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  1. 1. MinutesTO: Copyright Issues GroupFROM: Paula StanleyDATE: July 9, 1996SUBJECT: Copyright Committee, Greenhill College Minutes of Regular Meeting, July 9, 1996Members Present: Ms. Appelbaum, Dr. Blackburn, Dean Chan, Professor Garcia,ProfessorGreenberg, Professor Kozowski, Mr. Smith, Professor Snow, Ms. Stanley, Dr.WashingtonMembers Absent: Professor KeynesGuest: Professor Arnold Alexander, Chair of the Faculty SenateDr. Blackburn called the meeting to order in the Library Conference Room at 1:15 p.m.The minutes of the 14 June 1996 meeting were approved unanimously without commentoramendment.Professor Greenberg and Ms. Stanley summarized the report of the legal reviewsubcommittee(included with the meeting agenda) that Greenhill College owns anyintellectual property developedby a faculty member in his or her major field except fortextbooks, which are specifically excludedin the Colleges Policies and Procedures. Thesubcommittee report recommended thatGreenhill College should also waive ownershipinterest in 1) artistic works that are not accomplishedunder a program of research and do notuse Greenhill College facilities, and 2) intellectual propertydeveloped pursuant to apreexisting consulting agreement where there are no sponsored researchobligations and thereis little or no use of Greenhill College facilities.Professor Snow moved to accept and endorse the subcommittees report. With no discussion,themotion was passed with seven members voting yes, two members voting no, and onememberabstaining.The Committee then reviewed the "close-to-final" draft of the new Intellectual PolicyGuidelines. Dean Chan moved to amend the Guidelines to add a statement that GreenhillCollege will retaina "shop right" in all intellectual property developed at Greenhill College,including journal articlesand textbooks.Dr. Washington expressed concern that such shop rights might encourage circulation ofpiratedcopies of copyrighted works. There was then considerable discussion on possibleprotections thatmight be placed on journal articles and textbooks to ensure that copies madepursuant to GreenhillColleges retained shop right do not proliferate outside GreenhillCollege.
  2. 2. Ms. Stanley suggested including notices or markers on both the electronic and printed formsof thearticles and placing electronically distributed copies on a protected server. Dean Chansuggestedthat the acknowledgment that Greenhill College has a responsibility to make suchefforts atprotecting the material should be placed in a statement accompanying the GreenhillCollegereservation of shop rights.With such protection built in, the Committee agreed that Greenhill Colleges shop rightsshouldapply to the published version of a work. Julio Garcia felt that publishers might wantto negotiatethis. He volunteered to revise the motion to reflect the Committees discussionand then to send itto the Copyright Committee of the AAP for their comments.Professor Alexander felt that the "shop right" wouldnt be much of a problem for faculty butthechange in the ownership policy might be, especially if it were perceived as a "give-back"by thefaculty. He suggested we poll other colleges and universities to find out what theirpolicies are. Alexander also suggested that the Faculty Policy Committee should also reviewthe revised "shopright" provision before the Committee votes on the final guidelines at itsnext meeting on 5 August1996.The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.Next Meeting: August 5, 1996