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ACCUFORM I-9 is a web-based software as a service which enables employers to quickly and easily confirm the right to work of current employees, new hires and sub-contractors and vendors. ACCUFORM I-9 ...

ACCUFORM I-9 is a web-based software as a service which enables employers to quickly and easily confirm the right to work of current employees, new hires and sub-contractors and vendors. ACCUFORM I-9 delvers a totally paperless work flow. ACCUFORM I-9 is recognized Designated Agent of the Federal Government's E-Verify program.

The government, compliance specialists and HR generalists agree: automated Form I-9 software systems, such as ACCUFORM I-9 are the optimum choice to: simplify the employment eligibility process, ensure higher levels of legal compliance, and reduce related fines and hiring and turnover costs. ACCUFORM I-9 integrates hundreds of best practices to limit exposure to common and complicated mistakes made by manual verification processes. ACCUFORM I-9 will enable you to create 100% accurate and compliant I-9’s. Guaranteed.



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  • Simple, Smart, Secure. The Complete and Easy Way to Employment Eligibility Verification or Form I-9 Compliance. © 2009 ACCUFORM I-9, LLC All Rights Reserved Page TM
  • Agenda
      • Introductions
        • Bob Jordan – ACCUFORM I-9 (San Francisco, CA)
      • The Current Situation
        • What is Compliance
        • Best practice Compliance
        • E-Verify
        • The Federal Contractor Rule
      • The Penalties of Non-Compliance
      • The ACCUFORM I-9 solution
      • Explain how it works
      • Next Steps
    © 2009 ACCUFORM I-9, LLC All Rights Reserved Page TM
  • The Situation
    • Employment Eligibility Verification or Right to Work Authorization has become an extremely complex and time consuming task for U.S. Employers.
    • Laws exist at the Federal, State and Local level making compliance difficult and confusing. Adding to this complexity is the new Federal Contractor Rule (in effect Sept. 8, 2009).
    • Employers must verify the Employee identity , eligibility and right to work of all new hires.
    • Fraud, poor verification processes and inadequate record keeping can result in compliance violations.
    • Compliance violations can result in prison sentences, forfeiture of assets and civil fines up to $50,000.
    • The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) and now the Department of Labor (“DOL”) have responsibility for Employer inspection and enforcement.
  • What is Compliance?
    • As an employer, to achieve maximum compliance with Local, State and Federal laws, you need to verify the right to work of three separate groups:
      • Your Existing Employees ;
      • Your New Hires ; and
      • Your Vendors , Suppliers and Subcontractors . 
  • What is “Best Practice” Compliance?
    • If your firm is not consistently doing each and every one of these steps, you are not in compliance .
    • Current Employees.
      • Annually audit your existing paper Form I-9 files.
    • New Hires.
      • Use software which audits, reviews and saves an error-free Form I-9. If needed, interfaces to E-Verify.
    • Vendors and Subcontractors.
      • Use software which E-vites and monitors their level of compliance.
    • Implement good HR Department Practices
      • Which conform to Title VII requirements.
    It involves four (4) critical steps to confirm Employee identity , eligibility and right to work of:
  • What is E-Verify?
    • E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (“SSA”).
    • It allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees.
    • To use the E-Verify system, an employer must enroll in an E-Verify tutorial and pass a mastery test. All users must pass the mastery test.
    • Employers are required by law to E-Verify new hires in up to eleven U.S. states.
    E-Verify Screen shot
  • What is the Federal Contractor Rule?
    • The rule requires federal departments and agencies that enter into contracts to include, as a condition of each Federal contract, a provision that the Federal contractor agree to use the electronic employment eligibility system designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security (E-Verify) to verify the employment eligibility of:
      • All persons hired during the Federal contract term – by the contractor to perform employment duties in the United States; and
      • All persons assigned by the Federal contractor to perform work – within the United States – on the federal contract.
    • Contractors must require subcontractors to comply .
  • Federal Contractor Rule: Important Definitions
    • Federal Contractor = any entity providing +$100,000 in goods or services to a federal entity.
    • Subcontractor = any entity providing +$3,000 in services or construction in support of the Federal Contractor.
    • Beware of Subcontractor non-compliance (if your subcontractor does not want to participate in E-Verify) :
      • Subcontractor breach of contract obligations to the Federal Contractor.
      • Subcontractor may face penalties for non-compliance.
      • The Federal Contractor may face penalties for non-compliance.
    • Since the requirement is imposed by contract, failure to comply can result in contractual penalties and/or debarment .
    • This Rule is in effect as of September 8, 2009
  • Why Should I Be Concerned?
    • Beyond the Federal efforts , many states, counties, cities and municipalities are increasingly enacting laws establishing E-VERIFY requirements.
    • This patchwork of uncoordinated state and local laws will make it even more complex for an employer to understand and comply with the law.
  • And adding to the complexity The rules are different for Federal vs. Non-Federal contractors. A. If your are not a Federal Contractor New Employees (can E-Verify) Current Employees (cannot E-Verify) Current Employees (can E-Verify) New Employees (can E-verify) A. If you are a Federal Contractor Q. Who Should Be E-Verified?
  • What are my Options to make my Business Compliant?
  • Turning a Blind Eye Is Not an Option Update On July 1, 2009 ICE issued notices seeking to inspect the Form I-9s of 652 employers throughout the United States to determine whether they are complying with employment eligibility verification laws and regulations.
  • Option #1: Use E-Verify (but it will help you only with new hires) and it is difficult to use… E-Verify Homepage
    • A recent Society of HR Professionals survey found that 60% of responding organizations reported that they encountered challenges with the current I-9 verification process (actual comments):
      • E-Verify takes too long to learn…
      • Watching tutorials and taking mastery tests takes my HR people away from their other important tasks.
      • E-Verify does not tell me what to do when I have a problem…
      • How will my people ever remember what is required and what to do??
      • I cannot afford to load my employees’ information “one-by-one” into the E-Verify system…
      • What about my vendors, suppliers and subcontractors? How do I know they have E-Verified their employees?
      • How do I know my paper Form I-9’s are compliant?
      • Isn’t there a simpler way?!
  • Introducing ACCUFORM I-9 A Web-based software that makes I-9 processing easier. © 2009 ACCUFORM I-9, LLC All Rights Reserved Page ACCUFORM I-9 is a complete end-to-end Form I-9 solution.
  • ACCUFORM: How it Works (for use with New Hires; Vendors, Suppliers and Subcontractors)
    • From your desktop or any web-accessible device.
    • Sign-up (for FREE) – complete your online enrollment and e-sign all required Federal forms.
    • Select your Pricing plan.
    • Log-in – to create your Admin options, identify users, and establish Form I-9 processing locations.
    • Then using simple, step-by-step instructions Employers can:
      • Complete.
      • Review or Audit.
      • E-Sign.
      • If required, submit I-9’s through ACCUFORM I-9™ INTERFACE to E-verify.
      • Store I-9’s
    • Track the status of Temporary Non-Compliant employees.
    • Monitor Subcontractor compliance.
  • AccuAUDIT: How it works (for use with Current Employee paper files)
    • Copy your original Form I-9’s.
    • Forward your originals to ACCUFORM I-9.
    • We audit your originals.
    • We identify errors and notify you of need corrections.
    • You make the corrections.
    • All correct and audited I-9’s are then uploaded and stored in your ACCUFORM account (PDF’s).
    • Stored forms may be accessed, downloaded and/or viewed at your convenience.
  • What does the Homepage look like? Tabbed browsing Quick Buttons Monitor E-Verification Status Reminders
  • How do we compare to our Competitors?
  • Our Pricing
    • Sign Up : No Charge
    • Monthly Subscription Fee
      • Headquarter location: $19.95
      • Each additional processing location: $ 9.95
    • Processing Fee
      • Per head* $ 8.95
      • * includes both ACCUFORM and AccuAUDIT services.
  • ACCUFORM I-9 Benefits
      • .
      • .
    • Reduce Costs
      • ACCUFORM I-9 reduces paperwork, storage and manual activities.
      • Eliminate errors, incomplete I-9’s, and rework.
    • Simplifies I-9 Employment Eligibility process
      • Provides efficient I-9 management.
      • Offers added control and visibility.
    • Become compliant with State and Federal legislation
      • Both your current employees and new hires.
      • Your vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.
      • Minimize the risk of government penalties.
    • Achieve “Peace of Mind”
      • Knowing that you have made a concerted, “Best Practice” effort to achieve compliance.
      • Knowing that you have a legally authorized work force.
  • Next Steps
    • Use Best Practice to achieve Form I-9 Compliance and a Safe Harbor:
    AccuAUDIT ACCUFORM I-9 ACCUFORM I-9 ACCUFORM I-9 ACCUFORM I-9 ACCUFORM I-9 Not Federal Contractor Federal Contractor Current Employees: New Employees: Vendors & Suppliers: Don’t Delay…start today!
  • So what are you waiting for?
    • Sign-up today (it’s free!) at www.accuformi9.com
    • Need more information or have a specific situation you would like to discuss? Call us at 415.839.9400 or e-mail: sales@accuformi9.com
    Don’t Delay…start today!