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50 Samsung MP3 Player Advocate WOM Campaign

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Samsung Mp3 Player WOM Campaign

  1. 1. Word of Mouth Campaign Final Phase Samsung T-10, P2 and S5 Influencer’s
  2. 2. MP Freedom The Samsung Mp3 word of mouth campaign places Samsung’s Mp Freedom range in the hands of 50 of the most influential 18 -35 year olds in Sydney. 50 Influencers spreading the ‘word’ over 3 months throughout their networks to give Samsung credibility in the Mp3 player market. Samsung is now successfully endorsed as a cool, alternative within Influencer peer groups and beyond.
  3. 3. MP Freedom Target : *18 – 35 yr olds (male and female) *Individual’s who are interested in keeping up with the latest trends, while not necessarily conforming. *Socially active within their desired groups/extra curricular activities. *Large friend base.
  4. 4. Activation 50 Influencers chosen in Sydney Each Influencer received a T-10 Mp3 player to use for one month. After one month Influencer A passes it on to a Friend. In the Second Month the Influencer received a P2 Mp3 player to use for one month. After the second month A Influencers then pass It onto a Colleague In the third month the Influencer received the S5 Mp3 player to use for one month. After the third month Influencer A passes it onto someone in their extracurricular activity group.
  5. 5. Influencer A Network The Influencer A Network is made up of a selection of Sydney’s most influential people. To successfully have the widest reach we are not only targeting the ‘cool kids’, we are also looking for individuals who have reach in three social networks. Influencer - Colleague - Friends - Other (e.g. sports, music, design, fashion)
  6. 6. Influencer A = 5, 072 people + Influencer B = 4, 147 people + Influencer C = 2, 923 people + Influencer D = 1, 400 people + Conversations between Influencers calculated in Month 1, 2 and 3
  7. 7. Statistics – results/success 2,500 2,000 1,500 Influencer A Influencer B 1,000 Influencer C Influencer D 500 0 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total Conversations = 13, 542
  8. 8. e.g. Influencer profile Influencer A Name – Edwina Robinson Age – 26 yrs old Occupation – Freelance stylist / writer. Fashion Director at RUSH Australia Magazine. Andrea Noon Rel Hunt Samantha Jacques Friend Extra curricular Colleague 25 yrs old 30 yrs old 26 yrs old Works at MBF. Music fan Actor Fashion stylist
  9. 9. Simon Skinner Influencer A Influencer B Influencer C Influencer D Friend Work Colleague Family/Friend Jamie Phipps Sarah Northam Rob Skinner
  10. 10. Simon Skinner Jamie Phipps Favourite feature – Looks great demonstrates a smooth and sleek design. Great way to share music with friends. Told – 25 people Simons feedback - *The flip-out speakers were obviously the best feature. Also the earphones were a great shape. *The S5 was harder to control than the P2. The screen dimmed to quickly. TheS5 wastoo thick. *The P2 by far. Good size,the screen was great, looks alot better than an iPod. The T10 was too hard to use and the graphics werent great, and although the speakers were a good adition to the S5, they are a novelty. *Thequality through the headphones was really good. There was no quality difference between all 3. *I Already have, especially when I had theP2. I’d put it on my desk next to my PC while working and as I have an almost non-stop flow of people coming to my desk,I was constantly being asked what it is and how they can get one. *Jamie Phipps *Told – 30 people minimum
  11. 11. Marty Salmon Jessica Salmon Kristie Mcdonald Nick Ratasponga
  12. 12. Marty Salmon Nick Ratasponga Favourite feature – The speakers were awesome, great for listening to demo and songs from future and existing clients. Told – minimum 40 Marty’s feedback – *I prefer the S5’s look and style to the I-pod, as well as other Mp3 players I have seen on the market. *I still struggle with the small memory space. *The S5 because of its great size and the fact that its easy on the eyes. *No, they all sounded the same to me. *For sure I really like them. *Nick Ratasponga *Told – 35 people or more.
  13. 13. Alex Barber Aimee Luke Zac Vogel
  14. 14. Alex Barber Zac Vogel Favourite feature - The integrated speakers and the overall design Told – 24 minimum Alex’s feedback – *Obviously the speaker was the prime function of the S5 Mp3 player. *The downloading of music was still a major problem for me as I have a Mac and store all my music in I-tunes. *The S5 is definitely the coolest looking Mp3 out of the range and compared to others. *No all quite high quality. *Yes, if they don’t already have one. *Zac Vogel *Told - 30 - 35 people
  15. 15. Abby Morrish WhoopyEnright Rebecca Ianna Alice Woodman
  16. 16. Abby Morrish Alice Woodman Favourite feature – Great sound for such little speakers Told – 25 people approx. Abby’s feedback – *I really liked the headphones that came with the S5, the mould of the ear piece gives a surround sound experience. *The screen was no were near the same as the P2. *My Favourite was the P2, although the S5’s speakers were cool I didn’t really have a chance to use them. Thus the higher screen quality is of more importance. *By far the P2 was of the highest quality. *I will and have already shown all of my friends, who think it is a great new competitor for the Apple I-pod. *Alice Woodman *Told – 30 people
  17. 17. Chris Brown Louise Magnifico Louise Fitzgerald Alex Turnbull
  18. 18. Chris Brown Alex Turnbull Favourite feature : The sound quality was impeccable. Told : 20 people minimum Chris’s feedback – *Definitely the aesthetic features of the player. It was really great for listening to with clients whilst working out, they really loved it. *There was no worst feature. I loved everything about it. *I like the S5 the best. The S5 gave an extra boost of energy to the client having music to work out to. *They were all awsome ...I believe that the quality was equal with all of them. *Yes definitely. *Alex Turnbull *Told – 70 or more
  19. 19. Benny Van Veenandahl Sebastian Van Veenandahl BerzinMetha Oliver Ryan
  20. 20. Benny Van Veenandahl Nick Ratasponga Favourite feature – The slide out speakers, radio, and easy to use like an ipod Told – 15 people Benny’s feedback – *My favourite feature was definitely the slide out speakers,it is different from any other MP3 player. I also liked the headphones that came with the S5 I thought that they were more comfortable and had better sound quality than the other Mp3 players. *TheS5Mp3 player’s screen was much smaller than that of the p2, The picture quality wasn’t as good as that of the previous MP3 players. *My favourite was the P-2,it demonstrated the highest quality and I liked the touch screen. *Yes,the P-2 was definitely of the highest quality. *Yes I already have. Althoughdue toso many of my friends already having itunes there are some limitations to persuading friends to use other software. *Oliver Ryan *Told – 50 people plus
  21. 21. LeelaTiralongo Sean Morrish Andy Vermeulen Wes Nel
  22. 22. LeelaTiralongo Wes Nel Favourite feature – The overall look of the player was really cool. Told – 30 people Leela’s feedback – *The slide out speakers were fabulous. *The screen was much smaller than the P2, and didn’t seem to have the same screen quality. *Ilike the S5 - I prefer the slide out speakers to the touch screen. *No, I didn’t notice any difference between the players. *Yes, I would ofcourse. I love them ! *Wes Nel *50 people plus
  23. 23. Jarrod Taylor Hayley Warren Katie Williamson Don Burton
  24. 24. Jarrod Taylor Don Burton Favourite feature – Speakers are a great novely but the Fm radio is a bonus Told – 30 people Jarrod’s feedback – *The speakers for sure were my favourite feature. *The S5 Mp3 player could be great if it had a bigger screen similar to the P2 Mp3 player *My favourite Mp3 would have to be the P2, due to the screen size and touch screen ability. *No I didn’t, all of them were equivalent in sound and picture quality. *For sure everybody who Ive shown it to has thought it will be a strong competitor of the I-pod. *Don Burton *30 people minimum, all thought it was a great set up that offered a better alternative to i-tunes.
  25. 25. Jeremy Leitch Julian reynolds Geoff Atlas Nathan Cryptic
  26. 26. Jeremy Leitch Nathan Cryptic Favourite feature – Its great to able to listen to music out side the earphones on the go. Told – 35 plus Jeremy’s feedback – *The colour display, was brilliant. The colours were crystal clear and almost life like. *I don’t really see the need for speakers. They we more of a novelty than a practicality. *The P2 was the best out of the Mp freedom range. *No I didn’t notice any difference in quality between the 3. *Yes, Samsung is a great alternative to the I-pod saturated market. *Nathan Cryptic *Told – minimum 23 people
  27. 27. Kara Golding Caitlin Chang Jake Biffin Danielle Devaux
  28. 28. Kara Golding Danielle Devaux Favourite feature - The radio was an added bonus. Told – 25 people or more. Kara’s feedback – *The S5’s combination made the player a stand out gadget, e.g. the speaker, screen, radio, button free, bluetooth. *I found the touch screen a little hard to navigate. *The speaker idea was great, but I still prefer the P2, fantastic screen and overall look of the player. *All 3 Mp3 players showed the same quality. *Yes Absolutely, I have already referred a few people. *Danielle Devaux *Told - 30 people minimum
  29. 29. Aiden McKenzie TresorNyembo Lee Monro Aj Jones
  30. 30. Aiden Mckenzie Aj Jones Favourite feature – The speakers are really handy plus they look really cool Told – 30 people minimum Aiden’s feedback – *The pop out speakers were really cool. *The screen could have been bigger. *I really liked the P2, big screen, great sound, so user friendly. Very sleek and stylish. *Not so much in sound, Althoughstorage and functionality are a plus in the later 2 model. *Of course, I already have! *Aj Jones *Told - 60 people minimum
  31. 31. Jennifer Parker Dominique Matta Rhona Lendich Christopher Pitt
  32. 32. Jennifer Parker Christopher Pitt Favourite feature – The speakers are a great option for the beach with friends. Told – 35 people Jennifer’s feedback – *I loved the loud speaker, great novelty although I didtn seem to use it as much as I would have liked. *If found that with the added speaker the Mp3 player’s weight became really heavy, and get annoying to carry around. *Definitely the P2 was my favourite, fantastic screen qualities, crystal clear graphics and colours, incredibly easy to use and navigate around the screen. *Obviously the P2 was of the highest quality then matched by the S5 and the T-10. *Yes I would strongly recommend the P2, as well as the other players due to price and quality. *Christopher Pitt *Told – 40 - 50 people
  33. 33. Blake Schill Cheri Scrivener Courtney Fletcher Jurah Yang
  34. 34. Blake Schill Jurah Yang Favourite feature – The blue tooth capability. Told – over 20 people so far. Blakes feedback – *The speakers are great fun. *The Samsung software was really frustrating, it wasn’t compatible with i-tunes plus depending which computer I used the software might work better on one than the other depending on which version of windows I use. *My favourite was the S5 totally different from anything else on the market. *No not really, I liked the earphones better on the S5. *Yes I would, but I think I would strongly recommend even more people to Samsung Mp3 players if the Software was improved. *Jurah Yang *Told – 30 people
  35. 35. Edwina Robinson Andrea Noon Rel Hunt Samantha Jackes
  36. 36. Edwina Robinson Samantha Jackes Favourite feature – The sleek and streamline design o the Mp3 and speakers. Told – 20 -30 people Edwina’s feedback – *The Speakers were by far my favourite feature. *The Samsung Mp3 players incompatibility with I-tunes can become really frustrating. *Definitely the S5, I loved the speakers. *Not so much between the second and third but definitely if comparing the first to the second two. *I definitely would but unfortuntately it would be quite a battle to convince people away from the ipods especially seeing as most of my friends are in creative industries and work with apple macs and use I-tunes. *Samantha Jackes *Told – 30 people
  37. 37. Sam Painter Christine Whittal Andrew Davy-hou Hal Painter
  38. 38. Sam Painter Hal Painter Favourite feature- The earphones were the best I have ever had. I could use them for hours. Told – 25 people minimum Sam’s feedback – *My favourite feature of the s5 Mp3 player was the slide out speakers. Really cool, haven’t ever seen that done before. And the sound quality was good for the small speakers. *The worst feature was the small screen. *My favourite Mp3 player was the P-2. I personally find that the bigger the screen, the better. Being able to play video’s, plus having touch screen just made it the best mp3 player. *Not in sound quality. All well designed. *Yes, definitely. A really surprising thing is how nice these mp3 players look. I wouldn’t normally associate Samsung with product design and regardless of how functional an mp3 player is, there is always an element of *Hal Painter *Told - 20 - 30 people
  39. 39. Leona Robinson Moisesjulioluque Luke Marsden Scott Marsden
  40. 40. Leona Robinson Scott Marsden Favourite feature - The high quality screen and movie applications. Told – 10 -20 people Leona’s feedback – *Easily by far the best feature was the loud speaker, I also really liked the idea of Bluetooth headphone copmatibility. *I found the touch buttons sometimes hard to press easily. *I was definitely torn between the S5 and the P2, the S5 was great because of its slide out speaker ability and the P2 was cool because its screen had a great touch screen. *No I didn’t notice any difference between the 3 players. *The only problem when telling friends about the players, is that they are not compatible with I-tunes which is a huge set back for most. *Scott Marsden *Told – 20 people
  41. 41. Kevin Osifo Christina Gubbay Lisa Walkersmith Belinda Cundari
  42. 42. Kevin Osifo Belinda Cundari Favourite feature – The overall sexy black finish to the design is definately matched by the coo speakers Told – 15 -25 people Kevin’s feedback – *The speakers and the quality of the video player. Were by far my favourite features. *I cant really pin point anything exactly but the S5 could use a little more memory space. *The S5, because of the speakers and it's compactness. *The S5 is better quality in sound as it's louder. The T-10 and P2 weren't as loud as an Ipod. *Yes I would, most of my friends have already asked me where I got the Samsung ones from as they have had a play around with them and think they are really good. *Belinda Cundari *Told – 30 or more
  43. 43. Caspar Tressider Steve Barboutis Mark Phillips Adrian Walker
  44. 44. Caspar Tressider Adrian Favourite feature – There is nothing better than slide ou speakers with your mp3 player. Told – 50 minimum Caspar’s feedback – *The fold out speakers at the back are so individual and not like any other mp3 player i have ever seen,similarly the quality of the picture is great! *The lack of compatibility with I-tunes was incredibly frustrating when trying to upload new songs. *Definatly the S5 was my favourite. *There was no difference in quality, the only difference was the level of sound, I found the S5 could reach a higher sound level than the others. *Definately, in fact i already have. *Adrian Walker *Told – 50 people minimum
  45. 45. Claire Wainwright Johnny March Brenden Meyer’s Gavin Stubbs
  46. 46. Claire Wainwright Gavin Stubbs Favourite feature - Obviously the speakers were the best feature alongside the touch screen and screen clarity. Told - 10 Claire’s feedback – *The speakers of course were my favourite feature. *The major problem I found with the S5, was that when I loaded DJ mixes the software put breaks in between each track. *I like the T-10 primarily because of its size. *There was no difference in quality that I could tell. *I would defiantely recommend samsung Mp3 players to friends. I love them ! *Gavin Stubbs *Told – minimum 20 people
  47. 47. Nathan Sullivan Dane Brujic Elloise Packham Anastasia Borak
  48. 48. Nathan Sullivan Anastasia Borak Favourite feature - The Speaker and optional radio is great. Told – 35 people Nathan’s feedback – *My favourite feature would definetly be the speaker... it was easy to slide and it was louder than any laptop speaker... which was great for when you have an awsome song that you want to show to friends... or to listen to your own songs while driving.... *The small buttons were quite difficult. I found that i would have to watch where i would put my fingers, or else I would press a wrong button entirely. *Out of the 3 Mp3 players the S5was definitely my favourite, because it is so unique and it really funcitios well. There are no obvious problems with it . *The quality stayed the same throughout the range except I thought the P2's weight definitely was better. *Yeah of course I already have. *Anastasia Borak
  49. 49. Emma Cameron John Burbridge Beth Lenney Shanon Thomas
  50. 50. Emma Cameron Shannon Thomas Favourite feature - The player is sleek modern and fun. An all round great design. Told – 33 people Emma’s feedback – *The radio was an interesting feature along with the optional speakers. *There were only 2 problems that I could see i.e. the weight with the added speakers and the weird head phones the didn’t seem to fit my ear. *The T-10 was definitely my favourite , great size and weight. So light and compact I could take it everywhere. *I think each individual Mp3 player showed great potential. *yes, purely on price and aesthetics. *Shannon Thomas *Told – 50 people plus
  51. 51. Aissa Lindberg Anna Stoznic Lisa Morel Mark Joseph
  52. 52. Aissa Lindberg Mark Joseph Favourite feature – The speakers were impressive, and the coloured screen was also nice. Told – 30 people Aissa’s feedback – *I really love the speaker.Theyre a reallycool feature and have a great sound. *There was nothing I didn’t like about the player.Although I would like to see a bigger memory size. *The S5 is definitely my favourite mostly because of the speakers and its size. *There wasno difference in qualitythat I could see. *Yes. I have already suggested to a few friends to invest in Samsungs Mp3 players. *Mark Joseph *Told – 50 people minimum
  53. 53. Hayden Stevens Matt Corry LachieCraineison Sarah Pinkham
  54. 54. Hayden Stevens Sarah Pinkham Favourite feature - The button less touch pad was different. Told – 30 people plus Hayden’s feedback – *The long battery life is fantastic, and the ease of use between the different volume settings. *I found the buttons sometimes problematic because they were too small for my fingers. *The P2 was my favourite between the 3 players. *I didn’t notive a difference within the quality between all 3 player's but I did notice a better quality from samsung compared to the I-pod. *I would definitely suggest Samsung's mp3 freedom range to friends. *Sarah Pinkham *Told – 20 – 30 people
  55. 55. AlexandreLamvohee Rachel Olding Kirk Morrison Joseph Law
  56. 56. AlexandreLamvohee Joseph Law Favourite feature – Uses it with his class play such a high quality of music, earphones are fantastic. Told – 70 people minimum. Alexandre’s feedback – *Excellent sound quality. Built-in Bluetooth, FM radio and alarm clock. The earbuds are comfortable and fit securely in the ear. *The screen is a bit small and the proprietary USB connection. Cannot use it when charging. *T-10 was compact and great to take to the gym. *The sound quality is excellent for the S5. It definitely sounded better, but that might have been because of the better earphones. *Yes of course *Joseph Law *Told – 40 – 45 people
  57. 57. Ben Korbel Paddy Nash Justin Hayes Fahey Ogunbadejo
  58. 58. Ben Korbel Fay Ogunbadejo Favourite feature – The speakers are a great novelty, although the players all round features are very impressive e.g. blue tooth,radio Ben’s feedback – Told – 32 people *The easy slide out feature was great for listening to demo mixes and to clients, the size and sound was fantastic for when on the go. *The memory size and screen were too small, I think the bigger the screen the better. *The S5 was definitely my favourite, great to listen to when with clients or colleagues when considering future bands. *Obviously the P2 was of the highest quality, while the S5 had the aesthetic appeal and the T-10 was so light. *Sure, the Samsung range have proven themselves with this great new range to break into the Mp3 player space. *Fay Ogunbadejo *Told - 40 – 50 people approx.
  59. 59. Luke Calpis Randall Kemp Ben Redden Will Power
  60. 60. Luke Calpis Will Power Favourite feature – The speakers were great fun for when out with friends. Told – 20 or more people Luke’s feedback – *The S5 ear phones were great! They give a surround sound feeling. *The battery life didn’t seem to last as long as the P2, plus the S5 was harder to take to the gym. *The P2 was definitely the best out of the 3. It showed a selection of screen colour’s and sleek design. *I think the S5 had the best sound quality due to the earphones but the, P2 definitely had a better look. *Yeah for sure. *Will Power *Told – 30 or more
  61. 61. Kenny Tasker Preston Kelly Ellis Bourke Jillian Tasker
  62. 62. Kenny Tasker Jillian Tasker Favourite feature – Slide out speakers are great for hang- ing out with friends, the touch screen and graphics were an added bonus Told – 15 -20 people Kenny’s feedback – *The speakers were fantastic for the days that you want to sit in the park. *The touch pad for navigating your way around is too small, sometimes it picks up the button next to the one you meant to push instead. *I liked the P2 because it is easy to navigate and thelarge touch screen is more important to me than having speakers. *They were all quite sleek and unique, I thought it was a good range of players. *Yes for sure, I would defiantely suggest Samsung Mp3 players to friends. *Jillian Bourke *30 people minimum
  63. 63. Emma Symonds Jess Oconnor KirstyLeeO’connor John Axford Laughlin
  64. 64. Emma Symonds John Axford – Laughlin Favourite feature - Great sound quality, looks really cool. Told -22 people plus Emma’s feedback – *The Radio & Recorder were great fun. *The S5 didn’t have the greatest battery life, compared to the other Mp3 players. *The S5 was my Favourite out of the Mp freedom range. *The P2 had the best screen quality out of the entire range. *Yes of course. *John Axford - Laughlin *Told - 40 people plus
  65. 65. Julia Softely Lisa Chedenne Corine and Camille Softely Jess Sant
  66. 66. Julia Softely Jess Sant Favourite feature - great looking and sound quality is impeccable also coo to be able to watch movies. Told – 20 people Julia’s feedback – *The idea of having sound outside the earphones is fantastic, and it is really easy to use. *I wish the instructions displayed a little more detail. *Definitely the S5 was my favourite. *I coudln't see a difference in the mp3’s sound quality, but possibly in aesthetics and functions. *Yeah sure, I have recommended a few due to the cost, and the fact that they are totally differnet from I-pods (which can be really appealing for some). *Jess Sant *Told – 25 minimum
  67. 67. Dan Dixon Melissa Neville Kat Try SemraAkdinez
  68. 68. Dan Dixon SemraAkdinez Favourite feature – The look and style. I prefer it to the ipod and other MP3 players ive seen around Told – 15 people Dan’s feedback – *The speakers were a great unique feature. *The only problem with the S5 Mp3 player was that with the added speakers it became a little bulkier, and heavier to carry. *The P2 was definitely the best . The size, weight and functionality was fantastic. *I found the sound quality the same throughout the Mp3 players. *Yes absolutely. *SemraAkdeniz *Told – 30 people approx.
  69. 69. Lisa Williams PucettaPertosi Tim Ritchie Brad Estrich
  70. 70. Lisa Williams Brad Estrich Favourite feature- Blue tooth and FM radio. Told – 25 people Lisa’s feedback – *The speakers were fantastic for when out at the park or beach with friends. *Trying to shuffle songs from i-tunes to my samsung files are quite tricky. *The P2 was my favourite, it showed great qualities. Fantastic sound and screen clarity. *No they all showed great quality. *Absolutely, I love the Mp freedom range, and now so do my friends. *Brad Estrich *Told – 40 people plus
  71. 71. Isabella Jakubiak Alex Hodko Brendon Wojcik Samantha Jakubiak
  72. 72. Isabella Jakubiak Samantha Jakubiak Favourite feature - The Speakers and that it can get so loud Told – 20 people Isabella’s feedback – *My favourite feature of the S5 Mp3 player was obviously the speakers and the fact that they were optional. *The player became a lot heavier with the added speakers and I thought the screen could have really been a great feature if it was a little bigger. *I was torn between the S5 and the P2, They both had their own unique qualities. The S5 had a great option of slide out speakers and the P2 demonstrated a fantastic screen quality and size. *The P2 seemed to have the highest quality then the S5 and T-10 followed. *I will and have recommended the range to friends and colleagues. *Samantha Jakubiak *Told – approx. 25 people
  73. 73. Victoria Zamora Dirk jonker Kirsten TianneBai
  74. 74. Victoria Zamora TianneBai Favourite feature- The player looks and feels cool, really easy to use and share musice between friends using bluetooth. Victoria’s feedback – Told – approx. 30 *The Speakers were fantastic. They really became handy when practicing songs and learning lyrics with the band on the road or before gigs. *The screen wasn’t as fantastic as the P2. A bigger screen could have made a world of difference to the movies. *My favourite was the P2, I loved having my own portable movie player and radio. *All three showed a unique feature, but the P2 showed the best screen quality and clearest graphics. *Yeah for sure. *TianneBai *Told – 60 - 70 people approx.
  75. 75. Andrew Dawson David Hughes Ben Blachere Michael Walker
  76. 76. Andrew Dawson Michael Walker Favourite feature- The novelty of having speakers was great fun Told – 35 people or more. Andrew’s feedback – *The optional slide out speakers were awesome, totally different from anything else I have seen on the market. The fact that the speakers were optional made the S5 great for everyday use and whilst out with friends at the park or beach. *I didn’t like how the screen was so small or how the buttons were not very sensitive. *The best Mp3 player out of the range would be the T-10 due to its size, sleek design and colourfull deign but mostly due to its feather like weight. *No they all showed the same quality. *Yes, I have suggested to a few friends looking to buy Mp3’s to check out the new range. *Michael walker *Told – 45 people and more
  77. 77. DeshanKumer Alice M Josh Kroeger Pat Mcfarland
  78. 78. DeshanKumer Pat Mcfarland Favourite feature- Looks cool, Fm radio, and touch screen was great. Told – 20 – 30 people Deshan’s feedback – *The Built in speakers were my favourite feature although I wasn’t able to use them much, even though they would be great for travelling. *The S5 was too heavy with the added speakers, i.e. carrying it around became a pain, and there was not enough room for music. *The S5 was my favourite purely for the novelty of the speakers. *No not at all. *No, I would suggest and I-pod due to the extra features it carries. Samsung although producing interesting mp3 players the i-pod still out ranks due to its looks. *Pat Mcfarland *Told - 30 people or more
  79. 79. Michael Birchall Aaron Ashlee Swane Brendan Cross
  80. 80. Michael Birchall Brendan Cross Favourite feature- Easy to use and download. Told – 15 – 20 people Michael feedback – *The built in speakers were by far my favourite feature. *Similar to the last two Mp3 players, all three didn’t have enough memory. *The S5 was my favourite, as I could listen to music outdoors for ours on end, without wires. *No not at all. *probably not. I had the worst time trying to even find a program that worked with the mac. *Brendan Cross *Told - 20 people minimum
  81. 81. Pete Levido Burzin Mehta Annabel Levido James Coolican
  82. 82. Pete Levido James Coolican Favourite feature - The touch screen interface and slide out speakers were awesome. Also liked the FM radio Told – 15 - 20 Pete’s feedback – *Slide out speakers were a great idea, original and very impressive sound output. *Originally the software was a nightmare to download and transfer music form I-tunes. *The P2 was my favourite, the large screen and great graphic quality made watching movies and etc. really enjoyable. *No, I didn’t notice a difference in the Mp3 range. *Yes, I will and have recommended a few people to the range. *James Coolican *Told – 25 – 35 people approx.
  83. 83. Verity Jane Blake Stuart Rollo Georgia Ronning Mia Thomas
  84. 84. Verity Jane Blake Mia Thomas Favourite feature- The Speakers were so cool, what a great idea! Told – 30 - 40 Verity’s feedback – people *My favourite feature would be the flip out speakers, great idea for when out with friends. *The worst feature would have to be the buttons on the screen were not sensative enough. *My favourite Mp3 player is definatly the P-2, due to its perfect size (not too thick or too heavy) and its fantastic screen qualities. *Yes the T10 and S5 i believe where of the lowest quality, the speakers where a good idea but there where no other valuable featues about the S5 that made it superior. Similar to the T10, the buttons where unreliable and it was hard to navigate. *I would strongly suggest the Mp freedom range to friends and etc. *Mia Thomas *Told – 45 people or more.
  85. 85. Marty Bernhaut Bree Johnson Dave Smales Alex james-elliott
  86. 86. Marty Bernhaut Alexander James - Elliot Favourite feature- The shape and size was great, overall a great Mp3 player. Told – 100 people minimum Marty’s feedback – *The slide out speakers were a huge hit with all my friends at University, between classes it was the perfect opportunity to whip out the speakers and chill out with friends. *The screen was too small. *The S5 was definitely my favourite. It was great for socialising with friends or when by yourself thus the speakers are optional. *There were no obvious signs of difference in sound quality. *Yes I would and already have. *Alexander James - Elliot *Told – 50 people
  87. 87. Raymond Fang Emily Fang Tasnima Islam RohanWolfers
  88. 88. Raymond Fang RyhanWolfers Favourite feature- clarity of the speakers and the easy touch-screen interface of the mp3 player Told – 40 people Raymond’s feedback – *A favourite feature of the S5 was definitely the clarity of the speakers given the miniature size of the device (and the fact that it has speakers!) *This was not a fatal feature, but I would have preferred it if the screen was slightly larger. *Honestly I loved each mp3 player. T-10 for it's small size (perfect for the gym), P-2 for the screen size advantage, and the S5 (for something different and to listen to music from speakers). My favourite was the S5, something different, funky and cool. *The Mp3 players showed no difference in quality. *Yes. Unfortunately due to the branding of the Apple Ipod, personally I would still select an Ipod simply due to its branding and the preconceived notion of superiority. *RyhanWolfers
  89. 89. Tess Wait Ana Cahill Gabriel Virata Brent Meiring
  90. 90. Tess Wait Brent Meiring Favourite feature- The portable radio was perfect for when traveling. Told – 30 people Tess’s feedback – *The speakers. absolutely. I was surprised at the sound quality too... better than i expected, plus they actually look really nice. *No touch screen. I had gotten used to the P2’s screen, and the earphones were bizarre. *P2, I would say.. only because i wouldnt use the speakers on the s5 enough to get the most out of them. Thetouch screen is the gimik that never stops giving. *The T10 has the worst battery life, where as i found the others to be really good with the lifetime of each charge. *Yeah of course. *Brent Meiring *Told – 40 - 45 people
  91. 91. Rebecca Brookman Tyler Ellis Sam Holland Leanne Yang
  92. 92. Rebecca Brookman Leanne Yang Favourite feature- The S5 had great headphones, blue tooth and touch screen features. Told – 20 people approx. Rebecca’s feedback – *My favourite feature would be the simple but yet effective slide out speakers and the S5’s size. *The touch screen could have been a little more sensitive. *The P2 is definately my favourite, it had everything you could want in an Mp3 player. Great large screen, cool graphics, smooth and sleek design and not too heavy. *Not in sound quality, but perhaps screen sensitivity. *Yes of course, Samsung has produced an Impressive new range. *Leanne Yang *Told – minimum 40 people
  93. 93. Thomas Browett Brendon LoluBrowett David Mckinn
  94. 94. Thomas Browett David Mckinn Favourite feature- Sound output from such little speakers was cool, so compact. Told –27 people plus. Thomas’s feedback *The speakers were definitely my favourite. *I don’t have one specific problem with the players except for the small memory space. *The S5 is my favourite. *Not in sound quality but in design and screen quality. *Yes of course, they are great little players. *David Mckinn *Told – approx. 40 people
  95. 95. Matt Delves JithanDesilva Matt Griffiths Will Delves
  96. 96. Matt Delves Will Delves Favourite feature- Speakers! The screen quality is great for watching movies. Told – 20 people minimum Matt’s feedback – *The S5’s sound output was great for such little speakers. *With such a cool design, the small screen really could have been improved. *My Favourite was the P2, although each mp3 player does have its own unique quality. *No not in sound quality, but definitely in screen quality and functionality. *Yes I would strongly recommend the P2, as well as the other players due to price and quality. *Will Delves *Told – 27 or more
  97. 97. Jade Adams Nathan Fitzpatrick Phill Price Jae Ewington
  98. 98. Jade Adams Nathan Fitzpatrick Favourite feature- The sound quality was very impressive, for both the earphones and speakers. Told –25 people Jades feedback – *The pull out speaker is a great idea. *I found the screen quite small and the buttons a little harder to use. *I liked the P2 the best. The large screen and ease of use was great. It’s a great gadget to go travelling with, as you can upload movies/tv shows. *Not really, they all had quite excellent quality. *Yes I would, especially due to the fact that there are a few different players to choose from. *Nathan Fitzpatrick *Told – 20 people minimum
  99. 99. Jimmy Dau Daniel Benda Rachel Calvert Kim Mclaren
  100. 100. Jimmy Dau Daniel Benda Favourite feature- The screen was great.Really clear, small and sleek. Told – 10 people Jimmy’s feedback – *The speakers were great fun. *The general functionality – it was a bit too “touchy” when i tried to fast forward a song it would either skip because the button was so close to the pause button or it would pause. *The S5 was my favourite as I could use the speakers in a group setting and when at the park or out and about with friends. *No there wasn’t any quality difference between the players. *Yes Id definitely suggest samsung mp3 players to friends and contacts. *Daniel Benda *Told – 25 people minimum, half have commented on how ‘cool the speakers are’.
  101. 101. Adam Webb Rachel Collis Luke Stanton ZunilkaCazmenco
  102. 102. Adam Webb ZunilkaCazmenco Favourite feature- The over all look of the player won me over. Told – 25 people Adam’s feedback – *The Blue tooth capability was an interesting feature along with the speakers producing a great volume of sound for such small speakers. *I didn’t like how the only cable to charge the Mp3 player was by computer, it would be better if there was also a wall adapter for the times you aren’t close to a computer. *My favourite’s were the P2 and the T-10, the T-10 had a great weight and simple to use. While the P2 was great for watching movies and looking at photo’s. *I noticed that there was a better surround sound with the S5 Mp3 player, it could have been the earphones that made the difference. *Yes, I have told a few colleagues and friends that were curious. *ZunilkaCazmenco *Told – 35 people approx.
  103. 103. Jay Young Nikki Armstrong Richard White RyhanVengetas
  104. 104. Jay Young Nikki Armstrong Favourite feature- The player/ouch screen is so sleek and cool Told – 15-20 people Jay’s feedback – *The speakers were great and the unit felt a lot more robust compared to the previous ones. Probably due to the thickness. *I was always worried that I would break the slide mechanism. *My favourite was the P-2 Mp3 player. I work with digital media, So I’m always compressing movies and TV shows to watch at work. I love the picture quality and size. *No, The quality appeared to be the same throughout all players. *Yes I have been referring for a while now. *Nikki Armstrong *Told - minimum 50 people
  105. 105. Edward Einfeld Benny Rosen Chloe Rees Alexis Einfeld
  106. 106. Edward Einfeld Benny Rosen The movie function was great for traveling. Favourite feature- Told – 20 minimum Edwards feedback – *The Speakers were by far the best feature of the S5 Mp3 player. *After sucha great screen like the P2 I was so disapointed with the screen size of the S5. *The P2 was my favourite it had everything and more. *I found the P2 to be a standard above all other Mp3 players. *I am always telling people about the Mp3 freedom range, they are a new breed of Mp3 players. *Benny Rosen *Told 30 – 40 people
  107. 107. Bernadette Fahey Peter Fahey Montana Meyer BasiaA’hern
  108. 108. Bernadette Fahey Peter Fahey Favourite feature- I was able to download demo tracks and then share with friends. Told – 45 people Bernadettes feedback – *My Favourite feature was that I could listen to music with out earphones in public places, it was great fun especially being able to share songs through blue tooth. *The screen wasn’t up to the standard of the previous P2 plus the buttons weren’t very sensitive. *I was torn between all 3 players, i.e. the T-10 was great for its size and compactness, the P2 had fantastic screen size and qualities and the S5 had the option of slide out speakers. *Yes I think the P2 was of the highest quality. *Yes I have already recommended the range to a few good friends of mine and colleagues *Peter Fahey *Told - 50 people plus