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Early draft of brochure describing the CitiZen collective

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CitiZen Brochure

  1. 1. CitiZen is a visionary collective, united in the belief that Citizenshipdefines our identity and behaviour... soPeople and Places not buildings and spaces.Our collective experience combines creative appraisal and conceptualthinking underpinned by rigorous analysis and delivery processes...The art and science of place.Our approach is fully inclusive, we view the contribution of citizen-leduser groups as integral to the process of sustainable placemaking,delivering economic, ecological and environmental benefits to all.Involving CitiZen will provide a multi-skilled, single resource for bothPublic and Private sector initiatives. We will evaluate opportunities andagree the most appropriate lead consultant, who ensures continuity,co-ordination, budget compliance and delivery processes.
  2. 2. The CitiZen collective JAVELIN COVERPOINT Foodservice Consutants Retail Appraisal ATKINS HALOGEN Transport + Movement Strategic Communication Service LEWIS PORTLAND COMMERCIALISATION Place-Making Commercialisation Strategy Consultants LDC ACXIOM Customer Information MATRIX Spatial Masterplanning
  3. 3. Javelin GroupJavelin Group is Europe’s leading specialist retail consulting firm, advisingretailers and consumer-facing businesses across a range of business-criticalareas: strategy, operations, multi-channel, technology and locations.Our Locations practice brings:Unrivalled expertise in retail location researchUnique proprietary data-setsOngoing programme of research in major retail trendsFlexible partnership approach to our work
  4. 4. Unrivalled expertise in retail location research:• Practice leader with 20 years + experience• 8 locations specialists• High level academics (graduates from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham...)• Location projects with over 150 leading retailers and brands of all shapes and sizes (M&S, Morrisons, Nike, Waitrose, Evans Cycles, Pets At Home, Screwfix, Phase Eight etc.)• Projects with 60+ developer/owners on over 160 shopping centres across Europe• Engagements to-date in 27 countriesUnique proprietary data-sets:• RETAILNATION: catchment and shopping patterns from a huge piece of original consumer research• SHOPSCORE: actual retailer performance indicators by retail venue• VENUESCORE: venue rankings and profiling• PERSONICX GEO: lifestyle-based segmentation of consumers• X-SPEND: lifestyle-based geographic spending model
  5. 5. Ongoing programme of research in major retail trends• e.g. recent 5,000 sample survey into multi-channel shopping patternsFlexible partnership approach to our work:• Javelin Group has developed a matrix of market leading specialist property advisers covering commercialisation, food service, design, master-planning, econometrics, market research, PR, pedestrian flow modelling etc. In shopping centres, our engagements typically cover: new scheme feasibility, proactive asset management, acquisition appraisals and strategic research.
  6. 6. PortlandWe create citizen-focussed design solutions for property developments worldwide.We draw on our extensive global experience in retail developments andenvironments – this is a rich mix of urban regeneration and development projects,shopping centres, airports, retail and brand environments, signage & wayfindingand branding.Our offer within the design industry is unique – in that we combine market researchand strategic planning to ensure a commercially-effective design solution.
  7. 7. Retail MasterplanningIt is vital that the client’s aspiration and the findings of the market research,strategy and forecasting are reflected in a holistic retail masterplan for theentire project so a retail vision can be created.Brand strategyWe fully understand the importance of creative successful brands.We look at communications through the eyes of the users hence theidentities that we create are truly customer-centric.Our overall objectives when creating a new identity are to:• Create a memorable identity that reflects the target market• Build and inform through a strong visual brand language• Provide an adaptable identity that responds to a variety of uses• Underscore and provide visual expression to the concept of an exciting brand
  8. 8. Public RealmPublic realm design is our passion and expertise and it encompasses theexternal space in between buildings and the internal space between shops.We provide expertise in all aspects of environmental design and we regardthe public realm, as all the public facing spaces within the retail elementsof any project. We provide concepts and scheme design drawings for projectsin order to assist the client’s architectural team to deliver the final design.Wayfinding & SignageWayfinding is not signage – it aims to encourage all the users to easily navigatearound environments by providing a visual expression. Signage dictates whereto go wayfinding presents a series of journeys with opportunities to interact withthe environment itself forms part of our navigation.
