related to socialmedia and blogging. Please review these slidescarefully as to have a deep understanding of thegreat impact social media has had within jobmarket and with business. For example, if onedecided to become an education consultant, thisinformation will help to understand the market.
  6. 6. 2012Social Media Stats: At A GlanceTo view the source (and to see a bit closer:http://www.inside selling)
  7. 7. Blogging Stats At A Glance:(If you cannot view this well inyour browser, please visit:http://www.ednewsdaily.comfor a better picture).
  8. 8. How A Blog Can Foster Opportunity1. Sales2. Jobs/Connecting/Networking3. Build Trust4. SEO5. Subscribers/Marketing
  9. 9. SalesAccording to Imbue Marketing, B2Bcompanies who have a running bloggenerate 67% more leads per month thanthose who do not have a blog. B2Ccompanies will generate 88% more leadsper month, and those with a website whohost a blog will have 55% more visitorscompared to those who do not have a blog.
  10. 10. Networking and JobsWord of mouth and references can be ofgreat help in finding a job (most jobs arefound via networking). By using a blog aperson is connecting with others in a waythat was never possible. It is imperative toshare knowledge and show skills. There isno underestimating the power of a personalconnection.
  11. 11. TrustBy connecting with others through a blog,trust will be created. People get to knoweach other in this manner by creatingconversations and fostering relationships.There is a true feeling of trust that can bedisplayed via a blog.
  12. 12. SEOSearch engine optimization via a websiteprovides the route for a site to be found.Google absolutely loves blogs. For thosewho want to be noticed, a blog is a verypowerful tool. Blogs have higher rankingson all search engines if updated in a timelymanner with strong keywords and freshcontent. In blog land, they always saycontent is king!
  13. 13. SubscribersOnce a person has a blog, he/she canput up a newsletter subscription form!By sending out newsletters, bloggershave free email marketing of servicesand/or a products right at theirfingertips.
  14. 14. Where Does One Begin?∗ Domain Name and Hosting Service∗ Branding and Niche∗ Wordpress Site∗ Blog∗ Social Media Tools
  15. 15. Stay Tuned For Technical Details!Created By: Robyn Shulman, M.Ed.http://www.ednewsdaily.comTwitter: