A Day In The Life Of A Teacher


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This poem was published today on Edudemic.com. Here is a visual about the reality of teaching on a daily basis. The slide also covers the dedication to students and the endearing love of the profession.

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A Day In The Life Of A Teacher

  1. 1. A Day In The Life Of A Teacher A Poem Dedicated to the Students and Teachers for the 2012-2013 School Year! Yes, Most Of What You Are About To Read Happened In One Day...
  2. 2. “I’ve put you on door duty, and hope you don’tmind. Can you be down 20 minutes before the bell?Thanks, you’re one of a kind.”“Oh, and I almost forgot to inform you, we are downone sub today, so I will be sending down 5 extrastudents, I hope that’s okay.”
  3. 3. I pop my head in and stare at my team, as they aredebating the common core.“Sorry, can’t make our morning meeting, headingdown to the door.”“Wait!” A co-worker screams. “You know we aredown a sub?”“Yes, I know, I’ve already joined that club.”
  4. 4. Down the halls and toward thedoor I go.No parent would drop off hischild so early in this kind ofsnow.But wait, who is that I see? Astudent already? It cannot be.No boots, no hat, and ashivering little face.I call him in to share thiswarm place.
  5. 5. To the lost and found we go, hoping to find a pair ofboots, a set of gloves, anything extra for the snow.He looks up at me, with eyes so big and so grateful.I find him a pair of boots and a hat, and for this I am verythankful.
  6. 6. The bell rings, the kids come flying in, and as it goes, let the drama begin.
  7. 7. Into our room, all 32 of usgo, packed like sardines inthis tiny space (more like adorm).I begin to call for attendance,disperse lunch tickets andcollect all forms.“Don’t forget, field tripmoney is due. Who didn’tbring their money? Thatwould be about half theclass, yes, half of you.”
  8. 8. “Eyes on the board, it is time for question of the day!Yes, you must think about it, provide some reasoningand defend what you say!No, the answer is not on the Internet or found in a book,cover your papers, and please, don’t give me that look.”
  9. 9. Reading, Math, Science andfinally Art. A little free time tocatch up, grade papers and…“What? What is that you say?Art is now on a cart?”Oh no, the art teacher nolonger has her own space.I hear her, she’s coming downthe hall angry, at a very fastpace.
  10. 10. No time to plan or grade today, no specials inthe afternoon. I’ll take this long 20 minutesto….
  11. 11. “Ms. S., I forgot to tell youthat I am going on vacationand will need my homeworkfor the next 8 days.My trip is real soon.”“How soon is soon?”“My mom is picking me up atnoon.”
  12. 12. Art on a cart is on her wayout.Lunchtime is on its way.“Silent reading for 20minutes,” I proudly say.“Take out a book, think,imagine and read, read, read.Did I just see someoneposting on friend feed?”
  13. 13. “No, you cannot go to thebathroom, again. Believeme, I know the gameface, and I know the look.Put your hand down,please stop talking, andopen a book!”
  14. 14. “Before we go to lunch, I want to show youthis little mailbox on my desk, where youcan leave me a note. If you have anythingyou would like to discuss… BEEP!...Go getyour coats.”
  15. 15. It’s time for lunch lady land, and that means no break. I was askedto take on lunch duty this year and everyone warned me…it wouldbe a mistake.20 minutes to eat my soggy lunch, while I watch the kids eat andtalk. We head out to recess, finally, some time for fresh air and ashort walk.I see her, yes, it’s the teacher who insists on telling me her lifestory every day.I escape to the other side of the field. How much more can shepossibly have to say?
  16. 16. The afternoon must now be changed, aswe will now have to cram.I think and think and think ahead, as fast asI can.Those two will be in ESL, I will modify forthe gifted, working in groups…hmmm…sounds like a plan.Language Arts, Social Science, Spellingwords and more. An afternoon filled withwork…and 37 students at my door.
  17. 17. The new mailbox won’topen after lunch, as itseems jammed, but howcould that be?Yes, it is, it is filled tocapacity with little notesall for me.I will take this mailboxhome tonight and readevery note, you’ll see.
  18. 18. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives and more…A little bit of schoolhouse rock and who is at the door?The principal has stopped by for an unannounced peek.On a Monday, so scattered, at the beginning of theweek?She sits in the back of the room and typesaway on her small Mac.The kids are unusually quiet and onestudent proudly says:“Don’t worry Ms. S, we’ve got your back.”
  19. 19. There she goes, she’s about toleave. Ahhh..I can finally breathe.“Onto history we go, open yourbooks, today we are talking aboutWWII.Let’s move it, we have an entirechapter to get through.”The ESL teacher comes in, and thereading specialist takes students outwith her too.Modifying, helping, making lifechanges, yes, this is what we do.
  20. 20. The end of the day is drawing near, and now for somequiet time, time to think clear.On the intercom, an announcement, a reminder about therequired district meeting, and I must stop by.I gather every book, every paper, and I drop the loadedmailbox. All the notes fly.
  21. 21. I pick up one note to read and it states: “Ms. S, I had agreat day and it was all because of you. I wanted youto know,” from your student this morning, the boy inthe snow.My feet are achy, my throat is dry, and off to the meetingI go. I hold the note close to my heart, and now I know…Why….
  22. 22. I do this every day, for a small amount of pay. For kids with bright eyes filledwith hopes and dreams. For those who are new to this country, still discoveringwhat it means.I will get up each morning, even after the hardest of days. I will do my best tomake sure every child finds their way through this maze.Modify work, standardized tests, classroom management and all of the rest.As busy, stressful, hectic and a bit less unappreciated, the teaching profession isstill the best.
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