  9. 9. Atkins Intelligent SpaceOur approach to retail masterplanning is rooted in our understanding that peopleare what make cities vibrant, economically viable and enjoyable. As part of theteam, the Atkins Intelligent Space consultancy will bring specialist pedestrianmovement expertise, providing a wealth of experience in how to attract, sustain,monitor and design for pedestrians.Atkins Intelligent Space uses science-based methods to turn pedestrianmovement from an undervalued resource into a tangible and manageableasset. We have successfully created a wide range of high profile pedestrianimprovement schemes such as the transformation of Trafalgar Square. Ourevidence-based approach was used to objectively develop and test the diagonalcrossing at Oxford Circus to ensure it was a functional space that facilitatedmovement and improved the walking experience on this busy high street……We use our knowledge of what attracts pedestrians and how to successfullymanage traffic in order to create destinations, not drive-throughs.
  10. 10. The wider Atkins group provides a vast resource of planning and infrastructureskills that can support a holistic approach to masterplanning, supportedby a wider transport planning team.The Local Data Company (LDC)Founded in 2003, is the leading aggregator of retail and leisure data in theUK. LDC’s research methodology is also unique. LDC ‘walks’ over 700 towns(expanding to 2,000 by 2012) every 26 weeks collecting over 20 fields of data andimagery on every retail and leisure premise. LDC also tracks the top 2,000 multipleretailers. LDC is uniquely positioned to provide analysis both historically and todayon the key health indicators of a town/city…
  11. 11. Including:• Occupancy by fascia, classification mix, independent/multiple mix, property type (street v shopping centre).• Activity by churn, openings and closures.• Vacancy by unit, classification, floorspace, independent/multiple mix.• Mapping of all of the above through its GIS software and the creation of bespoke boundaries within a town/city.• Comparison to competing or neighboring centres, by establishing these KPIs it enables towns and cities to monitor change every 26 weeks and thus provide independent and current feedback to stakeholders as well as the ability to benchmark against over 700 + other towns.LDC works with a number of BIDs and Local Authorities including RetailBirmingham, CityCo, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham,Wolverhampton Development Company and the City of Sheffield.
  12. 12. MatrixArchitecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning & Urban DesignMatrix Partnership is at the leading edge of contemporary urban design practice.Solutions are developed within a creative and collaborative environment toexplore and give expression to how we want to live. Architecture, planning andlandscape design services provide the basis for a fully integrated approach.We share a real belief that modern towns and cities should be for people.Our work is about designing places that encourage social interaction, makethe best use of scarce land and that are thriving; while also inspiring wonderand delight. We approach urban design with a sense of excitement of whatis possible.
  13. 13. Matrix Partnership is recognised for delivering thoughtful and ingenious designsolutions to clients on complex projects where conventional approaches do notgo far enough. We are driven by the need to address the challenges of urbanrenewal, changing user needs and the specifics of place. We practice withpassion and commitment to high quality design, delivered through collaborativeworking, effective management, planning robustness and foresight.Urban design is employed as an inclusive tool to prepare bespoke strategies,masterplans and building and landscape designs that are thoroughly groundedin a multi-disciplinary, user-focussed approach. Our involvement in a range ofseminal projects, including London Docklands and Salford Quays, providesthe bedrock of experience for us to act as trusted client advisors on projectsdelivered from inception through to completion.
  14. 14. Lewis commercialisation.Lewis Commercialisation advises developers and investors on cutting edgecommercialisation strategies to maximise non-core income streams.Robust commercialisation delivers both increased customer experience whilstat the same time adding immediate cash-flow benefits and subsequentvaluation uplifts.Headed up by Byron Lewis: Former head of commercialisation at Lend LeaseRetail Europe (owners of Bluewater in the UK) for five years.Proven track record of results driven asset enhancement initiatives that combinebest practice with industry experience.European clients include: Henderson Global Investors, APN Retail Trust,Babcock and Brown, GPT, St Modwens...
  15. 15. HalogenHalogen provides strategic communications services to property developmentand investment companies, professional consultancies and other propertyorganisations.Whether clients want to communicate with the property industry, to occupiers,to investors, to government or to the public, Halogen can help get themessage across. Halogen’s approach is holistic and its all-encompassingcommunications strategies and bespoke campaigns deliver effective, successfulresults by utilising the precise communications tools needed to achievethe objectives.Halogen has worked on over 200 retail schemes throughout the UK and Europe.
  16. 16. CoverpointCoverpoint is the UK’s leading specialist foodservice consulting firm.Outstanding reputation advising on shopping centres, leisure facilities, visitorattractions, motorway service areas, retail and transit in foodservice.Sector leading experience of global foodservice development.Enviable reputation for groundbreaking work driven by a unique approachto matching foodservice provision in any site to the guest type, customerrequirements and business areas.Clients include: Canary Wharf plc, Heron Int., Sonae, PRUPIM, Hammerson,Innotech, ISIS Asset Management, Legal & General, Scottish Widows,Grosvenor Estates, Lend Lease, USS, BAA McArthur Glen, Trafford Centre,Land Securities, European Property Development, Ballymore, MDC...
  17. 17. AcxiomAcxiom are the global leader in customer informationTransforms data into actionable business insight.Key lines of business include:• Customer marketing• Consumer segmentation• Location analysis• Lifestyle and Demographic data• GIS market data, analysis software• Digital services• Database hosting & data IntegrationEst. 1969, Acxiom has more than 7,000 associates worldwide
  18. 18. Case Studies:AtkinsPortlandMatrixLewis commercialisation.
  19. 19. Atkins case study – Liverpool MasterplansClient: Grosvenor Estates (PSDA) and Frenson Limited (Rope Walks)Start Date: March 2005Duration: 5 monthsContextThe city of Liverpool is undergoing substantial change with significant investment into the city bydevelopers. As a result of this proposals to remodel large areas of the city have been developed.The Paradise Street Development Area (PSDA) and Rope Walks are two such plans.
  20. 20. Atkins case study – Liverpool MasterplansObjectivesThe PSDA covers a 42 acre site in the centre of Liverpool spanning the area between the main shoppingstreet (Church Street) to the docks in the south. The site was previously mainly at grade car parks andplanned to be a vibrant mixture of retail units, restaurants, leisure facilities, and a new hotel. It would behome to two new department stores, a new John Lewis Partnership and Debenhams. For residents of thecity there will also be new residential units and the reworking of the park. Atkins worked in partnership withTurley Associates on the masterplan for the Rope Walks area of Liverpool. Atkins was brought in to assesshow people currently move around the site and to review how changes to the PSDA, which lies adjacentto Rope Walks, is likely to affect the area. This is to show how the masterplan can maximise linkagesbetween the proposed retail developments and the Rope Walks site.Services ProvidedPedestrian modelling of routes in two masterplans at the heart of Liverpool:the PSDA and Rope Walks. Key Benefits / Success Factors Atkins was brought into the design teamto review the pedestrian routes through the masterplans, in particular to support the architects on thedetailed design of circulation routes.Key questions that we resolved included:• Is there sufficient capacity on footways for the likely pedestrian numbers?• Are the escalators in the right place?• How can the design best support clear, uninterrupted views of retail units for people walking around the site?• Where will be the key wayfinding nodes?
  21. 21. Atkins case study – Queen’s Arcade CardiffClient: Motcomb EstatesStart Date: March 2009Duration: March 2009ContextAtkins was commissioned by Javelin Group to undertake pedestrian modelling of Cardiff City Centreto assess the impact on Queens Arcade of the new, adjacent St. David’s 2 shopping centre.
  22. 22. Atkins case study – Queen’s Arcade CardiffObjectives• To understand the wider pedestrian flows in Cardiff City Centre• To analyse how pedestrian flows through Queens Arcade will be affected by the development of the new adjacent shopping centre• To outline any improvements to the present layout and propose quick winsServices Provided• Accessibility analysis of current layout and proposed layout including the St. David’s 2 development• Analysis of retail units in view from footways in both existing and proposed designs• Analysis of retail units in view weighted by floor space of retail units• Modelling of shortest path routesKey Benefits and Success Factors• Identification that Queens Arcade would provide the shortest route into St. David’s 2 from Queen Street, which experiences the highest level of pedestrian activity in the area, and was therefore not likely to experience a significant change in flows• Prediction that Queens Arcade may experience a small rise in activity if it offers a similar quality to the portfolio of St. David’s 2, promotes a unique selling point and overcomes challenges to its layout• Outline of layout challenges including curved malls, level changes and blocked views caused by columns and structures• Evidence based analyses could be used to encourage current tenants to remain
  23. 23. Portland case study – Elephant and CastleElephant & Castle is the last remaining piece of central London to be regenerated. This landmarkredevelopment of 170 acres of southeast London includes over 5,000 new homes and 75,000 squaremetres of retail and leisure space.Our retail strategy for regeneration was to create a socially commercial and vibrant neighbourhood ofshopping districts, each with an individual character, choice and destination in order to provide a uniqueshopping experience for locals and visitors in the heart of London.
  24. 24. Portland case study – Saadiyat Island, Abu DhabiAs a natural island of 27 square kilometres, Saadiyat is key to Abu Dhabi’s masterplan to create anopen economy not so dependant on oil revenues. Working with EDAW masterplanners for the entiredevelopment, Portland were commissioned to detail the retail components of the scheme with a stringof developments, interlinked and embedded in the infrastructure of the island.The main focus of the work was in the Marina & Cultural districts made world-leading with the firstLouvre outside Paris designed by Jean Nouvel and a new Guggenheim by Frank Gehry amongstmany as Abu Dhabi focuses on culturally-orientated tourism as an economic catalyst.Our work influenced form and function of all the main development plots, redirected transportinfrastructure and set out a framework for all retail across the island.
  25. 25. Portland case study – Palace Exchange, EnfieldPortland created a unique exciting sense of place with an effective wayfinding experience.We created a logotype that manifests itself throughout the environment and off-site marketing.
  26. 26. Portland case study – Palace Exchange, EnfieldThe Word Wall is a unique wayfinding gesture which embraces the lives of those living in Enfield. Theconcept creatively links conversations around the subject of Enfield between young and old. Thisinstallation creates a snapshot of our time that will become both a historical and current statement.The Word Wall is composed of a series of interlocking metal letters that make up words and phrases,creating a robust but elegant lace like grillage around the building. During the day the Word Wall willshimmer in the sunlight and darken in the rain.At night it is enhanced by coloured illumination.
  27. 27. Matrix case study – Wellingborough Town Centre Area Action Plan, NorthantsOver the last few years, Wellingborough has slipped down the national ranking of town centres.The designation of Wellingborough as a Growth Area presents opportunities to address this.The Plan puts forward an ambitious strategy set to deliver a major expansion of retail floorspace,together with new housing, cultural and community facilities. It balances this with the need toconserve the town’s historic built fabric – with old and new stitched together via a high qualitynetwork of transformed public spaces.
  28. 28. Matrix case study – Regenerating Devonport, PlymouthThe release of two major Ministry of Defence sites presents an historic opportunity to reinstateDevonport with a new heart. Our involvement began by preparing a Development Framework forDevonport Regeneration Company, spearheading this £49m New Deal for Communities initiative.This was followed by a detailed Masterplan for English Partnerships. Construction is now proceedingfollowing the grant of planning permission.
  29. 29. Lewis commercialisation case study – McArthur Glen UK & EuropeBriefLewis Commercialisation worked with McArthurGlen Designer Outletson three key projects over a number of years:1. Development of in-house UK commercialisation strategy2. Development of European commercialisation strategy3. Short term letting strategy, McArthurGlen SalzburgProcess1. Audit, review, develop solution and implement commercialisation strategy (UK)2. Audit, review and develop commercialisation strategy (Europe)3. Recruit and train personnel and manage outsourced letting program (Salzburg)Outcome1. McArthurGlen UK now has profitable in-house commercialisation business.2. McArthurGlen Europe has developed commercialisation strategy3. McArthurGlen Salzburg received 12 short tenancies for centre opening
  30. 30. Lewis commercialisation case study – Whitgift Centre, Croydon, UKBriefThe Whitgift Centre Croydon was below benchmarked income levels forcommercialisation activity across all sectors. The owners of the shoppingcentre wanted a turn key operation that would significantly drive incomelevels and enhance customer experience. Due to organisation factorsthe owners wanted an outsourced solution that did not require significantcapital outlay and required the hiring of additional staff member.ProcessLewis Commercialisation recruited, employed and trained aCommercialisation Coordinator for the role, who worked on-site atthe Whitgift Centre. A full strategic review was undertaken to identifyopportunities and a three year business plan with financial forecasts wasproduced.OutcomeThe implementation and management of the commercialisation strategywas an outstanding success, adding significant income and enhancingcustomer experience. As the contracted period was over three years,with each year adding more income and building on the foundations ofthe previous year.
  31. 31. Lewis commercialisation case study – Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, SpainBriefDiagonal Mar Shopping Centre was below benchmarked income levelsfor commercialisation activity across all sectors. The owners of theproperty wanted a full audit, review and strategy to maximise income andcustomer experience. After reviewing the asset an internal managementstrategy was selected where Lewis Commercialisation would recruit,train and develop the Commercialisation Executive and oversee theimplementation and management of the commercialisation strategy.ProcessLewis Commercialisation recruited, employed and trained aCommercialisation Coordinator for the role, who worked on-site atDiagonal Mar for CBRE. A full strategic review was undertaken to identifyopportunities and a three year business plan with financial forecasts wasproduced.OutcomeThe implementation and management of the commercialisation strategywas an outstanding success, adding significant income and enhancingcustomer experience. As the contracted period was over three years,with each year adding more income and building on the foundations ofthe previous year. Further a new three year has been agreed with LewisCommercialisation employing the Commercialisation Coordinator.