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LifeSort is a free cloud computing software. It is a hybrid of standard cloud computing services with a dynamic and user friendly file infrastructure called the 'LifeBar'. LifeSort is free to download at

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LifeSort QuickStart Guide

  1. 1. Quick Start guide<br />Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />Copyright The Guys From Here B.V.<br />
  2. 2. Important notifications<br />Enjoy the power of LifeSort as your new file manager<br />LifeSort is a true file management system, allowing you to: <br /><ul><li>easily store, organise and retrieve your files using drag and drop
  3. 3. work with multiple LifeSort Windows with an efficient tab system
  4. 4. store files straight into LifeSort when selecting the “save as” in other applications
  5. 5. view files in different modes, like you are used to </li></ul>Online services have been integrated for your ease of use. These allow you to: <br /><ul><li>store files or folders online directly from your LifeSort structure
  6. 6. share files or folders of nearly any size directly from your LifeSort structure </li></ul>Note: To have optimal benefit from the system we recommend you leave LifeSort <br />switched on at all times. It will do the better job as your file manager! <br />Your data is in always in safe hands and well protected <br />The LifeSort system is installed as a layer on top of your own operating system. <br />This means that any information you store in LifeSort will also still be available <br />using the Windows Explorer (right mouse click in LifeSort to access)<br />Should you ever decide to uninstall LifeSort your files of course remain in tact!<br />Online storage of your data (sync function) takes place on the Amazon servers. This <br />means your data is transferred up and down with strong encryption for your privacy <br />and is securely kept on the Amazon servers<br />Sharing has never been easier<br />With LifeSort you can select files or folders of nearly any size for direct sharing <br />from your LifeSort. To do so:<br /><ul><li>Select the file(s) or folder(s) (Please note: have to be synced before sharing)
  7. 7. Select the share icon (at the bottom of the LifeSort Windows or right click!)
  8. 8. Select or alternatively add (new contact) and than select your contact
  9. 9. Determine if the receiver will have read only or full rights
  10. 10. Click confirm and you are done! </li></ul>Note: Changes to shared folders are automatically synced to all involved users<br />Quick Start Guide – Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />
  11. 11. Quick Start guide to your Virtual Desktop<br />What is LifeSort ? LifeSort is the first platform independent file manager allowing to manage ALL your digital content (local, online and shared) from one single file infrastructure. <br /> The LifeSort dock has been designed for optimal ergonomics. The system is nearly completely based on our drag and drop approach. This hybrid way of moving means that the amount of clicks are minimized, whilst speed of organising, storing and retrieving files is optimized<br />What is new for Beta 2.5 ? -Separate storage environments for personal, professional and media files<br /> -Possibility to send messages linked to shared files<br /> -Overlay icons indicating which files are new or have been changed<br /> -Full drag and drop functionality for locking, sharing and syncing <br /> -Central download center for accepting and downloading new shares <br />Which platforms ? Windows XP (service pack II), Vista, Windows 7 and browser based. iPhone and iPad app version available mid July 2011. Mac version to be launched early September 2011<br />Main setup<br />LifeSort dock – auto installed on desktop<br />Filing system –is split into three environments separating your personal, professional and media files <br />Drag and drop tools to lock, put online (sync) and share files as well as complete folders or categories <br />Communication center, overview of all content stored online and shared with others<br />Favorites– is an area where you can keep your website favorites as well as files and program shortcuts <br />Quickflip – special feature to present favorite homepages in the form of a booklet<br />On/off and settings switch – allowing easy access to the system and preference settings<br />Quick Start Guide – Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />
  12. 12. In detail<br />Filing system & tools<br />File management - user experience as starting point<br />The LifeBar is the dynamic file infrastructure at the heart of the LifeSort user <br />experience.<br />Once you registered with LifeSort you will be able to access the LifeBar, both on <br />your desktop as through the web version at<br />The LifeBar has a series of default folders. When logged into LifeSort you are able to <br />personalise these by changing names, icons, and colors. You will find this menu by <br />clicking the LEFT button at the bottom of the LifeBar dock <br />Using LifeSort<br />The LifeSort client is a completely drag and drop based system. This allows you to <br />drag files into the LifeBar which opens it automatically . This saves time and makes <br />your computing experience slicker and more enjoyable.<br />Multi window management<br />File management in between windows is optimized by providing a tab<br />system. Windows can be detached from the dock and stacked on top of <br />each other (by minimizing them). The last window that stays open than <br />functions as a management window, allowing you to easily navigate and relocate <br />files<br />Integrated tools<br />LifeSort provides integrated tools to lock, share and synchronize (sync) any file or <br />folder in LifeSort<br />All works both via the drag and drop tools on the dock as well as through the <br />right click menu. Syncing and sharing can also be accessed via the two <br />buttons that you will find at the bottom of each LifeSort Window<br />Synced files and folders are securely backed up on the Amazon cloud and <br />can be accessed from remote devices (iPhone/iPad as off mid July 2011) as <br />well as via the identical browser based version of LifeSort<br />Shared files and folders can be shared with both read only as with editing <br />rights. Different rights for different people can be assigned to individual files (!) <br />or folders alike. You can include personal messages (!) when sharing files with <br />others<br />Level1 level 2<br />Quick Start Guide – Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />
  13. 13. The LifeSort connect center forms the heart of communications for online <br />activities.<br />Here you will find:<br />-SYNC zone: A complete overview of all the files that are SYNCED to the online account, including information on storage space utilization and versioning to retrieve old versions of documents<br />-SHARE zone Complete overview of files that have been shared by others <br /> (for acceptance and download). After downloading files can be relocated by drag and drop to one of the other LifeSort folders whilst still keeping the assigned share right  <br /> This is what we call ELASTIC sharing: YOU determine your own storage logic without compromising on the possibility to share and/or collaborate. This allows you to have local files as well as online and shared files in one and the same folder as part of your preferred structure<br /> A complete overview of all files you have been sharing and that others have shared with you can be found by clicking the “share history” button<br />-LS info Notifications and e-mail from the LifeSort team as well as the recent even log (recent event log will be optimized July 2011)<br />- Contact list Your user contact list for file sharing <br />For the most commonly used files, websites and programs the favorites folder <br />on the desktop offers the fast access solution. Just drag and drop it!<br />In addition, specifically for the “morning routine” favorite websites, LifeSort <br />introduces a tool called QuickFlip. Drag any link into the QF zone and the <br />homepage of that internet site will be preloaded as part of a booklet containing <br />all selected favorites. Double clicking on any of the pages will automatically <br />redirect you to the actual website <br />For easy access to the LifeSort system and user preferences separate switches <br />have been created to log in and go to settings. As LifeSort really is a file manager <br />for daily use there is no need to switch off ever once logged in!<br />The settings menu will allow a variety of preferences to be set: number and <br />names of displayed categories, size and speed of the dock, position on screen of <br />the dock, refresh time for quickflip etc<br /> <br />Comm. center<br />Favorites & QuickFlip<br />On/off & settings <br />Quick Start Guide – Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />
  14. 14. Any file that you have SYNCED will be available via your virtual desktop on <br /><br />You can log in to the online version of your dock by simply following the same <br />log in procedure as for your desktop version. Once logged in the dock will display <br />an exact copy of your desktop dock, containing all the files you have chosen to sync.<br />PLEASE NOTE: You can use the virtual desktop to access your information but <br />also to reorganise files: Any move of files within the LifeSort virtual desktop from <br />one folder or category to another will automatically by synced back to your desktop!<br />When using more than one computer you can easily keep all your LifeSort file <br />managers synced: Just install the LifeSort client on all your computers, sign in <br />with the same credentials and LifeSort will do the rest <br />Synced files will be available on all your devices. The last change to any file on <br />any of your devices will be synced back to the other devices as soon as they are <br />switched on and LS in logged in!<br />Please visit for any further information you might be <br />interested in. Here you will find<br /><ul><li>Video tutorials (
  15. 15. Contact details (
  16. 16. Privacy policy ( </li></ul>LifeSort online<br />Your virtual Desktop<br />LifeSort remote<br />Desktops in SYNC<br />Further information<br />Quick Start Guide – Product version 2.5 – June 2011<br />